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Another one taken in Frinton, Essex, England.


More colours .........


University Centre, Cambridge. All that's missing is the custard:-) You've got to have the custard with the sponge cake. Not keen on their chocolate flavour one, however!

This fungi has to have one of the best common names given to any fungi.

Commonish under conifers especially pine and always on dead rotten / rotting wood even if you cannot see it.

Commissary Sergeant Amos Jefferson Custard was born 24 Dec 1827 in Mead Twp., Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, USA. Amos married Rose Geelan September 8, 1853 in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, USA. He was killed in battle on July 26, 1865 at the Battle of Red Buttes when his supply train was attacked by Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux Indians.



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BG is as usual a plain pure white paper and a tubelight from top...........dint use flash also...........just sharpened in PS thats it...............


Can anyone tell me why the shadow is having a split...........only a tube light from reflector nothing used............

...almost ripe in my backyard :-)

A two drop collision.


Using chilled full fat milk as my liquid with a black backdrop and experimenting with a different lighting set up.


Taken using a Sigma 105mm macro lens, lit with three gelled off camera flash guns.

...almost ripe in my backyard :-)

Does anyone remember those boiled sweets???


It’s been a fairly frustrating week, not had a chance to get out with the camera! Hoping to go out in London after work on Tuesday, although the forecast looks poor :-(


I tried using some different liquids for a few crown shot sessions in December, it was a struggle to find a liquid with the right viscosity to get the crown that I was after, for this I used a combination of double cream and water!

Although this wasn’t the shape that I was after it was close enough to what I wanted and besides this session got cut short as I spilt the red food dye all over the kitchen floor, I wasn’t very popular after that incident :-)


Sorry to keeping posting pictures of liquid, but I do find it great fun. I’m also acutely aware that most of my recent ‘Liquid Art’ pictures are red in colour, I’ve got another session planned for the coming weekend so I’ll make sure that I try and use a different colour which shouldn’t be too difficult as all of the red dye that I had ended up on the kitchen floor and our socks.


Got to dash out so I'll catch up with your streams later :-)


n.b I do have a blog on my setup and how I got there but it is very raw and still needs a lot of work, although it should give you an idea. If anyone has any tips that can help me improve it please drop me a line, it’ll be very much appreciated


Canon 100mm macro

AV f/20

TV Bulb

ISO 200

Flash guns 2 x Yongnuo yn460

Trigger with an Arduino


Looks better large Press L

December 24, 2013 at 10:28PM

La ricetta su come preparare questo dessert potete trovarla sul mio blog Food-0-grafia.


You can read the recipe in english how to prepare this dessert on my blog Food-0-grafia.

Fruit custard tarts on display from Rocco's Pastry Shop in Greenwich Village in New York, NY.


Marsalla Custard with raspberry.

Raspberry custard tartelette from patisserie

Aux Castelblangeois, 168, rue St-Honoré


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A few people have suggested different biscuits to dunk... here we go :)

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Photo I came across when scanning some old 35mm negs in.


She's a former resident hereabouts, and the photo's a bit different to most the stuff I normally upload.

Hand made by my sister-in-law for a 60th Birthday party

My ratty friends were very good at cuddling. Rookie was the younger, bouncy one, so Custard usually made a comfy pillow for him :-)

A lovely little eggy custard with candied orange peel to tempt the appetite of my post-surgery husband.


Found this little restaurant hidden in a corner of China Town in Houston. The place is called "Hong Kong Dim Sum". They made the best egg custards I've ever tasted, not to mention other yummy dishes.

Original from the 80's

Egg Custard King Cafe


Carol and I shared one. SOOO GOOD. 75 cents each!

Canistel (Pouteria campechiana), as its scientific name implies, is a tropical fruit native to southern Mexico and Central America.

Stoke Park, Bristol. An austere aerie for the Beaufort family in Bristol.

*Thanks Melissa for the lovely set. It was so worth the wait.

"Tricholomopsis rutilans" or "Plums and Custard" sometimes called the 'strawberry mushroom' Despite the name this Fungi is Not edible..

assorted fruits like grapes, apple, orange and nuts have been combined in to a creamy custard mould for the pudding accompanied by a tangy jelly.


Am I a good cook?

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