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Meet Chief! Chief is my daughters new kitten & he is adorable. More pics when time permits!

A Tricolored Heron chick at the Alligator Farm in Saint Augustine, Florida. Some of the Tricolored nests are so close to the boardwalk you can get really nice close ups such as this one.


This chick was busy waiting for its mother to return with the morning meal.

Juvenile White-Crowned Sparrow

so thats what makes me more mad about you.


7manman =*

Going to Travel ! =)


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وعيب راسي لا بغى شي مستحيل..يوصله مو طيب..غصبٍ يوصلَه

hamster -chub-العين Edition!! ... looooooooool

5lta 3nde flweekend =P .. yawile mnha btwaj3ne > <,

Cute Smile......(^_^).........


Camera : Nikon D5100

focal lenght : 35mm

Aperture : F/5

Shutter Speed : 1/00sec

Exposure Mode: Manual

Metering : Center-Weighted

ISO : 500

Location : Terreti Market, in WB.


peeeeeee peeeeeee PISTAAAAAA !

Yes this no panning but filter photoshop

Thank all

ciao ciao

As this has turned into my most popular Flickr image (by quite a bit), I thought I'd give a little more background on the experience.


We actually went up to Trout Lake, in Yellowstone's northeast corner, to search for river otters (which can also be cute, btw). Trout Lake has been one of the more reliable locations for otter-spotting in recent years, especially during June when the trout are spawning and quite easy to catch. Our first hike up to the lake yielded no otters, but we did find a female Barrow's goldeneye with a brood of 10 or so chicks all resting on a log. These four were huddled together, but it wasn't a peaceful sleep. The second one from the right kept nodding off... and waking... and the head would drop... and suddenly it was awake again. The second from the left kept snapping at flies that were buzzing by. So I guess I captured the most restful moment.


Oh, and it took two more trips to the lake, but we did eventually see our otters. :)


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Happy 2 u {³¹/¹} !!


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@Xiaoshan railway station~

Happy Beijing 2008!

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Been in explore,thanks~

Reached #494 in interestingness (on 2008-08-07,thanks,my friends~


10 weeks old, Leonberger / St Bernard cross,

Macro shot using Nikon D90 + Micro-NIKKOR 55mm lens ( reverse lens ) + extension tube...

this little guy seemed so contemplative and serious that i couldnt resist clicking:-)

one can spend hours just looking at them, our lawn is a host to dozens during the day.


Our Daily Challenge: Cute

Very cute ducklings sitting by the lake at the Mt Cooth-tha botanical gardens

Oha que coisinha mais linda !!!!

our friend's 7 week old white retriever

Baba Dioum: 'In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught'


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cute dogs in the peak district

I am dedicating this photo to Maggie Forston for writing me such a sweet testimonial, she's awesome and I am so honored. I am in love with her work, she inspires me so much, especially with her pp, it's unreal good! I know she has a dog (Jack), so I thought this was funny and would inspire her to do some fun photo sessions with him! Thank you Maggie! xo

Check out her stream it's amazing!

Off Cùi bắp 21-11-2010 Phú Mỹ Hưng

Thanks TĐĐ Kenny_Nguyễn Support Pretty Model : Trâm

This cute came across my way in Alsace, France. She was so sweet and wanted to play with me.


Shot with Nikon D5100.

ISO 200

35 mm


1/4000 sec

Editing in PS Lightroom 5 and Fotor.

Ronny, the new cute pet of my friend



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He is sleeping, actually... so cute this kitten :)

The cute street lamps.

At Pakkret,Nonthaburi,--Thailand--

You may not be able to tell from my sweet and cute looks that I'm the poisonous one hehe *grins*

Cute is when a person's personality shines through their looks. Like in the way they walk, every time you see them you just want to run up and hug them.




umwa7 fdeeeeetah.. this is a one day old kitten :) any suggestions to what i should name him/her ?

The cutest poster ever to exist?

I think so! Thanks Kate!!


Cotton-tailed Tamarin photographed at the Calgary Zoo

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