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Years ago, a small dam was added to the top of Yantic falls, giving it a partly wild, partly tame look.

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Sunrise at Barker Dam, Joshua Tree National Park


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Barker Dam at Joshua Tree NP. This is my pic for todays "Sliders Sunday" contest, so it's "slightly" overprocessed...☺ Nonetheless it fits in my Joshua Tree series....

The Dam at Freeman's Mill in the late afternoon Sun.

this bhavani earthen dam is in a forest called avilanchi. red colour of the soil and natural arrangements has attracted me.


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In 1943, only one in a hundred crofts in the Highlands had electricity. But in just a few decades, affordable electricity would transform the way people lived. Hydro power made this possible.


Lawers Dam is part of SSE’s Breadalbane hydro-electric scheme. It holds back Lochan-na-Lairige reservoir – the main storage area for the Lawers section of the scheme. This reservoir collects water from 45 sq km. From here, it travels by pipeline to Finlarig power station on Loch Tay.


The Breadalbane scheme centres on Loch Lyon, Loch Ear and Loch Tay. It contains three sections with seven main power stations. The Lawers section began producing power in 1956, with the entire scheme in place by 1961.


The vertical distance between Finlarig power station’s turbines and its water source at Lawers Dam is 415m. This used to be the highest ‘head’ of any SSE hydro-electric scheme until the commissioning of the Glendoe Hydro station. Finlarig discharges water into Loch Tay.


Lawers dam co-exists with the surrounding Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve. Red deer, ptarmigan and black grouse can be seen as well as water vole – one of the UK’s most threatened animals. The area is also internationally important for its rare alpine plants.


It is a dry dam till end of June hundred tons of water in second flow down from this dam-Tateyama Dam

This is a 3 shot pano of the Dam on Banner Creek. I made my way out in front of the Dam as far as I could go by climbing over the various sized rocks and boulders to get as close to the center of the Dam as I could. Processed in Lightroom, CC Photoshop CC, and On1 Photo Suite 10 Effects.

Soda Dam is made of travertine, calcium carbonate precipitated from groundwater. There are currently 15 springs and seeps in the Soda Dam area with a maximum temperature of 48 degrees C. The springs that precipitated the travertine discharge from a strand of the Jemez fault zone that runs through the area. The maximum age of the travertine deposits is 7000 years. However, older deposits in the area have been dated at 480,000 to 1 million years old.


It was a real treat to see this natural wonder covered in icicles.


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A waterfall from Ridracoli dam.


La tracimazione della diga

La diga per ottenere resistenza sfrutta un sistema ibrido tra quello delle dighe ad arco (che scaricano il peso sulla parete rocciosa grazie alla forma) e quello delle dighe a gravità, più tozze e massicce. È alta 103 metri e mezzo, con una larghezza massima di 36 metri alla base; sul camminamento superiore la larghezza è di soli 10 metri. La lunghezza dell'arco è di 432 metri, per un totale di 600 000 metri cubi di calcestruzzo. La struttura si sviluppa in larghezza su 27 conci, posati su un pulvino che segue il profilo della diga, a spessore variabile. [wikipedia]


Camera: EOS 7D

Lens: Sigma 18-35 f1,8

Familiar to many scene looking out from the cafe at Wivenhoe Dam, SE Queensland. Always a nice area to visit.

Vista of Cretan fields and Aposelemis dam

Starr’s Mill Dam

Fayette County Georgia USA


infrared, 590nm plus Breakthrough Photography 10X ND filter

This dam was build in the 1960’s to manage the water coming from the Rhine river. It distributes the incoming water between the rivers ‘Nederrijn’, ‘Lek’ and ‘IJssel’. The last one is used to fill the ‘IJsselmeer’, the biggest fresh water reservoir in the Netherlands.

The dam is constructed in such a way that it can be opened if the water is at a high level by lifting the curved dam walls.

At the moment it is undergoing maintenance and i was lucky enough to arrive at the moment one part of the dam was being removed and transported to a carrier vessel.

I went to Seguin, Texas yesterday, about an hour drive from my house, to do a photo shoot and the rain was pouring down when I got there. I saw a picture of this dam on google and thought with the heavy rain it should make a really good shot. I started on the other side, in the rain, and took a few shots, but I wasn't happy with them. So, I drove out of the park over the bridge and into the old mill area, jumped out of the car, took a couple of shots and ran back to the car. Something only a photographer would do to get the best shot..:) I'm a little disappointed that you can't really see the rain that well..:(

Saffold Dam:


Named for William Saffold, who owned land here in the mid 1800's, Saffold Dam is typical of many mill dams built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Originally a natural rock outcropping, the dam was first improved by Henry Troell in the late 1800's when he added rock to the dam to raise the water level to power a cotton gin. The City of Seguin bought Troell's property in 1907 to further develop the river's hydroelectricity, and subsequent improvements have led to the establishment of a hydroelectric plant on the dam's south side.

Texas Trivia

The city of Seguin was named after Juan Nepomuceno Seguin was born on October 27, 1806, in San Antonio de Bexar, Province of Texas, Viceroyalty of New Spain, to Juan José María Erasmo Seguin and Maria Josefa Becerra. As the son of a postmaster, he assisted his mother in the business, while his father was off writing the Mexican Constitution of 1824. In 1825, he married María Gertrudis Flores de Abrego. They had ten children.

Juan Seguin was one of the defenders of the Battle of the Alamo. He was sent out as a runner to inform Houston how things were going. He returned with more troupes, but it was too late. The Alamo had fallen

Panoramic winter view of Aposelemis dam in Crete

La Concepcion Dam in Honduras. Photograph taken from the plane. This dam provides water to the city of Tegucigalpa.

