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It was a cool but sunny day in Sydney today so I went for a walk with my camera. I heard the Rainbow Lorikeets in my neighbour's garden and when I was taking photos this one hopped down onto the grass and came walking so close to me, which is very unusual as they are always very skittish. It was standing right near my feet and I took the photos standing over it. These photos were taken with the 75-300 mm lens and are SOOC only resized in Photoshop.


Seen on FP by herosipet, nejire and Peggy - not picked up by scout as yet.

Then I couldn't stood it any more!

And . . . Yet I stand.

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Voici une photo que j'avais promis à certains depuis un petit moment, à savoir un peu de colzat mais en couleur ! Cette fois ci c'est un "vertorama", derrière ce terme un peu barbare se cache une technique toute simple que j'aime vraiment beaucoup.


C'est quoi au juste vertorama ?



Littéralement une sorte de panorama vertical. Plus concrètement, c'est un assemblage de 2 images (ou plus) en format paysage, sur un axe vertical.

Comme pour un panorama on assemble ensuite les photos obtenus pour avoir une image proche d'un format carré, que l'on peux ensuite recadrer à sa guise.


Comment on fait ?



- Travailler de préférence en mode manuel.

- Régler la balance des blancs sur Automatique.

- Régler la mise au point.

- Faire la première photo.

- Décaler l'appareil photo vers le haut et faire la 2ième photo. (Les photos doivent se chevaucher d'au moins 20%)

-Éventuellement corriger l'exposition pour la 2nd vue en variant la vitesse, pour

être en accord avec l'expo de la première photo.

- Assembler les photos dans votre logiciel d'assemblage habituel.

- Recarder si nécessaire.


Enfin n'hésitez pas à multiplier les vues, et à employer le bracketing pour obtenir

les meilleurs expositions pour l'assemblage.


Voilà maintenant vous savez tout !

En vous souhaitant une très bonne semaine à tous,





Voir en GRAND sur fond noir



A propos


#Champ de colzat, environs d'Artonne (63460), Puy de döme, France


Prise de vue


2 x 3 Vues (+1.0..-1.0EV) avec D300 - f/11 - 1/80 s - 200 ISO, Nikon 18-200mm - AF-S DX VR




Tone Mapping généré avec « photomatix » en utilisant « detail enhancer ».




- Assemblage réalisé avec « Autopano Pro» en utilisant le mode « Rectilinéaire ».




- Recadrage au format 1x1.

- Ajout d’un calque ‘niveaux’ pour correction gamma .

- Ajout d’un calque ‘Luminosité/Contraste’ pour corriger le contraste et la lumière.

- Ajout d’un calque ‘saturation’ (Verts), plus de saturation moins de lumière.

- Ajout d’un calque ‘saturation’ (Bleus), plus de saturation moins de lumière.

- Ajout d’un calque ‘saturation’ (Jaunes), plus de saturation pour rehausser légèrement les teintes jaunes.

- Netteté avec filtre netteté optimisée, pour accentuer la netteté et corriger le flou de l’objectif.




Tout commentaires, critique et astuces pour amélioration sont les bienvenus.




Toutes mes images sont protégées par un copyright.

Si vous souhaitez utiliser une ou plusieurs de mes images, pour un quelconque usage, merci de me contacter.



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In the sunset of life,

The shadows are dim;

The years orchestrated,

By life’s fickle whims.


Where once there was brightness,

A life filled with light;

It drifts toward the sky,

On shadows of night.


The sweetness of youth,

Is a memory now;

Yet holds all the sweetness,

My heart will allow.


For memories fade,

And 'tho time slips like sand;

My time is dictated,

By God’s simple plan.


In the sunset of life,

I have found joy and peace;

I shall celebrate life,

'Till my sunset has ceased.


Thanks Sherri for the pic.

This is one of the huge statues guarding the gateway of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.


DO NOT use my pictures without my written permission, these images are under copyright. Contact me ( if you want to buy or use them. © All rights reserved.

