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An action freeze shot of a Bull race , called ' MOICHARA ' , which is performed in various villages of West Bengal , during the Rainy season in the months of June to August . The main objective of this sport cum festival is to make the field ready for planting Rice , by ploughing them with the bulls .

the fair of Pushkar


prime photo

Una piccola serie di scatti eseguiti nel nord dell'India, fra Rajasthan e Pakistan , una terra al confine del deserto del Thar.


A small series of shots taken in northern India, near Rajasthan and Pakistan, a country on the edge of the Thar desert.


Many thanks to everyone for your views, faves and supportive comments. These are always very much appreciated

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Ok so it should really say St. Mary's Church but I thought that was generic and boring! But this is St. Mary's Church in Shaw-cum-Donnington, Newbury. This church is next to the historically important Shaw House, the scene of the 2nd Battle of Newbury 1644, one of the turning points of the English Civil War.


Photo details: 5 shot HDR, f/8, 27mm, ISO 400

"Vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus,

rumoresque senum seueriorum

omnes unius aestimemus assis.

Soles occidere et redire possunt;

nobis cum semel occidit breuis lux,

nox est perpetua una dormienda."


"Viviamo, mia Lesbia, e amiamo

e ogni mormorio perfido dei vecchi

valga per noi la piu' vile moneta.

Il giorno puo' morire e poi risorgere,

ma quando muore il nostro breve giorno,

una notte infinita dormiremo."


Gaio Valerio CATULLO (Sirmione, Verona, 84? – Roma, 54? aC)

View On Black 4 X Pano of original shot with + 1 EV make the snow white, No HDR !

Sentosa Resort world


Notice the change,had done a overnight stay for such super crazy early shot at the largest Vivo City mall, facing the newly, near completion Casino cum Integrated Resort which expected for 2010 Grand no time soon.

Seen many shot @ Singapore Marina Bay" The Sand", however, not physicaly seen any of this majestic structure been reveal from the exact ground standing on Sentosa island yet, through my Sigma 18-200mm lens,zoom at maximun peek,A breaking news release of the casino, this is how it suppose to look like. i lose few clarity due to maxinum stretch n turning extreme high iso to safe the steady moving boat motion, again had added some burden "noise' to complete this snap with disatisfaction. is my trial shot though, once after the completion without those annoying crane sticking out , i shall be back for another good look!


Hope i'm the first to have this reveal here on flickr but i know there should be more amazing, superb n stunning impact quing up for viewers from u guys. Do email me if ur shot had done with more satisfaction. Will like to check ur shot to learn from u.


This shot was taken during our stay at Cheong Fatt Tze (the blue mansion) in Penang.


from Wikipedia:

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is located at 14 Leith Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia. The mansion's indigo-blue outer wall makes it a very distinct building in the area.

The mansion built by the merchant Cheong Fatt Tze at the end of 19th Century has 38 rooms, 5 granite-paved courtyards, 7 staircases & 220 vernacular timber louvre windows. Other features of the house include Gothic louvered windows, Chinese cut and paste porcelain work, Stoke-on-Trent floor tiles, Glasgow cast iron pillars and Art Nouveau stained glass. The mansion was originally built with careful attention to the principles of Feng Shui. For example, it faces the sea and has Penang Hill behind it; the domestic block is built in front of it to prevent any road being built to create a T-Juncion in front of it; it has water running through it and is built with a step in the middle to create a slope.

The distinctive blue colour of the mansion is the result of mixing lime with natural blue dye made from the Indigo plant. The blue was very popular in the Colonial period and the dye was imported from India. The lime wash was very effective in a tropical weather as it absorbed moisture and cooled the house. However the blue is a colour of death in Chinese culture and the practice was never introduced in Hong Kong. The house was originally painted white in the time of the owner, and the indigo was applied much later.

The mansion is currently used as a hotel-cum-museum as part of a restoration project.

This is a scene that I noticed whilst I was driving to work on Friday. I had no time to stop at that point, so I decided to go back the next day at sunrise.


The title for this shot is apt, because this area of land at the Sawley Crossroads is earmarked for the construction of a Regional Distribution Centre, which will include warehouses and a recycling centre.


While some people may celebrate the creation of jobs and economic growth, there is also a sadness that this is the last area of green belt between the Hemington cum Lockington parish, Sawley and Castle Donington. I honestly think all the land between Nottingham and Derby will be built on within the next 50 years, with the two cities joined together as a conurbation. That's why, as photographers, we have a responsibility to photograph what countryside there is now, so that we realise what we are losing.

I knew I had another one to come from this event. Took a while to get to it with other work commitments.


I shot this late on the evening of 23/04/2017 after much of the claggy-bummed cloud moved eastward and before it clagged in again and rained.


Shot from the cliffs above the gulch at Goat's Bluff, South Arm, Tasmania.


A long way from the most fantastic aurora photo you will ever see but that water in front of the camera is Storm Bay... How flat is that......??


Other points of interest:

bioluminescence in the shore-break! Yes! Other shots are even brighter! Lesser Magellanic Cloud is top centre with the other, Larger galaxy just out of shot. What will it be like when these two separate galaxies collide with ours? Awesome is what it will be! Who (or what) will record it I wonder.


The other bright light in centre frame is the small lighthouse cum beacon on Black Jack Rocks. How anyone could park a bloody great catamaran on that bugger AND flatten the beacon itself is a mystery. To the right of the reef is Betsy Island.


Shot 22:58hrs, 23/04/2017.


