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This South Indian girl danced with me only using her eyes...bewitching.

Erawan Shrine - Bangkok, Thailand

School of Dance, Olia Stefanidou.



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San Francisco Carnaval 2011


EF70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

0.003 sec (1/400) @ f/5.0

FL 210 mm, ISO 160


¿Te acordás, hermano, lo linda que era?

Se formaba rueda pa' verla bailar...


Mundial de Tango 2012

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Tango World Championship 2012

Buenos Aires, Argentina


"I fanciulli sono continuamente ebbri: ebbri di vivere."

Paul-Jean Toulet

Dancer - captured via long exposure and strobe light.

1 RAW image, finished with NIK Color Efex Solarization filter.

today - july 31st, i went to union square - San Francisco to see some of the most fabulous traditional Balinese dances as a part of the Indonesian Independent day celebration - August 17th . . .


want to know a little bit about BALI ??? . . . .check this out

Love. Love, love, love. So much talent and grace right there. Totally worth it, hiking up to the top of Camels Back for these shots!


(It was an interesting dance for me, too, positioning myself in the one spot where I could have her in front of the sun without being attacked by lens flare and autofocus freakouts.)


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Great night watching these dancers more photos to come

Dancer Stephanie Yezek, for the Howard County Arts Council

Shaka Fest, Crown Point - Mission Bay

My last version !


Snow texrure paeeerica

Dancer pink byjoiiag DA

Girl (dancer too ;-) by birdsisterstock DA

Background Brenda-Starr

Texture and brushes by Mat

Edited by me !!

Dancers need:

a good sense of rhythm and timing

motivation, talent and creativity

good general health and excellent physical fitness

to work well in a team

to love movement, music and performing.

Shot at the Paris Tropical Carnaval on July 5, 2014.




Part 2 of a series of images I recently did at l'AMETAC !


We made a ridiculous mess of the place to get these shots but I think it was really worth it in the end! We have some pretty breathtaking stuff thanks to an amazing team. 


Make sure to check back and see how these shots were done in an upcoming Behind the Scenes Video! 





Strobist Setup:

1x Large Octobox Camera right

1x Large Softbox Camera left

1x boomed beauty dish 45 degrees behind models, camera left as a rim

Fill flash with speedlights

Triggered with Cybersyncs and Optical Triggers





Eva Jinn Productions -




Alexandra Viau -

Michael Demski -




Anick Morel -

Holy Decay

Linda Zheng

Shawn Noone

Daniel Jacques


Special thanks to Karine Robitaille for lending me her trampoline and l'AMETAC for sponsoring this shoot! 









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Tongan dancers at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Children's Festival 2011

This picture was taken during Taiwanese festival

Khmer classical dance, the indigenous ballet-like performance art of Cambodia, is frequently called "apsara dance." This appellation reflects the belief that the Khmer classical dance of today is connected by an unbroken tradition to the dance practiced in the courts of the Angkorian monarchs, which in turn drew its inspiration from the mythological court of the gods and from its celestial dancers, the Apsarases....

[ quoted from ]

Merican Parade 2011 May IMG_0124

Yes, this is the 6th photo of the dancers at the beach resort in Panama, I have posted. I can't help it. They danced their hearts out, all night long, and they look good.

WA:K Pow Wow at the San Xavier Mission on the Tohono O'odham reservation near Tucson AZ.


Best if viewed on black


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Slight color adjustments with GIMP. At Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge.

Canon 5DSR

Canon 70-200mm/F2.8

Vancouver, Canada


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Cuban Dancers, Santiago De Cuba

Cut from a rehearsal shot in a room above a pub. I felt the location needed to be a touch more exotic.

Strobist, beauty dish high right, cheap monobloc on radio triggers.

Some cool shots Jen took of me in the dance club tonight.

We went to NocNoc in Seattle, it was FABULOUS!

An epic night for sure!

the tang dynasty dance show

~Dancers and Lovers~

Dancers are lovers who love to dance.

Lovers are dancers who dance to love.

Touching, embracing, they become one.

Art, poetry, human expression, and emotion are

expressed in the most beautiful form through dance.




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