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(formerly titled: BEST PICTURE EVER)

Photograph the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning. A ds106 dailycreate:


My old plain teapot

is now broken pottery and I had to buy a new one. I thought I am old enough to allow me a teapot with flowers and birds on it.


To create this I used the Fresh Paint app for the background, a sailing ship from the app Little Artist and then I combined it all in Photoshop.

I liked this daily create. So simple and yet so atmospheric.


Colin dreams of swimming in the lake at the monastery...

For The Daily Create tdc2029, we were asked to create a mystic bridge. Here's mine.

Bright Lights, Big City

ds106 dailycreate tdc776

ds106 assignment "Your favourite moment in the past week."


One of my favorite moments in the past week was when I thougt that I would like doing some glitch art with a traditional medium.

My favorite moment this week may be that this ds106 dailycreate gave me the motivation to create the Traditional Glitch and share it with some friends :)

This one is not fully traditional because I used a zigzag filter on the original, which only consists of straight lines.


What comes to mind? The book? A breeze? Take a photo of whatever this phrase inspires you to do.

ds106 dailycreate 793


With the phrase I associate nice noise more than a picture, which is why I took a photograph of what makes nice noise.


John Johnson did a critique of the mirror selfie at:


He wondered what was on the piece of paper tucked in the mirror, and so I took this picture of Peter's poem for him.

Mouse Meme

We’ve all had enough of cats. And dogs. But what about mice? Create a “mouse meme” that is sure to go viral. The DS106 legal staff advises you to avoid any reference to Disney and its stranglehold on pop cultural mice. Feel free to ignore our legal advice. ds106 dailycreate tdc1039:


I used the PNGs from a brush download which you can find here:


ds106 assignment "Junk Mail art" (

Grab some junk mail and use it as the background for your art. Paint, colour over it, cut it up, make a collage, a storyboard. Recycle into art, damn it!

I once took courses in physiks and you can not mind here making thoughts about time, especially concerning matter and velocity.


Our senses perceive time while observing changes (movement, growth, destruktion, rust). Mathematics also give changes as a result of passing time. This way I tried to display time by displaying changes/movement and numbers are always good concerning time.


ds106 dailycreate tdc878


I created an image with multiple exposure. In photoshop I distorted this and added numbers.

Make a magical mosaic mask.


I first drew the mask and when editing the photo of the drawing I applied some effects. Now it is neither digital nor analog.

Today's #ds106 Daily Create was the idea of my friend Ben, who loves the Daily Create. He wanted us to create a board game about ds106.


MOOCOPOLY is the game of teaching massively, openly online and includes the range of players from ds106, CCK08 to the Stanford trio, MITx, and more. Take your chance and many you will have community or not.


See more about the making of this monster


For the dailycreate tdc1019 Make a winter drawing


Not my drawing? I actually have drawn the snow crystals and the glasses on a page of a girl's sticker book. I also have sticked on the dress.

Make a shoefie. ds106 dailycreate tdc1047

(This is not for Howard, but just for me and my ds106 and flickr friends.)


I had to buy new winter boots. This way I am in the lucky position to decorate one of my old shoes. I would like to go out with them, (it does not matter so much in Berlin), but I am sooooooo careful to appear normal, just like most people.

Scribbler too by @quasimondo


a ds106 dailycreate (


I used an online tool ( to create the scribbled part and worked a bit on it with Photoshop. I only used my mouse, no tablet, which makes this nice uncertain lines.

This is a tree presenting myself dancing through life. The spirals are my (flexible) roots like culture, ethnic background, my body, going deep into earth grounding me. The discs are my ideas and creations, my hands and head(s), forming gestures with the legs and feet, spreading all of the sky.


Tree Me

ds106 dailycreate

Draw yourself as a tree. Your roots could be visual descriptions of things that give you strength, while your leaves could be the things you’re trying to change.Or, to paraphrase Amy Fanghella, dare to create beyond the confines of this daily create!


What’s Your Flag?

If you owned a country, what would your flag look like? Draw a flag for The Country of Me. ds106 dailycreate tdc1038


There is a place

Where I can go

When I feel low

When I feel blue

And it's my mind

--Lennon McCartney


The Daily Create TDC2002 has us illustrating “growlery grou-‘ler-ē noun; a place of refuge or retreat when one is out of sorts or in ill-humor.” I was out mowing and in my mind thinking of this challenge when I saw the red birdhouse hanging on the crepe myrtle in my front yard.


So much depends



a red bird house



on a crepe myrtle

in the


freshly mowed front


It’s a @cogdog party!


April 27th is @cogdog‘s birthday, which means we need to throw an intergalactic dog party! Take a picture of a dog celebrating @cogdog‘s birthday.


