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View of the Senni valley from Fan Nedd in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

driving towards nantgwynant at 5am, couldnt resist this shot, just as the sun rose in the sky, relecting off the lake, in snowdonia,, North wales


Took this pic on a little walk up Snowdon, in North Wales U.K.. The view changes every minute, along with the weather as well. Brilliant, lovely scenery. A stunning and beautiful place


Denbigh Castle was a fortress built following the 13th-century conquest of Wales by Edward I.



Pen Yr Ole Wen from Cwm Idwal in the Ogwen valley, snowdonia, North Wales, UK

Crataegus monogyna


Cymraeg: draenen wen

Breton: spern gwenn, per a verc'hez, per ar doue, Chpernienn

Cornish: Spernen wyn


hawthorn, May, Quickthorn, Whitethorn, Haw, Gazels, Halves, Hagthorn, Ladies' Meat, Bread and Cheese Tree, Mother Die, Thorn-bush, Quick


LLyn Tegid, anglicised as Bala Lake, shot in April 2017

Derfydd aur a derfydd arian

Derfydd melfed, derfydd sidan,

Derfydd pon dilledyn helaeth,

Ond er hyn ni dderfydd Hiraeth.


A traditional Welsh poem about Hiraeth.


Hiraeth is a Welsh word that cannot be translated as there is no similar English word - the closest to it I suppose would be grief or loss – but it is more than that.


Fisherman at the Alwen Reservoir, near Nantglyn, Denbigh, North Wales. I thought the image was improved by turning it into black and white in order to create a silhouette rather than the colour version. The silhouette adds to the mystery of the stranger angling.

Caught the sunrise at Llyn Dinas in north Wales. just as it popped through the trees

This sight caught my eye while wandering around Llynnau Mymbyr is Capel Curig, Snowdonia.

’Roedd John Walters (1721-97), yn enedigol o Lanedi, Sir Gaerfyrddin, ac yn rheithor Llandochau, y Bont-faen.


Mae ei eiriadur yn seiliedig ar un William Gambold, ond mae'n helaethach o dipyn. Cyhoeddwyd y rhan gyntaf yn 1770, 14 o rannau pellach rhwng 1770 a 1783 a'r gweddill yn 1794. ’Roedd yn gyfraniad pwysig i helaethu a chyfoethogi geirfa'r Gymraeg am y byddai'n bathu geiriau, yn llwyddiannus yn aml, i lanw bylchau yn yr iaith. Dyma enghreifftiau o fathiadau ganddo:


adloniant, ad- + lloniant

adnoddau, ad- + nawdd

amaethyddiaeth, amaeth + -yddiaeth

amhendant, an- + pendant

amlinell, am- + llinell

braslun, bras + llun

cyfyngdir, culdir, cyfyngdir (Saesneg 'isthumus')

cylchlwybr, cylchdro (Saesneg 'orbit')

darlunfa, stiwdio


Cyfarfu Iolo Morganwg ag Walters am y tro cyntaf ar ddiwedd y 1760au, a sonia mab Walters am Iolo’n ymweld â chartref ei dad yn Llandochau. Gellir tybio eu bod yn cyfnewid syniadau a hefyd, efallai, fathiadau.




Unan eus pouezusañ geriadurourien ar c'hembraeg e oa John Walters (1721-1797). Gantañ e voe savet meur a c'her nevez, ma teufe ar c'hembraeg ur yezh vodern hag unan a c'halle bezañ implijet evit breutaat ar bed evel ma oa d'ar mare-se.


An eil embannadur zo el luc'hskeudenn.




John Walters (1721-1797) was one of the most important lexicographers in the history of Welsh. In order to compile his remarkable English-Welsh dictionary he collected words, used other peoples collections of words and also coined new words himself. He wanted Welsh to be a language which could be used to discuss various aspects of contemporary life.


The second edition is in the photograph.




Pic taken at sunrise in Snowdonia, North Wales, UK. caught the sunrise in the lake

Long exposure taken at Dolgoch Falls, Snowdonia, North Wales with my D3300 and 18-55mm lens. I used an ND8 filter to slow down the shutter.

One of my favourite places to visit in Caernarfon on a sunny evening. The castle's good too.

We walked from Capel Curig to Llyn Cowlyd through to the Ogwen Valley and back to Capel Curig. During our walk we saw a number of wild Carneddau ponies. This particular pony posed very nicely for us; as for his collegues, well they were a little bit more shy.

Castell Y Waun yn Chirk yn ymyl Wrecsam, Gogledd Cymru. This sentence is as far as my Welsh language goes thus far but I am learning at my local college. Anyway, this castle is medieval and is under the care of The National Trust - very close to another NT property: Erddig. Rumour has it that Charles I stayed a night here during the English Civil War (1642-1649) before his execution in Whitehall, London.

