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Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images Europe

Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe

A redo with previous previous image from my archieve. I m pretty satisfied with the result here. FORGIVE ME IF I MAKE U BORED WITH THE SAME IMAGE AGAIN.

I have no new image. So the rest of my photo ultimately the manipulation of existing images.

p.s: gonna watch alice in wonderland tonight. xD


Thanks for your viewing and QUADRILLION THANK YOU for those who drop by and commented on my photo. :-)

To celebrate his 40th birthday, David Beckham gave his fans the ultimate present by joining Instagram and posting a sultry shirtless picture. But this isn't the first time he's shown off his sleek physique and sexy tattoos. We found all his best shirtless moments, and the former footballer,...

its not the best pose Vicky

Old Trafford hates Glazer.


Manchester United supporters protest against the Glazer family's ownership of the club in the 4-0 win against AC Milan


Love United Hate Glazer

Tufted titmice are David Beckham-s amongst birds. I say this for two reasons. First, they sport a similar faux hawk (withdrawn while airborne?) and second, as shown by the little fella above, they know how to bend it like Beckham.


Member of the Flickr Bird Brigade

Activists for birds and wildlife


Found this one on the website of Just Jared. Pictures made byAnnie Leibovitz for the Walt Disney parks campaign Year of a million dreams. Blogged about at

how does this happen?


isn't he a soccer player?


and is crotch like that er, um, acceptable in advertising?


LA needs more players like this, imo


soccer is the global football!


tennis is the global baseball!


admit it, america, your reign is over cause you picked the wrong sports


More from my memory box..he grew up to be not a footballer but a pro photographer !

night photography on the sunset strip.


20 seconds @ ISO 100. nikon D7000 + nikkor 10-24mm. RAW/NEF processed in Capture NX2 + Photoshop CS6.


best viewed large

Olympic Stadium


Original transmission (C) BBC.

or should i say Prince David?

im not liking the ps work

nor do i easily equate this to a scene from Sleeping Beauty. Why could they not have done the scene where he was leaning in to kiss Aurora (a.k.a Sleeping Beauty) awake from her long slumber? They better not pick Posh as Aurora though, i think Jessica Simpson would do well for that part.


nonetheless Beckham is still Beckham.... *drools


by Annie Leibovitz

Pictures made byAnnie Leibovitz for the Walt Disney parks campaign Year of a million dreams. Blogged about at

There are three major waves of "views" that your Flickr image will get. Understanding each is key as to whether your photo gets viewed a lot, or a little.


The first wave of views of your Flickr image is from your contacts. There's actually two sub-waves here. First, your close contacts view things quickly, either immediately or within the day. Second, your less-close contacts will visit sporadically, from a couple of days to months. The first group will tend to "keep up with you", whereas the second only looks at what is immediately recent at the time they look. It's not uncommon for Flickrites to get 100-300 views from their contact network, and a few may get 500 or 1000. In the end, the number of views from your contacts depends on 3 factors: (a) how good your photo is, (b) how many contacts you have, (c) how strong a recipricol relationship you have with them.


The second and third wave can happen at the same time.


The second wave of views is from group postings, and there are two types of groups, awards and non-awards. If you max out posting to award groups you can get maybe another 300 views, if it's a great photo.


Non-award groups have varying impact. In many, you'll get no or a couple of additional views. Others may yield 100s of more views spread over a long period of time. For example, the "Thru the Viewfinder" (TtV) community doesn't view each other's works very much, whereas the Fisheye and Pinhole communities are great for tons of views over time.


So far, maybe you have 500+ views. The only way to get into the atmosphere now is by having your photos show up at the top of search engines, and that depends on two things: how popular the photo has been, especially in your first wave of views from contacts, who tend to be the most likely to give you faves; and how good your text, title, and tags are.


Learning about titles and tags is best done by example...


1. "Each war is different..." has over 12,000 views because it shows up as the most interesting photo in all of Flickr when searching for "iraq war", and the fourth most interesting when searching for "war". Right topics, right text, right title, right tags.


And since my photos are Creative Commons, ones like this get re-published a lot, which yields yet more views to my photostream. (More on that in other post).


2. You can be topical--this pic of Beijing smog was hot right before the Olympics. It shows up as second most relevant to a search for "Beijing smog".


3. The lucky tags... This cloud shot is good, but good enough to get 75 views a day, day in and day out? The title is "Bowl of Clouds" and it turns out there is some doll called Blythe that has a "Blythe Cloud Nine Bowl" version, and so teenage girls searching for "cloud bowl" see my pictures as second most relevant in the search.


4. This photoshop experiment, which is actually one of my faves, has over 7000 views because I put celebrity tags on it. Go searching for Britney Spears or David Beckham or Colin Powell, and this monster is going to pop up.


5. This bokeh of a Wonder Woman doll has over 4000 views because I put sex tags on. What can I say, it's what people search for!


6. This photo of Stage 28 at Universal Studios has about 3500 views and is an example of a niche search jewel. Not many people search for "Studio 28", but when they do, this shows up at the top.


7. Here's another example of being popular by accident. This Christmas light shot has over 3000 views primarily because people mispell Christmas as "Chirstmas", and I also mispelled it so I had that as a tag.


Two other types of tags will increase traffic. First, you can add tags of different languages; second, you can add adjective tags, like "best", "excellent", "awesome", etc.


I've purposefully left tags off of this pic--go ahead, TAG ME!


Victoria and David Beckham leaving Da Giacomo, where they had dinner yesterday.


[image via celebutopia]

David Beckham at Sand sculpture festival Weston Super Mare

Some large (1KG) chocolate eggs we decorated with some stencilled heads for Thorntons (which were auctioned on behalf of Barnado's charity).

my background for now =P


*thanx bu 3abd & ebrahim for the awesome pics =')

Found this one on the website of Just Jared. Pictures made byAnnie Leibovitz for the Walt Disney parks campaign Year of a million dreams. Blogged about at

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