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Back from Hamburg

Wasserschloss beim Poggenmühlbrucke im Speicherstadt Hamburg.

*** 掠影浮光 ***







By Jenny.@


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Internationales Maritimes Museum

Avignon in the evening with the Bridge crossing the river Rhone and the papal palace on the right side.

Für die Hamburger*innen ist dieses Motiv vermutlich ähnlich spektakulär wie für uns Berliner*innen das Brandenburger Tor. Für mich gehört der Photo-Walk mit [] zu den schönsten Ausflügen in den letzten Monaten. Danke dir mein Freund! Ich hab es wahrlich genossen ☺

This is the town hall of Maastricht (Limburg, the Netherlands). It was build in the 17th century and has a height of 47m. It is considered a nice example of Dutch Baroque architecture.

‘In The Light You're Never Alone’ - [Special Series: 'Twilight Photography'.. ]

Yet another day comes to an end. Now I feel weak, tired.. made from this hard day.. one days I like to forget again. The letter reminds me of today is not so easy. This is usually different. I watch the gulls screeching as they fall down from the sky to just above the water your shadow.. perhaps even to themselves to get closer and think about it when I see my shadow, and why so rare.


Where do we also consider whether man or beast, the shadow, he follows thee forever. sometimes he ends just before your feet, sometimes he appears to you endlessly long.. times you think he runs away from you. Sometimes he crosses without asking the shadow of other people, he simply lies down on.. and yet you remain on you.. but you recognize yourself in the mirror image of the light again? You understand the nature of your shadow, you grab it that you are ..


I watch the seagulls for a long time in your low-level flying.. then it is suddenly very dark and my shadows has swallowed me till dawn just.. I get up, smile and make my way home.. good night for tonight!


May your shadow be with you! ;-)


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Lübeck Blick über die Untertrave....

Proyecto 365 fotos, día 289


Hora de salir del trabajo e ir a casa. Todo el mundo tiene prisa por llegar y ver a su familia.


Digitalyan Photography

Basel - (Schweiz)



Blaue Stunden, Stadtfotografie, Nachtfotografie, Landschaft.










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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with slight fog.

Eine der schönsten Perspektiven Berlins

Frankfurter Skyline über dem Main

Mein freier Tag zwischen Baumwall und Landungsbrücken, 5:47 Uhr!

Mein 1. Panorama.

Ich glaube damit kann ich Leben, oder?

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