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I'm entering my busiest time of year right now so my time on Flickr will be limited to say the least, but I'll pop in when I can. Thanks in advance for your patience.

A different interpretation from my usual B&W 1x1

Imparando, momento per momento, a essere liberi nella mente e nel cuore, rendiamo possibile la felicità per ogni essere della terra.


Learning, moment by moment, to be free in mind and heart, can give happiness to all beings on earth.

It's getting to be that time of year when I'm very busy and consequently not here as much or posting as frequently. That said, I try to check my recent activity at least briefly every day and reciprocate my visitors' efforts. So if you're posting a lot and I'm not you can visit any of my other 800 items and I will in turn visit your new works.

Take care.

5 1/2 weeks since my last upload. I guess I've been really busy.

Just a little something to break up my recent travel pics. 2nd post for today.

I'm entering my busiest time of year right now so my time on Flickr will be limited to say the least, but I'll pop in when I can. Thanks in advance for your patience.

My apologies for my absence of late. I will try to comment on your many wonderful images as soon as I can - work getting crazy again and leaving me little time for my passion!


Explored Jun 12, 2011 #171

This image was my personal favorite of the Point Lonsdale lighthouse taken last weekend. The cloud direction was perfect for the subject and I liked this composition the most. Cheers, Ross

Taken at the jetty remains to the east of "The Dell"

The last in this little series of images on the mangroves at Tenby Point

Feeling a little oxymoronic right now. See you all soon....


Taken at Point Lonsdale


Explored Jan 29, 2011 #248

Wishing everyone a happy Easter.


FYI I am hoping to have my recovered 2010 China images soon, so I will post once processed. Almost 7 months later but it would seem the data recovery company have worked their magic on my faulty CF card. I only hope the images justify the recovery costs. A good friend told me that as photographers, we are charged with the responsibility of preserving our family history and memories. I hadn't looked at it from that perspective before but it is very true IMO. I have learnt my travel backup lesson and won't fall victim to dogdy cards again!


Cheers, Ross

After having recently posted "Misplaced Gems", I awoke the following morning at 5:15am and peered out my window to find that for once the weather forecast was correct and there was a morning fog.


Given that it was not likey to hang around long once the sun breached the horizon, I was quickly out the door and in the car as I had a 20min drive to get there.


I was really pleased with the conditions and this was the frame I was most happy with.


The barbed wire fence I had to get through to position myself close and low to this subject, had its revenge on my way back to the car.


Straddling the fence my grip on the wires slipped, enabling the barbed wire to fly up and hit me in the groin and snag my private parts through my jeans. No blood or injuries fortunately although a few strange looks from people driving to work as I....ummmm...unentangled myself :)


The perils of making our art!

Working the archives to tide me over until the next photoshoot in a couple of weeks.


Explored Jun 16, 2012 #13

Quello di cui ho paura non è la morte, ma la solitudine.


What I fear is not death, but loneliness.

Taken at Lake Glengmaggie today. The water level is probably the highest I have ever witnessed it so it opened up a few more "isolated" tree compositions that I hadn't been able to shoot before.




These little fence/railing remants are only visible at low tide so timing was in my favour for a change. Same subject as "Clifton Springs 2011-1, just from a different vantage point :)

The same subject as Clifton Springs No.3 but a recomposed image. More traditional composition here but it somehow works as little better with no clipping of posts at edge of frame.


Cheers, Ross

Taken at Eagles Nest Cape Patterson

Dedicata a tutti i miei amici di flickr.....


Dedicated to all my flickr friends .....

Hear Pithecanthropus Clarinet Ensemble performing Charles Mingus' Jump Monk here:

Just back from a pleasant weekend at Cape Conran in East Gippsland, Vic, Aus. The weather was kind to our camera club members and we came away with a few "keepers" which was nice. A much needed mini-break from work!


Cheers, Ross


Explored Jun 30, 2012 #4. Wow I think that is my higest ever Explore ranking - thanks peeps :)

Indented Head Bellarine Peninsula

This image was captured during my Palm Beach Photographic Workshops India workshop. with a Nikon D3x camera at 100iso with a 28-300mm VR II lens using the Nikon electronic file format (.Nef) Shot on Lexar 16 gigabyte UDMA Flash media. file was post processed using capture NX 2.0 software.


Final file is stored and scaled using Genuine Fractals.


:copyright: Vincent Versace 2010


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No matter what I tried this image just did not translate to B&W and retain the mood of the color version so here it is. Best viewed large.


When my daughter was a toddler we would lay on the trampoline in the backyard looking up at the cloud looking for animals and creatures in the ever changing forms within the clouds. I spotted a fox or deer head in this image - can you?

Well, back from a very enjoyable weekend with our camera club down at Queenscliffe, Victoria, Aus. Very mixed weather gave a range of images so a few more will follow. Back to work tomorrow :(


This image was taken at dawn at the Queenscliffe pier and I had a small break in the clouds left of frame which just gave some nice lighting on the buildings and jetty. 5-10mins later that beautiful light was gone.

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