Day 5, after leaving Las Vegas our first stop was the Hoover Dam and like most visitors, we did the walk out on the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge to view and photograph the dam.


The bridge was the first concrete-steel composite arch bridge built in the United States, and incorporates the widest concrete arch in the Western Hemisphere. At 890 feet (270 m) above the Colorado River, it is the second highest bridge in the United States after the Royal Gorge Bridge near Cañon City, Colorado, and is the world's highest concrete arch bridge.

Přehrada Les Království. Czech Republic

This dam was build in the 1960’s to manage the water coming from the Rhine river. It distributes the incoming water between the rivers ‘Nederrijn’, ‘Lek’ and ‘IJssel’. The last one is used to fill the ‘IJsselmeer’, the biggest fresh water reservoir in the Netherlands.

The dam is constructed in such a way that it can be opened if the water is at a high level by lifting the curved dam walls.

At the moment it is undergoing maintenance and i was lucky enough to arrive at the moment one part of the dam was being removed and transported to a carrier vessel.

Glen Canyon Dam is a concrete dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona, next to the town of Page. The 220 m high dam was built from 1956 to 1966 and forms Lake Powell.


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Another shot from my Kayak. Longhorn Dam was built by the city of Austin and finished in 1960 as the last in a chain of Colorado River dams in central Texas started during the Great Depression. The dam derives its name because it was the ford across the Colorado for longhorn cattle drives as a part of the Chisholm Trail in the late 19th century.


The dam stands 36 feet (11 m) high and runs 506 feet (154 m) across. The "reservoir impoundment length," is 5.75 miles (9.3 km), creating Lady Bird Lake (formerly called Town Lake), a freshwater lake with a surface area of 525 acres (2.1 km2) and a 12.5 miles (20.1 km) shoreline. The original purpose of Lady Bird Lake was a cooling lake for Austin's Holly Street Power Plant, a 570 megawatt natural gas and fuel oil fired power plant. The plant ceased power production in September 2007, and will be deconstructed beginning early in 2012.


On July 10, 2007 two teenage girls canoeing on Lady Bird Lake were sucked through the dam. The lake was closed for recreation due to record amounts of rain in the months of June and July, however the girls were unaware of the ban. Neither of the girls was hurt.

This romantically situated lake was built around the turn of the century by the industrialist family Krupp. Named after the patron saint of hunters, St. Hubert, the lake is a paradise for many species of animals and those seeking relaxation. On the north shore of the lake is the Brother Klaus Church. A beautiful promenade leads around the lake - to stop by the inn Reininger - also known as "Wuchtlwirtin" - available.


Enjoy the beautiful surroundings on a circular walk through the Black Whale or the Arthur-Krupp-Monuments Trail.

Sony a7rII + Tamron SP 70-300 F4-5.6 Di USD + LA-EA3

It has been many years since I visited a dam and I do believe that usually they are quite impressive structures. My recent visit to Tucson, Arizona, brought me close to one so on my way back to Phoenix I made the detour to drive by the Roosevelt Dam. The original dam was completed in 1911 and it's located on Salt River. It's 109 meters high and it forms Theodore Roosevelt Lake. The current structure is a renovation of the original dam and it occured between 1989 and 1996. It has multiple uses as it servers irrigation, water supply, flood control and it does have hydroelectric capacity. As I was looking at the dam, the opening scene from the movie "Goldeneye" came to my mind, although that one was filmed at the much bigger Verzasca Dam in Switzerland.


Tina Turner - Goldeneye Theme Song

Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona, September 2018

Nikon D800

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod with 322RC2 Grip Action Ball Head

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This dam wall looks like the parapet of a defensive rampart of a medieval castle where at any moment the castle guards are expected to appear around the curve as they walk slowly, stopping now and again to peer over the edge of the parapet checking if an enemy is about.

The Maroondah Reservoir was constructed in the 1920s to provide potable water to the City of Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia.

Keystone Dam is located on the Arkansas River near Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Keystone Lake, above the dam is fed by the Arkansas River and the Cimarron River. Started in 1956 and completed in 1964, it provides electrical power and flood control for the Tulsa area.

A panoramic view of Craighall Dam near Neilston.

It was a nice bit of light coming through this part of the dam. Beautiful days!!


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A view of Harelaw Dam near Neilston.

Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

A panoramic view of Harelaw Dam near Neilston.

El puente de la presa.


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Another shot from the beautiful Elan Valley in mid Wales, this time shooting the Graig Goch Dam from the other side of Pen-y-Garreg reservoir.

Dam square with the statue of remembrance to the second world war.


20200503 000536-Pano

One of the earlier and smaller dams, constructed in the early 60's.

Panoramic stitched of 6 shots and tonemapped.

Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Arizona, USA

I took this picture back in May when I visited Hoover Dam and the water levels were surprisingly low ... even tho I can only assume they must be even lower now !


I researched this and seems like Lake Mead is currently at the LOWEST level ever (excluding the time before the dam was built and was filling up, obviously) and is as of June at 1075.08 feet (was at 1076.57 during May when this picture was taken) which is a problem for the people who rely on it for their water supply and the electricity that the dam generates.


Engineers are working on installing new turbines that could work even if the water falls below 950 feet !


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My second shot from Burrator Dam and one from the other side of the river.


I'd walked over the top of the dam and down through the patch of woodland to the riverbank and get up my camera on a large clump of rocks on the side to get this view. I'm not 100% on the composition but it's still a nice sight to see the water flowing down from this spot.

Beaver dam at Beaver Creek (really)


Near Bonsal, North Carolina, USA

Early morning mist rolling over the dam at Underbank Reservoir.

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