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The beginning of a beautiful friendship

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Stitch is 13 weeks old and cute as only a kitten can be

Our new addition. Just starting to get used to the dog.

A shot taken a few weeks ago.


One of three, very cute, very mischievous kittens belonging to my Auntie Julie. It was hard to keep any of them still!

Nikon FM2 - 50mm 1.8 - Kodak Ultramax 400

Today i had a photo-shoot just for fun with my freinds two new kittens that they adopted. This is Bella and she is two months old , she really reminds me of Lori because Lori was shy and she still hates to be held. Bella hisses at everything and she gets jelous if someone is playing with Domino , but not with her. She is adorable and she is really small , her tail is kinda like a manxs:


This was when Leo was 9 weeks. I got him a lttle too early. But he was so cute and the previous owner wanted me to pick him up so I had to take him in early.

a couple of the cats that adopted us on holiday this year, we seem to get adopted every year, wherever we go

One of three kittens found in sick in France by a friend of mine, due to a virus two of them lost an eye but have otherwise totally recovered and are as playful and loving as ever.

Blue Point Himalaya Kitty

Who can resist them!

Portneuf (Québec) - En photo animalière, il faut parfois prendre des risques, au péril de sa vie, pour réussir un cliché. Après avoir ouï les rugissements féroces (genre miaou) de ce qui me semblait être une meute de bêtes sauvages cachée dans sa tanière, dans l’enrochement en bordure du fleuve, je décidai de m’approcher doucement, en rampant, mon lourd attirail à la main. C'est alors que j'aperçus ces deux individus qui, eux aussi, avaient décelé ma présence. Il fallait donc faire vite. Clic. Puis, l’un d’eux entreprit de s’approcher lentement, de son pas félin, m’adressant un regard à glacer le sang (si si). N'écoutant que mon courage, je décidai de rester et j’appuyai frénétiquement sur le déclencheur. L’animal poussa alors un autre rugissement (remiaou). Cette fois, c’en était trop. Je me levai et je pris mes jambes à mon cou. Ouf.


Sometimes, a wildlife photographer has to take risks, even put his life in danger, to get the shot. After hearing what seemed to be wild, ferocious cats roaring (actually, it was more like meow), I grabbed my gear, got down on the ground and started crawling towards the den, in the rocks along the river. Then I saw these two beasts and realized they had also detected my presence. Click. One of them started to move slowly in my direction, giving me a scary, killer look. Courageously, I decided to stay and take more pictures. But then it roared (meow). That was too much. I got up and ran as fast as I could in the other direction, hoping I had a shot I could post on Flickr.


Guess i am in a cute cheesy mood ! ! lol

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And I would like to give a big thank you to the photographers who put there images up for the likes of me to use

Two cats in the window.

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