TEXTURA IMPRESIONISTA (Textures by Kerstin Frank)


Visitando Trevelín, uno no deja de asombrarse con las historias de los pioneros que ocuparon esta región a fines del siglo XIX. Quería reflejar en una imagen la belleza de ese lugar soñado por los indígenas y los colonos galeses, que fue denominado antiguamente como el Valle Hermoso (Cwm Hyfryd en galés) y el trabajo de gente esforzada.

Trevelin es una localidad situada en la región de Patagonia Argentina, en la provincia de Chubut.Su denominación es de origen galés (en Cymraeg o galés significa: casa o pueblo del molino; tre = casa, pueblo, velin = molino ). En efecto, fue el núcleo de la colonia argentina de origen galés Valle 16 de octubre fundada oficialmente en ese día de 1888.


By visiting Trevelin, one does not cease to be amazed with the stories of the pioneers who occupied this region at the end of the nineteenth century. I wanted to reflect in a picture the beauty of that place dreamed by the indigenous and the Welsh settlers, which was called formerly as the Beautiful Valley (Cwm Hyfryd in Wales) and the work of people commited.

Trevelin is a town located in the Patagonia region of Argentina, in the province of Chubut.His name is of Welsh origin (in, or Wales means: home or mill town; tre = house, people, Velin = mill ). In effect, was the core of the colony of Welsh origin argentina Valley OCTOBER 16 officially founded on this day in 1888.


Bwa Gwyn (White Arch) is one of two natural arches on the coast of Anglesey in North Wales, UK. The other arch is Bwa Du (Black Arch).

In the distance is Mynydd Mawr which is sometimes referred to as the 'elephant mountain' because of its shape when viewed from a particular angle. Behind Mynydd Mawr lies the mighty Nantlle Ridge which, I have heard, is one of the best places to hike in Snowdonia - unfortunately one of the ridges may be to exposed for me to walk across. Thankfully there is no such concern for hiking the Ranger Path of Snowdon which is accessible to most walkers.

The cattle are waiting. It's time for them to move back down the valley,

to greener grass and less severe weather.


‘Sven’s House at Llanddwyn’

A good flickr contact of mine is Sven Loach. He’s ‘Down South’, in London, whereas I’m ‘Up North’ here on Anglesey. His pictures are scenes of London. Wether an urban landscape or a street candid, they are always interesting and tell a story, often with a wry and subtle humour. If you have the time, have a wander through his stream.

So, this picture shows his ideal ‘getaway’ in North Wales. Somewhere to stay when he wants to get away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of urban life. (In need of a little t.l.c., Sven, so bring a paint brush)

Fel oeddwn yn gadael, mi fuais digon ffodus i ddal y haul yn disgleirio drwy agoriad uchaf gwyneb yr hen felin.


As I was leaving, I was fortunate enough to catch the sun's descent through the top opening on the face of the old mill.

For top pics: 'Minimalistic long-exposure landscapes'. Some info for you - f20, iso 100, 15 second exposure at dawn. The sun rose just above the headland. All yours...thanks.


Original comment was: Foreground interest? Not today - how about 'Stand in the sea and take the shot' interest.

Worth it? What do you think :)

South Stack (Welsh: Ynys Lawd) is an island situated just off Holy Island on the northwest coast of Anglesey.

Following on from my image of South Stack with it's guillemots we have an image of Ellin's Tower complete with guillemots. All I did to achieve this change from lighthouse to tower was a 45 degree step to my left.

I have noticed that the subject of many of my recent photos has been mountains; unfortunately most of them have been from ground level. I believe I am subconsciously pining to get hiking again - I hope to post images from high altitudes again pretty soon. This shot was taken in Llanberis at the foot of the disused Dinorwic Quarry.

December diary theme: a few of my favorite things. Anyone who has watched my photostreams over time will have seen sunrise & sunset in the greenhouse and its rosebay willow herbs [really two of my favourite things]


the school holiday flower...starts to burst into flower as the holidays approach and then is fluffing seed for the return in spetember!

When I was a child I could see a rural red telephone box with a bank of rosebay willow herb above it.


chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub; epilobium angustifolium L.

Cymraeg/welsh: milwr coch. llysiau'r milwr. jac coch. helyglys hardd. chwynnyn tân

cornish: helygles tēg

rosebay willowherb. slinkweed. blooming sally. fireweed (looks like fire, grows where there have been fires or forest clearances)

Centaurea nigra

Pengaled, llysiau pengelyd, penlas, y benegaled (cymraeg)

pederow; pennow (Cornish)

Common knapweed, hardheads


Popular with insects when in flower, and goldfinches when in seed so good for wildlife garden

A painted entrance gate to someone's private drive. Needless to say the person who had parked in front of it clearly didn't have their native tongue depicted here.

I didn't want to take the shot from this angle - it is the most popular and I think overused - however it is a beautiful site. This is the bridge and tea rooms at Llanrwst which is around four miles from the beautiful Betws y Coed in Snowdonia. The leaves on the tea room turn red in the autumn and increase the overall beauty of the image.

