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It was Angie who started turning all her thoughts in to song (first song: let's get some foooood!)

Stewardess of Dave's guitar, while he works the chalkboard.

The Dave Borins band, joined by 11-year-old fiddle player, Sonja Moller. She and I have the same background on violin (Suzuki + fiddle), so we knew a lot of the same tunes, and I was giving her some tips on how to play along and create melodies by ear in this kind of jam. I was sad when she had to leave... until we meet again in the eternal heavenly jam of the communion of saints, Sonja!

Photo by Christina Shin

Photo by Christina Shin

Photo by Christina Shin

Dave says, what I want to know is what the sock monster is doing with my keys.

The rest of the band trailing behind our keyless van.

We thought they were locked in the van, but after CAA opened it for us, they were no where to be found. So, being towed to the dealer to cut a new key.

Photo by Christina Shin

With a special appearance from Robyn Dell'Unto.

Photo by Christina Shin

Dave gets fired by our producer for writing to large.

Taking a break in the practice room

Needless to say, this was the start and end of that idea.

Photo by Christina Shin

A lot of people called me Dave.

Photo by Christina Shin

Luckily, Jordan drove as well, so the rest of the band trailed behind in Jordan's car. We had to go to two dealers, because the key reprogramming machine was out of order at the first.

I always get awkward set up pictures because I am busy setting up. :)

At least Jordan is paying attention, though Riche is playing mood music.

Big rehearsal before the longer leg of the tour.

A photo from the Alli's Journey Benefit Concert at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts, May 2008

Dropping the van at the second dealer...