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Ok go live@Italia Wave Love Festival, Livorno 22/07/2010

Don't give up

I know you can see

All the world and the mess that we're making

Can't give up

And hope God will intercede

Come on back

Imagine that we could get it together

Stand up for what we need to be

Cause crying won't save or feed a hungry child

Can't lay down and hope for a miracle to change things

So lift up your eyes

Lift up your heart

from my favorite song of late

sto passeggiando nel mio silenzio.

sfruttando la semplicità.

mordendo quella che riesco a toccare.

cercando di dimenticare che tutti mi fanno più complicata di quel che sono.


per voi sono un'ombra, che voi non sapete prendere. peccato.

io non aspetto altro.


oh, she walks these hills in a long black veil

she visits my grave when the night winds wail

nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody knows but me.

nobody knows. nobody knows, but me.

nobody knows but me

(dave matthews band, long black veil)


milano, ansaldo

marzo 2007

(performed by daniele)

© Copyright Kathleen Wilke. All Rights Reserved. DO NOT reproduce or repost without permission.

I love the acoustic version of this song, and love the words as much as the feel of the music.


Song: Bartender

By: Dave Matthews


Theme: Guitar Tuesday

Year Nine Of My 365 Project


i find sometimes it's easy to be myself

sometimes i find better to be somebody else

(so much to say, dave matthews band)


auro, ottobre 2008

From a Dave Matthews Band concert in London 2015.


ISO20000 !

Explore: September 23, 2008 #207


"Come and relax now

Put your troubles down

No need to bear the weight of your worries

Just let them all fall away..."


-Pantala Naga Pampa

Dave Matthews Band


The world lost a wonderful artist and someone who touched my life each day.

I didn't know him, but listened to him...he is a part of me.

I'm so sorry that people get taken from us.

Even people we never meet.


save me mister walking man if you can

The Dave Matthews Band concert from Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam 7 July 2009.




You Might Die Trying


Corn Bread

Lying in the Hands of God

Shake Me Like a Monkey

Jimi Thing


Alligator Pie

Why I Am


Crash Into Me

Grey Street

Where Are You Going

You & Me

Anyone Seen the Bridge »

Too Much [fake] »

Ants Marching

Time Bomb

Two Step

(setlist from

Day 2.


From the Under the Table and Dreaming album

Typical Situation


Ten fingers counting we have each nine planets

Around the sun repeat

Eight ball the last if you triumphant be seven oceans - pummel

The shores of the sea


Its a typical situation in these typical times

Too many choices, hey yeah

Its a typical situation in these typical times

Too many choices ell


Everybodys happy everybodys free

Keep the big door open, everyonell come around

Whyre you different, why are you that way

If you dont get in line well lock you away


It all comes down to nothing

Six senses feeling five around a sense of self

Four season turn on n turn off

I can see three corners from this corner

Twos a perfect number

But one, well


Thats the biggest door I've got. heh .


And so at work today, all was going well, the normal and then i had to take a 15 page label setup in Word and put it into a spreadsheet in Excel....this is no easy task, it took about 2 hours. it was horrible. but its finished now. and then there were issues with the addressing of one envelope, and we didn't have any extras so that was an uh oh, and so we resolved that and alls just dandy,

Tax season is coming in so the Xerox man was in to fix up what needed to be fixed, cause we be runnin the machine like crazy.


On monday during lunch, i accidentally thought my tounge was...a carrot and now its really swollen and hurts, and sometimes i actually talk a little funny haha

and my jaw cracked this morning while eating breakfast and it feels a little in all i'm starting to sound more and more like a true west virginian!

Dave Matthews Band en Summer break festival. Complejo Al rio. Buenos Aires. Argentina. para billboard Argentina


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Hi guys I'm back! I think I"m ready to get posting again!


Dave Matthews at Austin 360 Ampitheather

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