Taken at Washington Park in Albany,NY during Tulip Festival.


Larger View On Black

Adriatico sea, Italy. Taken this morning for my dear friend Sherry Bystrow, always kind. Best wishes.

One of the Iron Men statues made by Antony Gormley at Crosby liverpool....BEST LARGE...

Copyright © 2009 Richard Magnus. All Rights Reserved.

♫ ♪ ♫ To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven ♪ ♫ ♪


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Have you ever wondered why we love the sunset so much? We are fascinated, mesmerzied, awed, and amazed with every setting sun. For me, the amazement is in the beauty, but it's also in the assurance that this day is coming to an end, and I get a brand new opportunity to begin fresh when the sun rises. The sun puts to rest all of my shortcomings, my mistakes, and my blunders, and wraps me in the warmth of its light, kisses me good night, and promises to wake me in the morning with a brand new beginning! Sunrise, sunset. Both are miraculous gifts to each and every one of us!!


NOTE: Thanks so much for your visits, kind words or encouragement, invites, and most especially for your friendship! I hope that as we face a brand new day we will each grab hold of a miracle and enjoy life to the fullest!

Antony Gormley's Iron Men at Crosby..liverpool....I will be offline for a Month or so due to moving home (been given 2 days notice...doh) But will comment as soon as im back online......BEST VIEWED LARGE.

The view from our flat the the morning we moved... I should have used my tripod but it was packed and ready to flat was facing widnes and runcorn bridge just out of the shot on the right about 5 miles away (i live in prescot L35) nothing changed on the shot...

Hi everyone. Thanks to all of you who have expressed support and encouragement and have stuck by me through this difficult time. You can't know what your notes have meant to me. It is far from over and I am still struggling every day to keep a positive attitude and also keep my sanity.

I am so far behind I will never catch up, but I am going to try to check out, at least, everyone's first page today. Hopefully, when I have a better handle on things, I can look at all the uploads I have missed the last few weeks.

Again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



View On Black

Taken at the Anglican Cathederal (liverpool) Graveyard......"BEST LARGE".

BoldDog stunt riding team performing at the Wirral Show in 2009...BEST LARGE


See some other Luray Cavern photos in this set.

We stopped at a pull out area to take these last shots of the setting sun over the northern Pacific Oacean.

The Notting Hill Carnival in London - August 25 2008

this was my first entry to a photography contest and the theme was pollution. i thought the smoke coming out of that store would be enough to make me win. needless to say, i lost.

Fantastic light show that was performed at the Pierhead liverpool tonight "ART ON THE WATERFRONT" (15-08-09) there was illuminated cyclists,stilt walkers,comedic themed events and other artistic shows which included a brazillian styled band...(PLEASE VIEW THE SET)..BEST LARGE...

My first try at droplets yesterday..what a time i'll try using a work....i think im going through a purple period...???

Ok,So I'm laying on my Float in the Pool. Minding my own business when this Creature lands on the wire above me to spy :-)Now that School's out I have someone to get out of Pool ,get my Camera, so I could catch this from in the Pool! No Cameras or Dragon Flies were hurt Thanks to my Son.!

Stained glass window at the Anglican Cathederal Liverpool.This is quite high up so i was surprised at the focus quality after being cropped....Even Jesus was a LARGE... i did have another title but i thought the title would upset some people...."he's no Bruce Springsteen" but he is the boss

© Todos los derechos reservados.



This is a part of the courtyard of the magnificent Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand where the King and his Royal Family used to live. At present, this site attracts a huge crowd of people around the world every year.

Now we have some better weather I have been doing some gardening. Not one of my favourite hobbies, I admit, but I like to be able to sit in my garden in nice surroundings and that does require a little work.


Anyway during one of my many tea breaks I admired the flowers that were flourishing in the bright sunshine (Yes, in the UK). I couldn't help but grab my camera and shoot as many of the flowers as I could.


This is a tulip, that has literally exploded with colour; a briliant representation of Spring.


So here it is, with best wishes for Easter. I hope you like it.