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Train DASW, the Green Mountain's Bellows Falls switcher, takes cars down to the Patch track in Bellows Falls for interchange with the New England Central. May 27th 2013.

I pulled this one of the external a while ago, and then promptly forgot about it.


The Bellows Falls switch job, carrying a DASW symbol, gets back to town after a quick trip up to Chester to meet the road job from Rutland.


Sharp-eyed viewers will note one of the now-departed green GP40s on the rear. It was handed off from road job 264, and would be interchanged to NECR to be forwarded to the isolated VRS operation in White River Junction.

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Identifier: songmiscellany00spicgoog

Year: 1902 (1900s)

Authors: Foxe, John, 1516-1587


Publisher: London, Imprinted by I. Windet, at the afsignment of Mafter T. Bright


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Text Appearing Before Image:

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Text Appearing After Image:

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From DASW's rally and march against the Iraq War and Chevron's Richmond refinery expansion.

March 19, 2008--the five-year anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. This was a "die-in" at Montgomery and Market Streets in San Francisco. It was mostly peaceful, as there seemed to be three cops for every one protester.


My apologies to the officer in the middle. This photo makes him look rather menacing, but he's just a guy doing is job.I have respect for everyone pictured here.


Vote for Barack Obama

With a snowstorm bearing down on New England tonight, it seems fitting to post a snow shot from winters past.


GMRC 264 makes its way east on the Green Mountain Sub, headed for Chester with all three green GP40s in a matching set. (This was one of, maybe the only time, that happened.) Once at Chester, they would cut out one and hand it off to DASW, returning west to Rutland with just the two.


Sadly, this was the last time I chased a freight on the GMRC; a situation I hope to rectify before the snow melts this year.

The classic view at Chester - GMRC 263, led by VTR 431, splits the old Rutland station, and the hardware store behind it, as they momentarily disrupt traffic in town. They're running a bit later today than normal, thanks to the passenger trains being run between here and Summit, which forced them to wait until the passenger train cleared up. Once they reach Riverside, they'll hand off their train to the DASW crew, who will get it ready for Pan Am, then return east on 263.

Oddly enough, during my self-proclaimed Pan Am EMD Awareness Week here on Flickr, in my couple days trackside I ended up catching Vermont Railway EMDs. Here, GMRC Train DASW--the Bellows Falls, Vermont switcher--crosses the diamond with the New England Central as it heads back to the GMRC yard just across the Connecticut River in North Walpole, NH. VTR GP40-2 #308 originally worked for the Boston and Maine, during which time it very likely crossed this diamond as well.

A follow up to yesterday's posting, GMRC Train DASW--the Bellows Falls Switcher--crosses the Connecticut River into North Walpole, New Hampshire just before entering the yard there.

Vermont Railway GP38-2 201 working DASW, the Bellows Falls switcher, shoves cars just taken off of interchange with the New England Central towards Riverside.

Vermont Rail System train DASW returns to the roundhouse after working Riverside Yard.

Green Mountain train 263 approaches Wymans Falls Road as it heads to Chester Depot to meet DASW, the Bellows Falls switcher.

Green Mountain RS1 405 crosses the Connecticut River in the late afternoon sun with a cut of cars. In an effort to free up as much Vermont Rail System power as possible for the railroads first ethanol move, RS 1 405 was pressed into freight service. The 405 worked as DASW, the Bellows Falls switcher, for a couple of days as power was shuffled around.

Vermont Railway 201 brings some empty oil cars down to interchange.

Vermont Railway 201 skirts the edge of the Connecticut River with the village of North Walpole NH in the background.

The Washington County 202 was the third unit on the train from Rutland. It remains in the consist to assist 303 on the way to Bellows Falls.

Death At Seaworld and The Cove

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