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As seen on a walk.

Reconstruction of Tristan Tzara's invention of 1920.

Dada doute de tout. On dit: cela aussi est un principe. Non, le doute n'est pas in principio. Mais quand cela serait si Dada croit au doute, cela prouverait qu'il n'a pas de principe.

Dada doubts everything. You might say this too is a principle. No, doubt is not in principio. But even if it would be if Dada believed in doubt, it would demonstrate that it has no principle.


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vor den kunkelstuben jagen die löwen spinnen und prinzen ungeheuer aus salz und blumen die spinnen jagen die prinzen die prinzen gleiten die jagenden löwen in blumen die spinnen jagen die spinnerinnen die löwen sind ungeheuer die spinnen sind aus salz die prinzen sind blumen


devant les chambres a quenouilles des lions chassent des araignées et des princes enormes en sel et en fleurs les araignées chassent les princes les princes glissent les lions qui chassent dans les fleurs les araignées chassent les fileuses les lions sont enormes les araignées sont en sel les princes sont des fleurs


Hans (Jean) Arp, 1916. Helios44M-7 at F4, three LED lights.

The Digitalmania challenge this week is "Dada". Dada is an appropriate challenge for these times. The dadaists, a modern "art" group, tried to overturn all artistic norms just after the first world war, a tremendously bleak time.


The typography they used on many of their publications was often quite interesting..


On a recent walk, the best photo I took was of a sewer cover next to a sidewalk which had been covered with a layer of soil. It had rained and this created rivulets of soil and sidewalk. I thought, given the topic was "dada", the photo of a sewer was quite an appropriate image to use for a base.

Dada/fluXus/MailArt September 15 – December 10 2019 Espace Inside , Château de Petit Leez , Belgium

*SoliDea FoliEs* Dada



for L'Accessoires Event



Paete Marian Festival

Sept 8, 2007

The base image I created for Defense Against the Dark Arts. :D

Check out the official ad here:

London Dada Work No. 660 from 2013.

Saachi Gallery London SW


link to the original 6191 OG post

oh, my. i dada you not! People Should Smile More - Newton Faulkner <- this was actually the song that was playing over there.

... despeja la X... Si puedes...


Textura de Gracias!!!

Pekaka Dada Putih

White-throated Kingfisher, Burung Rajaudang, Pekaka Dada Putih, Halcyon smyrnensis

The most numerous Kingfisher in the country. Common inhabitant of open country with some trees cover, not necessarily near freshwater. Usually found perching a few meters above ground on branch, poles, signboards and high tension cable wire. When disturbed it wil quickly dash off with a loud calls.

Exif: f8, 1/800, ISO 500, focal length 500mm, Cik Canon EOS 30D, lens Tamron 200-500mm, handheld.


Not necessarily to do with cars.

(Fascinating list of autodidacts :

After long waiting for those wig, parts,dress finally she is complete :) Thank you everyone who made those gorgeous stuffs for my Dada !!

Created for the Digitalmania (inspired by Dadaism) challenge.


Credit to HolliewoodStudios.

Olympus e-p5 digital camera

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