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... for your good KARMA:-)))

3/22/2013. Afternoon walk at the frog pond. I wasn't sure if snapseeding this shot of reeds would work, but I actually quite like it. (Not crazy about the yellow frame that occurred when I imported it via Flickr app and an additional filter, but oh well.) It reminds me of a monoprint or painted silk.

Day 90/365


"When you're gone I'll miss your colour in my day... "


My favourite tree - from behind. I cannot get over the glorious yellow colour everywhere. Almost all the leaves have fallen - some trees are actually bare!


Anyway, one of my photographs is a wallpaper for November on Smashing Magazine. If you haven't seen it, check it out here - I'm so happy they included mine in their feature. :)


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Olivia Bell

ah! nearly 100 days. it's weird how fast the past few months have gone (is it only me that thinks that they have gone over quickly?).

Ignition on!

Ready to launch...



Day 90 of 365

+1 in comments After uploading the photo to Flickr, later added text in photoshop, but it then created another copy in Lightroom!! Need to figure this out next time, to retain the same image name in LR after roundtrip to PS. Any idea??


Anyway, added the alternate version in comments.




Digital Blending, 7 bracketed shots.

Metered exposure at:

Shutter speed - 1/500 sec

Aperture - f/5.6

Focal length - 24mm

ISO 1600

Using 5D with 24-105mm f/4L

Had a lovely day with a few friends and their dogs today. It’s nice just to have a relaxed day catching up with people and snapping pics of the dogs every once in a while. Makes a change from the norm!


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The air feels so different these days, fresh and... green? Somehow you can breathe in and out freely and when you step outside you are wrapped up in freshness. The garden is also coming to live, especially weeds :)

It would be a cheesy spring description without mentioning the weeds! There are quite a few of them in the garden - enough for me to notice and start.... the hatred gardening :/ I'd rather clean the house inside out than do gardening, but what can I do...

Just a little something for Easter. I hope you all have a lovely Easter.

Day ninety.


Didn't turn out as planned, but I like it. Splash photos never fail. I haven't shot with my 50mm in a while... I forgot how much I love it. :D


Oh and hey guys, I have 10 more days of this project left.

I found a new perch on some rocks in Gelt Woods, so a slightly different shot from a location I've overused (and its only going to get worse). As an afterthought I took a few shots further left in case it was worth stitching them together. In the end I quite like inclusion of the rocks. I'd got off my perch, waded through the water back to the camera bag on the rocks earlier, to fetch another ND filter. So, I wasn't going to bother making the trip again, even if it did leave my camera bag in shot.


It was a quick photo in the morning before I went out for lunch with my Grandma, for her 87th Birthday. She's lovely is my Grandma. She used to be a professional dancer, she is deaf as a result of contracting TB in the 50's and she's got a boyfriend called Jack who is 89.

About to depart my house to go to Philadelphia for the weekend... My mind is racing.


what I'm whistling: Captain Beefheart -- Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles


day 90! finally out of the 80s ;)


please please please View On Black!!!

Tired is the right word for me. I'll not stand the last class and I don't even want to know about the lecture that I was supposed to attend this afternoon, so I'm going home to spend some extra time with my grandma and my aunt and relax a little because next week will be the death of me.

And oh, you want to know the best part about Fence Friday? It's Friday. HFF everybody :)


|| sao paulo, brazil || canon 450d, 50mm f/1.4 || march 30, 2012 ||

90 / 365


It was a rainy stormy day all day tell I got off work and the sky started to break thru with blue sky and some sun. Took three bracketed shots, use Photomatix to do an HDR and then Gimp to do a bit of Orton Effect on it!

Since I was grown, I hardly get on the merry-go-round. But actually I would like to ride a horseback.


Ai NIkkor 50mm f1.4 with Panasonic DMC-GX7

June 13th, 2014

Toshimaen amusement park, Nerima Ward, Tokyo, Japan

The exterior of the Experience Music Project makes for a really good backdrop. And that 3.5 ft ledge is a nice jumping platform. :)

Well, The trip is coming to an end. Our plane leaves here at 5pm (Jamaican time) and well, I have come to really enjoy this place (not that I didn't like it before because I did!). The Jamaican's say that once you visit their island, you are officially a Jamaican...For at least the time you are in their Country. We met some great people here, experienced the culture and met/hung out with a few Canadians that are now good friends! This time next year, Jamaica again? Possibly! hahaI hope so...Far chance but keeping my spirits high! ha Also, Thank-you to the Entertainment team for painting my face! All credit goes to them! I forgot to ask the name of the guy who did the face paint but he is an amazing artist! He paints props and faces for the evening shows! Amazing! Have a Great Friday and Enjoy Day 90!


ps. Tomorrow's photo might/might not be late because we are on plane when I usually take/edit my photo and we get back late and when we get home, I might not be in the mood to edit/take a photo lol. So we will see what happens tomorrow! :) Peace and Love!

For the 365 Days self-portrait project. Note: I don't usually make this expression when I'm drying my hair. I was just hamming it up for the camera... ;)

After work, I went to Kelowna for some errands, so I decided to stop by Knox Mountain to grab a couple of shots from up above. I never regret going up there. The view of the city and Okanagan Lake is fantastic.

Paris street.

A quick shot today, shoe appreciation post ; )


Happy weekend everyone

Big smiley head on him!


3 months of 366..... DONE!

A quarter of the way there .... can't believe it!

View On Black - it's worth it!!!!!

View On Black

Hah, yeah. Outtake for a reason.

She's just pulling her hair out. But really she's cool with it.

Finally took some time to wander around downtown Walnut Cove, NC. It's a very quaint, little, Southern town, with LOTS of charming old buildings. I plan to head back there tomorrow for some more exploration!

90/365 (486)


.....and I could add, "& fall"!

Looking up at the great roof in Newcastle Central station, some wonderful lines and light..

March 31st. Long drive back to Cornwall today. I'm really behind on looking at everyone's pics and will try to catch up. Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter

For #3 birthday yesterday we had chocolate cornflake cake! And we got some little ones to bring home too. I managed to save this one for my first attempt at low key lighting. Home made light box with black material inside and lit from the window. Is it too light ? Comments please



These pretty finches are very common in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.


Three months of bird photos done! Didn't realize how hard it was going to be.... still sticking to it though!


What's with this Flickr Reaction Button? The Reaction button seems to be gone now..... what's up?


Thanks so much for the nice comments and faves!

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