Shot from Llyn Tegid (Bala lake) in Snowdonia, North Wales. Just passing on my way to Dolgellau and took the opportunity to grab a couple of shots.

Another shot from my morning at Rhoscolyn

Seen in Explore.


View of the North Wall of Cardiff Castle. For those of you not familiar with Cardiff, this setting is only a two minute walk from the main shopping streets, you gotta love it here!

'Robin Goch ar ben y rhiniog

Gofyn tamaid heb yr un geiniog

Ac yn dywedyd yn ysmala

Mae hi'n oer fe ddaw yr eira'


O'r diwedd, wedi pythefnos a mwy o dywydd diflas, diwrnod heb law na gwyntoedd cryfion, a hi'n ganol haf ('Mehefin' = canol haf) a'r coed yn colli eu gwisgoedd gwanwyn lliwgar unigryw yn ôl eu rhywogaeth, gan droi yn fyddin unlliw gwyrddfrown ('khaki').


Ond mae hi dal heb gynhesu, ac mae'r robin yn ddigon eofn i nesu atom a 'gofyn tamaid'.


There's a ditty in Welsh about the Robin coming to ask for some food, without a penny to pay for it, and cheekily warning that it's cold and sure to snow...

Gofyn - to ask;

Tamaid - a portion (of food, usually)


This robin was bold enough to come really close time and again for snippets of fat - feeding a brood no doubt. The trees may be losing their spring fresh party clothes to don drab khaki overalls - but after a a fortnight of cold rain and hard blowdown winds even on this fry day, it's not yet warm.


This month in Welsh is 'Mehefin' - mid-summer by the celtic calendar ('hefin - from 'haf' = summer and the prefix 'me' - said as for English 'meh' - which originates from the same indo-european root as 'mid')

Looking out to Wales from Sandy Point, near Weston Super Mare. It was dark and the lights across the border were magical.

A splendid view can be had of Castell Dinas Bran and over Llangollen from the top of Trevor Rocks.

I don't shoot portraits very often - well I do but never upload them to Flickr - today is the exception. I present to you Mrs Frightened Tree. This was taken at Aberdaron on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales. I have been using the Nikon 35mm on my D3300; the lens is perfect for portraits and pretty decent for landscapes too - I might need another little sojourn around the Welsh mountains to test it out!

Copsychus malabaricus


Bengali : ধলাকোমর শামা

Catalan : Shama de carpó blanc

Chinese : 白腰鵲鴝, 白腰鹊鸲

Cymraeg: siama cyffredin

Czech : šáma bělořitá, Šama beloritný

Danish : Shamadrossel

Dutch : Shamalijster

Estonian : šaama-harakööbik

Finnish : Hohtoharakkarastas, huiluharakkatasku

French : Shama à croupion blanc, Shama à croupion blanc ou S. de Strickland, Shama à croupion blanc, S. de Strickland ou S. des Andaman

German : Schama, Schamadrossel

Hungarian : fehérhátú sámarigó

Indonesian : Kucica hutan

Italian : Merlo Shama, Shama groppabianca

Japanese : アカハラシキチョウ (akaharashikichou) / 赤腹四季鳥

Kannada : ಶಾಮ

Latin: Copsychus [malabaricus or stricklandii], Copsychus malabaricus, Kittacincla [malabarica, albiventris or stricklandii], Kittacincla malabarica

Lithuanian: Baltasturplė šama

Malayalam: ഷാമ

Malay: Burung Murai Hutan, Murai Rimba

Norwegian: Arieshama, Schamatrost

فارسی : سینه‌سرخ پیسه کفل‌سفید

Polish: sroczek bialorzytny, sroczek białorzytny

Pinyin: bái-yāo què-qú

Russian: Белопоясничный шама-дрозд

Slovak : Éama trojfarebná, šáma trojfarebná

Spanish: Mirlo Shama Hindú, Shama Culiblanco

Swedish: Shamatrast

Tamil: சாமா / Isaipaadum Shama

Thai: นกกางเขนดง , nók kaaŋ-kʰĕen doŋ

Vietnamese: Chích choè lửa



:copyright: 2017 Anuj Nair. All rights reserved.



:copyright: 2017 Anuj Nair. All rights reserved.

All images are the property of Anuj Nair. Using these images without permission is in violation of international copyright laws (633/41 DPR19/78-Disg 154/97-L.248/2000). All materials may not be copied,reproduced,distributed,republished,downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any forms or by any means, including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording without written permission of Anuj Nair. Every violation will be pursued penally.

Of the three pathways up to the summit of Cader Idris the Minfordd I think is the hardest work. The Pony trek is fairly easy while the Fox path has a very steep scree slope to manoeuvre. This image was taken about 30 minutes into the hike - better was yet to come in the shape of Llyn Cau. Bendigedig!

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