This is Herr Hund (Mr. Dog) watching my door.

Scary because it is my first pen and paper drawing since starting drawing class a couple of weeks ago! I have been practicing boxes and ellipses in class. Yawn. I thought I would try a pumpkin instead.

ds106 assignment "Rainy day 1" (


Write a poem about a rainy day. What makes you love or hate rain?

ds106 daily create for Nov. 29, 2014: "Linda Tatersmith is lonely. Can you make some veggie people to keep her company?"


My son and I had fun making these!

Yet another daily create!


Tetris Art in Sydney, Australia


What has this to do with 4?


Every shape in Tetris has 4 blocks and the game is named after the Greek word for 4, tetra.


Cleaned up photo in Photoshop, used 8bit font (get what I did there?) for caption.


Bob is your uncle!


#tdc2550 #ds106 La Leche

Create something that describes your relationship with dairy products.


The Digital Museum of Very Small Objects


April 10, 2014


Create an image of Very Small Object that is suitable for a new exhibit at the Museum of Very Small Objects.

A ds106 dailycreate.


A card from Daphne and the doglets to Cogdog.


Emoji come alive! ds106 dailycreate tdc1022


!!!Look here for the GIF!!!

It’s All Shiny. Make an interesting photo featuring metal.


ds106 dailycreate:

ds106 assignment: A dream staircase. (


Draw a staircase, and think about your biggest dream.Draw it at the top of the staircase and then fill each step with the “steps” you’d have to take to make your biggest dream a reality.


My dream is/was being employed as a visual artist like game artists or concept artists. The staircase shows that I have great prerequisites, but at the end of the staircase I find/found myself unlucky, without any help, greencard, right citizenship or the right age. I have asked for help but got the same answer anywhere: if I were younger or male they would consider helping me because the industry really seeks young or male visual artists. They did not even try concealing the inherent discrimination in this. They may have thought I should be ashamed not them.

Now I feel burned out following my dreams. Next week I start working as a data entry clerk, which all the world finds appropriate for a great artist, engineer, project manager, programmer ... just because all this is placed within an elder woman.

I need the money.

ds106 daily create for March 1, 2014: "Take a screen shot of interesting CAPTCHA, SPAMBOT thwarter. Create an image inspired by the two random words."


This is a bit of an inside joke for #ds106; you have to know mdvfunes and GIFaChrome.


I used a certificate template from MS Word, saved as PDF, and then exported from PDF to JPEG. Kind of a roundabout way, but it worked!




Image of Colin Dog: Colin the Magnificent, flickr photo by Alan Levine, licensed CC-BY-SA.


Captcha image: Barking Certificate--Captcha flickr photo shared by Monica Hamburg, licensed CC-BY-NC.


Institute of Barkology Logo: from The Noun Project, public domain.

ds106 dailycreate

A trip down memory lane.


As children we often love celebrations and holidays! Make a picture of you as a child during your favourite holiday or celebration.


Design your worst DS106 album cover ds106 dailycreate tdc1045

Today's Daily Create 06 Jun 2012


Make a monochrome photo (monochrome doesn’t have to mean black and white)


Another from the Daily Shoot archives. Upload your photo to flickr and tag it tdc150

I found this in my library today so I thought it best not to daily create.

There's a lotta floor for this New Mexico sky.


One for today's ds106 Daily Create (I made it, it's perhaps my all time favorite description of the western landscape. "Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky."):


"Take a photo for Willa Cather. The Sky! The Sky!"


Early baby puffy clouds build and fade over the Peloncillo Mountains, or coalesce later into mighty gusty thunderstorms.

Take a picture of a light in the dark (street lamp, moon, candle …) ds106 dailycreate tdc738


I did not know how difficult it is to take a picture of light when I suggested this dailcyreate. Only these relatively faint signal lights did not result in overexposed spots.

For today's #ds106 #dailycreate:


"#tdc1608 Show us your most intense guitar solo face"


Me copying the photo of Keith Richards

Fun things at the Christmas program.


For Daily Create 1076 :Rooms are filled with so many colors. Go around your room (any room) and find objects for each color of the rainbow (ROY G BIV).


The sun

a ds106 dailycreate.


Make a picture of the light of the sun. Do not picture the sun itself. Capture the light.


There are some reflections from the drops of water.


Image from NASA Ames Research Center Text and idea from the book Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City by Bradley L. Garrett,

ds106 dailycreate What’s in your toast? (


I made the poem of someone who went to the US for breakfast.


Then I have created the little pictures after a tutorial (

and combined it with a picture of some toast which I found here:

A selfie for the ds106 Daily Create:


"#tdc1451 Cow[boy/girl/dog] Selfie"

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