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Some of the shots that I took this weekend at the Laughing Squid's 11th Anniversary party celebrating Laughing Squid Decade 2 at Mighty in San Francisco. For a complete set of all of my shots from Saturday night click through here (note, a few shots NSFW).


For a recap of the weekend's festivities (photos, video, etc.), check you Scott Beale's post over at the Laughing Squid here.

Decorative bike wheel at the Art94124 street fair in Bayview, San Francisco. Seth Rosenblatt (c) 2009.

Full size D3X,


On the evening of November 5, 1993 the rock band Pearl Jam performed before almost 25,000 fans that stood and sat through the night on the lawns of Indio's historic and previously rock-festival free Empire Polo Club. Although band management had chosen this untested and under-developed site as part of the boycott of Ticketmaster and the Southern California auditoriums it controlled, the event established the new venue's suitability for large-scale rock events. Such suitability was not a given: the grounds, essentially one vast irrigated desert lawn, sit in one of America's hottest and driest spots, and the region's lightly populated towns, while having a history as resorts, are between one and five hours' drive from regional population centers (San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix).


Six years later, on October 9 and 10, 1999 (a mere three months after the disastrous Woodstock 99 festival) the first actual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (usually abbreviated simply as "Coachella Fest") was held. Due to Woodstock 99's fires and riots, Coachella promoters weren't allowed to offer on site camping, a ban that continued until the 2002 festival.


About 25,000 people attended the two-day inaugural event, supporting headlining acts Beck, The Chemical Brothers, Tool, Morrissey, and Rage Against the Machine. Other acts included Jurassic 5, DJ Shadow, and Underworld. Originally, promoters had hoped to make the event three days (Friday-Sunday) and even considered the UK band Massive Attack to be the third day headliner - but those plans never came to fruition. The event went smoothly, with the biggest complaint being the blistering heat. It is reported, however, that the event failed to generate any profit, which nearly put an end to the festival.


No festival took place in 2000, likely due to the financial troubles of the inaugural festival. In 2001, however, festival organizers decided to give it another try. They decided to move the event to April (to avoid the intense heat of the late summer), and it was only scheduled for one day, most likely due to a tighter budget. However, the 2001 organizers once again ran into some trouble organizing the festival. Just months before the event was to occur, promoters still did not have a big headliner, and the festival was once again at risk of turning a net loss. In a surprise move, promoters turned to friend Perry Farrell, and were able to bring a reunited Jane's Addiction to the main stage as the event's headlining act.

Madonna performing at Coachella, 2006


In 2002, the event once again returned to the two-day format, and saw a reunited Siouxsie & the Banshees, as well as headlining acts Björk and Oasis. The strong supporting acts helped prove to the community of Indio, California that the event was capable of bringing in money and ending without conflict.


Following the 2002 festival, Coachella began to generate large-scale interest, and the 2003 festival featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beastie Boys (as well as a reunited Iggy Pop and The Stooges) drew the largest crowd yet. (This record, however, was broken by Rage Against the Machine's 2007 reunion performance which drew nearly 100,000 attendees.) Around this time, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival began to develop worldwide interest.


The 2004 event, featuring a reunion of the Pixies, as well as Radiohead, Kraftwerk, The Cure and a number of other major bands, was the event's first sellout, with 50,000 tickets sold for each Saturday and Sunday. Since then, the festival has continued to generate large draws due to strong lineups from top to bottom, including such bands as Nine Inch Nails, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Tool, Daft Punk, and Massive Attack.


The 2007 show was extended to three days and included headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers, a reunited Rage Against the Machine, and Björk, with all three headlining for their second time. Other notable performers included Arcade Fire, which had made a memorable 2005 Coachella appearance, LCD Soundsystem, Manu Chao, a rare American performance by former Pulp-frontman Jarvis Cocker, and Scarlett Johansson singing with a reunited the Jesus and Mary Chain.


Each year, the festival also features interesting installation art and sculptures. Most of the pieces are interactive, and provide entertainment and eye candy for attendees walking throughout the Polo grounds. Some of the works were initially created for the Burning Man festival. In contrast to the largely non-repeating roster of musical artists represented at the festival, a few of the visual artists, such as Robochrist Industries, the Tesla Coil (Cauac), Cyclecide, and The Do LaB, have appeared during several consecutive years at Coachella.


The 2009 event was hosted for the first time a week earlier than normal. The new dates were April 17, 18 and 19 with the country festival, Stagecoach, to start the week after.

Cyclecide @ New York Hall of Science.

But then again who can resist a turkey thigh?

Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo

On each side of the contraption a person sits on a "bike", and peddling it causes the contraption to spin.

bikemusictheaterartgroup Cycleiyde performs at the Maker Fair in San Mateo, CA May 4, 2008

Jay and Jessica brought The Sea Nymph from San Francisco. It can be humbling to hang out with Jay because he's a real fabricator and makes rocket-powered aluminum tallbikes for Cyclecide that can jump the Bay, while we don't know what we're doing and our bikes are made out of trash.


He spent money, though, which makes us feel better. The differential comes from Northern Tool, and there are some slick waterproof brass and nylon bushings to let the axle pierce the hull.


Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2008


photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid


This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons license. If you use this photo within the terms of the license or make special arrangements to use the photo, please list the photo credit as "Scott Beale / Laughing Squid" and link the credit to


bikemusictheaterartgroup Cyclecide performs at the Maker Fair in San Mateo, CA May 4, 2008

many, many thanks to Chicken John for a place to crash in s.f., a comfy bus to stay in the desert, and for my most-useful burning man bicycle (c/o cyclecide).


the days before burning man were spent in san francisco madly fund raising every which way to meet the deadline for matching funds for chicken's san francisco mayoral campaign. alita was somewhat of a spread sheet wonder woman, and i doubt it would have happened without her. it was a happy ending - he got the matching funds! and then we all went to burning man! :)

bikemusictheaterartgroup Cyclecide performs at the Maker Fair in San Mateo, CA May 4, 2008

I built this bike to bring my kids with me on a parade. I later put down a platform so it could be used as a grocery getter too. I gave it to a friend who gave it to a friend who gave it to a friend who left it in his yard where it was stolen.... unbeknownst to anyone except perhaps the person who stole it.


I only found out that it was stolen when i was riding home one day and saw its remains chained to a pole close to One on One bike shop. I told some friends about it who said "yeah, we saw that bike when Cyclecide was in town. Some girl was thrashing it during the bike derby. We had no idea it was yours!" I suggested we go over there with a hacksaw and free it before the city came and took it away. Everyone else was apprehensive and suggested that i go talk to the police first and explain the situation to them. As such, the bike was never recovered and i have no idea what happened to it. I'll be working on a new sidecar shortly. I have a better idea how to build them these days anway.

getting dizzy on the Dizzy Toy

getting dizzy on the Dizzy Toy

August dressed up real fancy pants for David's 40th birthday roast at Varnish. Who can outdo that hair?!

I'm not getting close enough to find out

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