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Today's ds106 Daily Create:


"Create a Ghostly Portrait of Someone Who Is Participating in ds106"


He roams the Scottish woods and casts glitchiness your way when you are not looking.


Started with the lovely photo taken by John Johnston


and my own photo of John when we walked together at Loch Katrine


In Photoshop I did some filters- maybe Chrome, Find Edges, then doubled the layer and used 2 different layer styles.


I then opened the forest image in BBEdit and just chnaged a few characters and it became a chromatic mess, so I took the whole glitch, overlaid it, and subtracted out similar colors and the left section on a jagged selection.



It was a tough day for me when I read The Daily Create, because I kept thinking that someone was playing a mean trick on me asking me to do this one. But in the end, I decided to follow the prompt and do it anyway. It was for #tdc1973 which said "Feet on the Ground, Head on the Stairs." It was because of @todd_conaway. But I guess I forgive him.

I like wearing my old running shoes like slippers, laces dangling. That's my identity.


People keep informaing me my shoes are untied.


I know.

Today's #ds106 Daily Create was the idea of my friend Ben, who loves the Daily Create. He wanted us to create a board game about ds106.


MOOCOPOLY is the game of teaching massively, openly online and includes the range of players from ds106, CCK08 to the Stanford trio, MITx, and more. Take your chance and many you will have community or not.


See more about the making of this monster


Hi Ben, this is for your birthday and shows you making some good music. Maybe your father and Superman/ Spiderman will join in later :)



(It’s Ben’s Birthday! Send Him a Photo That Screams HAPPY BIRTHDAY - a ds106 dailycreate)

Backlit of one of my favorite back deck subjects; a home-made set of wind chimes with these colorful beads. I aimed to have the sun just under the crook of the manzanita branch. I like the feathery edges of the branch and the sun rays. Even got some bokeh for bonus


Today's ds106 Daily Create was a revisit of an earlier one:


"2 Years Ago Redo TDC24: Make a creative photo silhouette by aiming the camera into bright light."

For The Daily Create tdc2029, we were asked to create a mystic bridge. Here's mine.

ds106 assignment "Junk Mail art" (

Grab some junk mail and use it as the background for your art. Paint, colour over it, cut it up, make a collage, a storyboard. Recycle into art, damn it!

(formerly titled: BEST PICTURE EVER)

January 4, 2013: Today's Daily Create assignment is:

Creatively app up a silhouette photograph.


Had lots of fun playing with Gimp! Can't even count how many filters/effects I tried on the two layers. Major ones were "color to alpha" for mimosa and then "colorify" to outline in deep blue. Hubble received "oilify" and "Gaussian blur."

world in a nut shell

The classroom floor at nine pm with 1.5 hours left to go. Students working, teacher Art Making.

Pistol: Why, then, the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open.' -- from Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor


@Jimgroom, the World is His Oyster

TDC827, April 14, 2014

Make a magical mosaic mask.


I first drew the mask and when editing the photo of the drawing I applied some effects. Now it is neither digital nor analog.

For this daily assignment ( I was to take a picture of the golden hour: The hour before a sunset. I took this picture from my house and tried to frame it with the trees!


The Digital Museum of Very Small Objects


April 10, 2014


Create an image of Very Small Object that is suitable for a new exhibit at the Museum of Very Small Objects.

A ds106 dailycreate.


Daily Create #500 "This is Daily Create Number 500! Photograph something to represent this milestone." -


I found the lilac bush by the garage completely naked the other day. Powerful storms the night before had torn and blown every blossom from the branches. I took this while zipping my camera furiously in all directions, trying to mimic what it might have looked like during the night, the blossoms falling to the ground.

Daily Create #tdc1985 A mermaid builds the Brooklyn Bridge out of paradoxes

DS106 Daily Create - Take a photo dominated by the colors blue and green, little else

Madonna and Rabbit

Daily create 9/27/12, first attempts with a mobile drawing app (used Brushes, didn't like it, but here's the result)

Since I submitted this daily create thought I needed to complete it! This is an orb. Learned the technique from my 365 and photo friend @windsordi. You use your own photo and a photo edit app to distort and make the orb. I will post in my blog the steps. Caution - it is addicting!


Can you imagine the original image? This was a monarch on a cone flower.

a dailycreate ( where I have combined 2 images.

Rainy day! Funky socks will never show!


Today's Daily Create assignment is:

A Photo of You, in Public, Wearing the Most Mis-Matched Socks You Own (or borrow from @shareski)

April 15, 2014


The Daily Create 315: Take a photo that includes objects near and far (deep depth of field).

Daily Create Honoring the Color Yellow

Woohoo! Today my Brugmansia bloomed! It's such an exotic bloom that it looks like an alien species.


Today's Daily Create assignment is:

Today is a very special day

October 14, 2014


What makes it special? Show us in a photo and add some commentary to your photo when you upload.

The Daily Create. ds106 Radio birthday. tdc745


5th Floor Parking Deck.

Just one fish. Not two fish or red fish, blue fish.


Today's Daily Create assignment is:

Gab Collab

March 13, 2014


Gab paints a watercolour blob and uploads it to her Gab Collab tumblr blog.


Go grab a blob, download it, doodle on it, then submit it to her site and to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc795

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