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This is taken below the Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River in the early blue hour lighting. On this morning the dam was not operating yet so the water was a pretty mirror.

Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression.

Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River in the early morning light on a cloudy day. This is before they turned on the generators, so the rocks below the dam can be seen. Once on, this area was too be under water. When the alarms go off, it is time to move to higher ground. Needless to say that happened while I was taking a several minute exposure ... in the middle of it ... of course!

Extended the shutter in the low light to smooth out the reflection.


Conowingo Dam, Maryland

Edertalsperre und Schloss Waldeck, Hessen, Germany

I returned to Lake Overholser - my last pic was #118 last Sunday. Back then it was 80 degrees and I strolled around in shorts and a tee-shirt, which pretty much everyone else did.


Today the wind chills brought it down to 30 degrees (yes a 50 degree shift) and not a soul was there. I wore jeans a tee shirt and very light jacket (yeah, I didn't prepare for freezing weather).


I really love taking landscape shots - my favorite subject to take, but I love it even more on rainy, windy, blustery days full of foreboding clouds...


What a difference a few days make

Another capture of the lit up dam along the Susquehanna River.

This is the North Saskatchewan River just before it hits Abraham Lake, which is a reservoir created by the Big Horn Dam.


This was taken yesterday when I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra Herber and Jim Henry. They are both fantastic photographers and I've been drooling over their photostreams for a while now. It was fantastic to meet them and great to shoot with them.

Loch Quoich Dam, Shearer and Annand, 1955, engineers, Sir William Halcrow and Partners The largest of its kind when built for the North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board, at 12 5 ft high and 1,050 ft long.

This place: Amsterdam -( North Holland ) Netherlands . 2008 .6 . 26


For more information:


دام سكوير - امستردام - هولندا- صيف 2008


عذراَ التعليق الذي يتضمن صورة سيتم حذفه.



DAM (Denver Art Museum).

I was bored last night, so I went downtown and took some pictures, here is one. This is not HDR, it's a single 5 second exposure.

Thirlmere Dam. The hill in sight is Great How, looks an easy climb for possibly a good view along Thirlmere :-)

FRONT PAGE EXPLORED...THANK YOU...#414...April 3, 2009


Good Morning...TGIF for all of you, not me...I have to work this weekend...But thats OK, Im just getting over my three day weekend..haha....Hope all of you have a super Friday and a great start to ur weekend....Will be around on and off visit....Big hugsss....


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Damflask reservoir was built as one of a group of reservoirs in the Bradfield area to supply both fresh drinking water and a guaranteed supply of running water to the population and industries respectively of Sheffield. It was completed in 1896 with the dam walls being constructed of local stone. It takes it's name from Damflask village which was washed away in the Great Sheffield Flood of 11th March 1864. The village was never rebuilt after the flood because plans were already in hand to construct the reservoir


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Alder Dam is located on the Nisqually River in Washington State. When it was completed in 1945, it was one of the tallest dams in the nation, measuring 330 feet high and 1,600 feet long. The powerhouse has two 25,000-kilowatt turbine generators.


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... and be the best lighting here for dawn captures, but lousy for capturing eagles in action ...


Conowingo Dam, Maryland

Glen Canyon Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona, United States, near the town of Page.(from wikipedia)

This is an HDR image looking back at the dam holding back the waters that form Lake Olsen in Rock Cut State Park.

©William Powe Photography


It's been a while. I hope everyone is well...

Teton Mountain Range from Schwabacher Landing

Best viewed LARGE:) If anyone wants any filters or other camera equipment, Andi Campbell-Jones often throws his stuff in here!! it's a bit like Hook-a-Duck:))))))))

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Hurworth Dam at sunset, Hurworth Burn reservoir - Wingate, County Durham.


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July 22, 2007 -- Livingston, Texas, USA-- the Livingston Dam. It has been busy since we have had soo much rain! -- PHOTO BY ANDIE SMITH


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Loch Quoich Dam, Shearer and Annand, 1955, engineers, Sir William Halcrow and Partners The largest of its kind when built for the North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board, at 12 5 ft high and 1,050 ft long.

Glen Canyon Dam is a concrete arch dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona in the United States, near the town of Page. The dam was built to provide hydroelectricity and flow regulation from the upper Colorado River Basin to the lower. Its reservoir is called Lake Powell, and is the second largest artificial lake in the country, extending upriver well into Utah. The dam is named for Glen Canyon, a colorful series of gorges, most of which now lies under the reservoir.


Construction of Glen Canyon Dam started in 1956 and was not finished until 1966. When the reservoir filled, the dam began to deliver a regulated flow of water downstream and a supply of electricity to the region. In 1983, major floods nearly led to the dam's collapse, but disaster was averted by a close margin. By suppressing floods and other factors that once characterized the Colorado, the dam has led to major physical and ecological changes in the lower river. Controversy continues over the effects both positive and negative of the dam, which has also been antagonized in many literary works.


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The Maguga Dam is a dam on the Komati River in Swaziland. It is 115 meters high and is located 11 kilometers south of Piggs Peak. The dam was completed in 2001.


The dam embankment comprises approximately 800 000m3 of clay, 2 800 000m3 of granite rock and 43 000m3 of filter material. It has an overall height of 115 meters, a crest length of 870 meters and a base width of 400 meters.


Because the dam is located within a region influenced by cyclones, it has been designed to withstand a probable maximum flood of 15000 m³/s. The 180m long labyrinth spillway is designed to pass a flood of 7800 m³/s without damage representing a return flood of 200 years.


The Maguga Dam received the South African Institution of Civil Engineering award for most outstanding civil engineering achievement in the International Category for 2001. The Maguga Dam Joint Venture received the South African Association of Consulting Engineers (SAACE) Glenrand MIB Golden Jubilee award in the Technical Excellence Category for 2002.

Loch Quoich Dam, Shearer and Annand, 1955, engineers, Sir William Halcrow and Partners The largest of its kind when built for the North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board, at 12 5 ft high and 1,050 ft long.

Barker Dam, Joshua Tree National Park.


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Looking down onto the spillway of the dam...

Conowingo Dam in the early blue hour light ... just as the eagles were starting to get ready to fish. Captured this while waiting for the light to get brighter.

A little reservoir near Alexandra. I only have a laptop with an expired PS cloud on here so this is just resized in MS Paint and that is it.

This dam was built in the 1830's to power a mill. The height of the dam is 30 feet (9 meters).


Long exposure

The light was just perfect. I haven't done anything to this image at all.

Llys y Fran Dam, Pembrokeshire

Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada

El Villar Dam, Puentes Viejas, Madrid, Spain (1992)

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