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Although I like cupcakes ok, it's the breads I've been photographing lately that I really love. Having eaten all my good bread, I was fumbling around the house for something new to photograph. I was about to give up when my wife walked through the door with two of these. I didn't like any shots of the pair and was getting a little frustrated trying to composed them. It was only after pulling one of them out of frame that I started to like the composition. Hense the solo cupcake.


One 600Ex-Rt to camera left (for texture) and shot through a shoot through umbrella. Speedlite was fired via ST-E3-RT Transmitter. White reflector to the right.

cupcakes baked in ice cream cones and frosted with giant swirls of

buttercream with sprinkles and sugary, sour cherry balls on top.


perfect for rotting one's teeth.

yum! =0)

Cupcake hair from eXxEsS

Carol Henley top from Vinyl

Sheeran Boyfriend jeans from Vinyl

Blue sneakers from CA

Dolphina Pose 6 from CowTea


Location Windhaven

just like her little sash says...

she's the cupcake queen!


aren't we all??

with red currant & blueberry

Just a Lidl Cupcake.

Must admit, I mostly like savoury food these days but I still have a sweet tooth, especially for anything chocolate.


'Sweet or Savoury' for 'Macro Mondays'


Thank you to every one taking time to view, fave or comment on my photo.



Macro shot of a cupcake pan

Wasn't going to post the red white and blue cupcakes, but my grandaughter insisted! (she helped make them!) She likes the second photo better..I like this one! So, I compromised and posted both! Hope everyone's having an awesome Memorial Day!

Lost track of them a long time ago

Found them yesterday looking for something

to photograph for the 'found in the kitchen' theme.

Don't want to risk losing them again, so

I think i will bake some cupcakes next week!

Trying to figure out how many cupcakes I could stack up and how they would stack.

Happiness is... on a cold winters morning, baking chocolate cupcakes and licking the bowl... :))




I went to a different supermarket today. As soon as I saw this chocolate cupcake, I knew it had to be today's photo!

Package Includes


-Dress for Woman








Here is my second now at Kustom9 :)


Hangry // Stacked Cupcakes

▷ Available in 6 flavors

▷ Sold individually & as Fatpack

▷ Hold & Rez. Mod/Copy


Now at Kustom9


Hope you Enjoy xo

my first Handmade chocolate cupcake


I took my white cupcakes and crushed some candy canes on top. Zach liked them so I think they're a success!


Lighting - natural light from the right side

Dark chocolate and espresso cupcake with chocolate and vanilla ruffle frosting.


119 pictures in 2019 (20) chocolate cake day


The nozzle on the left in Nifty Nozzles was used for this frosting.

I'm taking a break.

I'll be back in a few days.

See you soon!


Me tomo un descanso

Vuelvo en unos dias!

Nos vemos pronto!



Cupcake and coffee or vice versa.

So I've scrapped the idea of making chocolate cake and decided I would use the same recipe to make chocolate cupcakes instead. This mix is very "liquidy" so I left the drops of cupcake mix on top of the pan to accent this property.

That's how I roll this christmas - find out where to get your free gifted cupcake from Little Miss along with adorable Crop top sweater & cropped leggings all from Little Miss, along with LaZo Snow Globe, snowman headband, candy cane earrings (Close up in blog), reindeer, and boots from Tiny Trinkets in my new blog:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

26:52 Circles – Find them in nature, in man made objects or make them yourself.


And they were so delicious ;-)

cupcakes my son and i made today for the boy scout garage sale tomorrow


so if you are in laporte tomorrow stop by and get some home made cupcakes.


Cupcake Carrot Portulaca or

Portulaca grandiflora 'Cupcake Carrot'

I tried to make some cupcakes for my sisters birthday a while ago

And I totally messed up XD

Thank god there was a real cake =P

Even though my cupcakes looked like crap XD everyone ate them =D

Cuz' despite the way they looked they were kinda tasty =)

So nice try .. and hopefully….

it well be better next time -- > if there was a next time =P



Of course .. all by me.. including the crappy looking tasty cupcakes =P

That kinda teaches me not to judge ppl from the way they look XD


Caramel cupcake with salted caramel frosting.


119 pictures in 2019 (17) caramel


Details & Credits

↓↓↓ Click Here ↓↓↓


The cake decorating instructor at my work did a demonstration on decorating cupcakes, and she gave everyone that works there a free cupcake! She's so awesome, she always gives us free treats all the time ^_^

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