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I have spent ages trying to make this bowl look straight!! I think either the bowl itself isn't straight or I am going insane!! Strange blossom from my garden and a blue oddly not straight bowl.


Our Daily Challenge - In The Mood . . . . . . for a redo


Happy Sliding :)

Very first one here

I made turkey burgers with roasted asparagus and carrots. Also tried soaking caramelized shallots in balsamic vinegar which was a really delicious surprise. Tons of flavor and noms. I can't move now.







Day48/365: 2015

For the weekly theme - reflections


I saw the reflection of this tree in a very muddy puddle, the bokeh is from the sun shining on the mud around the puddle.

Day and Night - I think this is my favourite photo on my 365 so far...

48:365 - Celebrate: Stealing tomorrow's theme to do today, celebrating my birthday!

My grandmother's old Singer sewing machine, it made it's appearance in last years 365 project too.

If you'd like to see the others from my 365, they're here:


Thanks for looking!


Day 48


70 Degrees F on a Friday in February. A good time to go out for a walk and a shot.

Every time Andrew wears one of his superhero logo shirts under another shirt, I tell him that he's hiding his secret identity.


He loves playing along with that idea...

How to catch a raindrop...

I dedicate today's image to John, who was laid to rest today. His gift in life was sharing his knowledge and passion, and one of those passions was photography. He helped me to calibrate my printer and screen and advised me on prints and mounts when I first started out in photography. He was kind and considerate to everyone. RIP John



Fun with Baby Groot in the Redwood Forest

The second reflecting boat photo in 2 days, couldn't resist the sunset today though! 4 second exposure.

I am not into insect pictures at all - they all give me the same "eww" feeling that a spider does. First & last time EVERRRR!!!


Going to watch Safe House tonight - hope it's goooooood. I still have to watch the 2nd Sherlock - so behind with movies!

"365: the 2017 edition"

"Day 048/365"

"Day 48" "2017_one_photo_each_day"

"#006" "Out of this World" "117 Pictures in 2017"

The first of many, it came through the "time passage" from beyond the outer limits of our galaxy...

the weather today in Bristol has been lovely and typically for such a nice day I had to work!


Luckily I finished at 3.30pm and made it home with enough time to give my car a quick wash before heading out to the Three Brooks Nature Reserve to watch the sunset over Bradley Stoke.


The Nature Reserve is a lovely tranquil spot in the middle of the sprawling housing estate that is Bradley Stoke (I think it is still the biggest housing development in Europe).


I don't go here enough considering it only takes 10 minutes to walk here. Expect future uploads.....

because I wanted to spend more time...

If two hearts are meant to be together, no matter how long it takes, how far they go, how tough it seems, fate will bring them together to share their love forever. :copyright:

This is my next picture for my weekly theme 'Happiness'.


Smiling me, nothing more to see.

Wish you all a great Friday afternoon.


Captured with a Nikon Df and a Nikkor AF-S 58mm ƒ1:1.4 plus a SB-900 flash, post processed in Lightroom using VSCO Film.


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Elbow - Magnificent (She Says)

― Maggie Stiefvater

A MUST seriously... do it. ♥

Day 48

I was GIDDY with excitement when my husband and I ran across these, just in the middle of a field, looking all happy and spring like. I think they were sent to me to find. hahaa.

Are they not fabulous!

Totally outrageous for Mid Feb.


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February 17, 2013


Star Magnolia. Finally looked it up.


I was out early, to catch the snowy flowers before it melted...almost all gone now! The perfect snow: awesome beauty for about 24 hours, then it's all over! I was outside all day, and my face is sunburned!


I'll catch up on photo streams & 365 group tomorrow. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Shot on iPhone 6.

Not really sure what I was thinking with this shot. Sure, the iPhone can focus on the foreground well but I'm not sure that the overall composition makes sense. But as is the case with a 365 I only have a few hours to ponder it and then it's on to tomorrow.

Macro Monday theme of black and white. This is one I'm not choosing, but still like it. It was kind of accidental, then I used the mess it made. :-) PS: I absolutely adore this stunning plant - Ornamental Oregano -Origanum laevigatum Rosenkuppel . It is showy, needs little care, beautiful purple flowers and offers wonderful winterscaping. Zone 5-9

The cat jumped up on the sink in the bathroom and started drinking from the running tap and had me running for the camera.



We spent three days in Venice, Italy and we were fascinated by the magic and the beauty of this town. As a special highlight we could witness the culmination of the venetian carnival, the Fat Tuesday. Many wonderful dressed up people, an Eldorado for photographers!


„In der heroischen Zeit, da Götter und Göttinnen liebten,

Folgte Begierde dem Blick, folgte Genuss der Begier.“

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Today is random acts of kindness day. My young daughter and I created a bunch of bookmarks and thank you notes to pass out and share some kindness today. Feel free to join in the giving. Not my favorite composition but off to do much more important work today, sharing happiness with others.


My daughter and I had so much fun passing out the bookmarks at the library today. There is something totally satisfying about giving something as insignificant as a bookmark and seeing the true joy of the recipients surprise for the gift. We decided to make a second batch because it was so rewarding. It has been a successful day of giving and I feel incredibly satisfied at seeing how much my daughter enjoyed the experience.

Cranes are so cool.

365 Week 7 Theme: Happiness

Shot of the Seaway International Bridge soon to disappear after the new low level bridge is completed. To the right is one of the two remaining Domtar smokestacks. Once these disappear it will forever change Cornwall's landscape.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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done for the weekly theme 'love'. :heart:️


taken with my canon eos 500d on feb 17.

I took quite a few random shots while we were out and about today but didn't like any of them so I switched gears and focused on my Valentine's Day bouquet. I probably took 50 or so shots of the actual flowers and a handful of a few petals that had fell on the table. I like the reflections in the glass here but couldn't quite get the colors on the petal right. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Sticking to my flowers make you feel good shoot again today as they do and, trying the weekly them here's my creation for the theme of Diptych made at Big Huge Labs using the mosiac maker.

Shot on iPhone 7 Plus.

Just some flowers.

(7 of 52)


its a buttercup from the garden - with a black poster-board behind it and a lamp to adjust the lighting. I'm continuing to try to learn lighting - I thought I'd start small and hopefully work my way to full size type stuff.


I never knew "buttercup" was a real flower - I always just thought of it as a character from a movie.

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This is my new picture for my 365 project for the weekly theme "reflections".

Again a great weather for skiing, so you get only a quick selfie.


Captured with a Nikon Df and a manual Nikkor Ai 35mm ƒ1:2 with a 3 x ND Filter, post processed in Lightroom using VSCO Film.


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For the Daily Dog Challenge -- 2/17 "Mask"


For Our Daily Challenge -- 2/17 "Abandoned"


For 365: The 2015 Edition -- 48/365


Well, it looks like the good times rolled and now the party has been abandoned. Bunny says she'll just dream about next year...


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