A7Rii, Zeiss Batis 18/2.8

30 sec, f/2.8, ISO 2500

Oudtshoorn is located in the Klein (Little) Karoo, an arid region 350 kilometers east of Cape Town. The name Karoo was given to the area by its original San (Bushman) residents, who have left behind rock paintings in the nearby Swartberg mountains, much of which is now a UNESCO natural World Heritage Site. The Little Karoo is a fertile inland plateau wedged between the Swartberg in the north and Langeberg and Outeniqua mountains on the south. Oudtshoorn is the central town of the region. During the ostrich feather boom in the last 2 decades of the 19th century and up to WWI people made incredible fortunes from these sought after feathers.


These photographs are all taken at the same place, a little rustic tea shot cum goats milk cheese factory cum fudge factory. With typically warm-hearted Karoo people.

Iguana a genus of lizard native to tropical areas of Central and South America and the Caribbean. The genus was first described by Austrian naturalist Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti in his book Specimen Medicum, Exhibens Synopsin Reptilium Emendatam cum Experimentis circa Venena in 1768. The genus Iguana includes two species: the green iguana (a popular pet) and the lesser Antillean iguana.

The word "Iguana" is derived from a Spanish form of the original Taino name for the species "Iwana".

The two species of lizard within the genus Iguana possess a dewlap, a row of spines running down their back to their tail, and a third eye on their head. This eye is known as the parietal eye, which looks just like a pale scale on the top of their head. Behind their neck are small scales which resemble spikes, known as tuberculate scales. They also have a large, round, scale on their cheek known as a subtympanic shield. Iguanas have excellent vision and are able to see shapes, shadows, color and movement at long distances. Iguanas use their eyes to navigate through crowded forests, as well as for finding food. They also use visual signals to communicate with members of the same species. They respond to visual stimulus of colors such as orange,yellow,pink, and in rare cases blue as food substances. An iguana's ear is known as the tympanum. It is the iguana's ear drum, and is located right above the subtympanic shield and behind the eye. This is a very thin and delicate part of the iguana, and crucial to their hearing.


These two shots are taken from exactly the same position, one at 12:23 and the other at 15:25.


Lee 10 stop ND filter (Big Stopper) used to get long exposures.


Shot with Canon EOS 5D

Lens: 100-400mm

Mode: Auto


Almost tumbled down the slope of Kumzum Top and got in the truck. The sky rumbled as the air smelled of rain. We speeded towards Chattru ignoring signs like “Speed Thrills but Kills”. Seated beside the driver, looked at the speedometer not much bothered by this reckless driving. The water splashed on the front glass as the wheels hit the puddles, the wipers working vigorously. The sky was getting spectacular by moments but looking at the dark clouds chasing us like a herd of mammoth, I thought better than asking for a shooting break.


The truck screeched in a sudden halt sounding like an animal in agony. There was a small boulder on the way; I seized the opportunity. Undid the seatbelt and snapped away at the peaks bathed in the last golden light.


Setting up the tents, they asked me to get comfortable in the ‘restaurant’ (which is a wild exaggeration of a shack).


It was dark inside with a tiny fluorescent light (power being generated from a small LPG cylinder) illuminating only the cash counter. Few guys sat chatting, the owner’s wife trying to rustle up a fire in a stove typically seen in these areas, a group of bikers Leh bound (taking a night halt) playing carom and a few more sipping their drink. Not a prop, which under different circumstances I would be seen in. Now it didn’t matter, was glad to be back among my own tribe! With the setting sun, the mercury dropped. My wet feet felt awfully numb yet cold. Instinctively I gravitated towards the fire. Minutes later peeled away the socks for fresher ones and put on the woolens. A simple task requiring the last vestige of energy, a strange urge making me want to fall asleep on my feet like a horse! What an incredibly long day it had been!


Being quite an introvert, I surprised myself by not getting uncomfortable or curt when an elderly gentleman struck up a conversation!


He sipped a pale yellow drink (being a teetotaler, not exactly familiar with the brews and their identification), while I Bournvita. His team was camping to carry out a raid mission in the area nearby where a dam was being constructed. The voice on his radio/wireless set, reported the political turbulence in my home state. A world so far that the incidents seemed occurring in outer space!


My tent was set; I glided inside the sleeping bag. Steady flicker of the candle casting a shadow of all my belongings on the red nylon walls.


It was raining outside; nothing I did would keep me warm. The cold from the ground seeped through the tent floor, double rubber mats, into the sleeping bag and slithered through my layered clothing like a viper. I wondered if hypothermia felt remotely like this?


Barely nibbled at the food but was extremely glad at the extra sleeping bag, hot water bottles and the cook’s clean folded jacket to be used as a pillow (chivalry was not dead yet).


Asimov lay next to me, but turning the pages was too much effort, I blew out the candle and promised myself never again. A luxurious spa holiday was more my kind of thing, this was outrages and dumb! Battling a nauseating fear of imaginary arachnoids crawling over me, fell into a deep slumber…



Chhatru, a small halt station at an altitude of 3 490 m / 11450ft. Here one can find 3-4 shanty shop cum restaurant. Some even provide very basic night stays.


Leh is at an altitude of 3505 m / 10500 ft, capital of Ladakh in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, India.


Explore: Aug 12, 2008 # 120

Old shot from my archieves.Visconde De Mauá-RJ_BRasil

Procedamus in pace

In nomine Christi, Amen


Cum angelis et pueris,

fideles inveniamur


PS. It's sadness because i love this place and I'm so far from there and I don't know when I'll come back!

Water-Cum-Jolly Dale, Peak District, UK


:copyright: 2014 Paul Newcombe. Don't use without permission.


I have so many hits on this photo daily due to the name of the place. Let's see if censoring it helps.


Had a lovely little walk from Tideswell Dale, along Miller's Dale to Water-C*m-Jolly Dale. This is my first shot of the evening of the lovely wier at Water-C*m-Jolly Dale. I could have done with a longer walk. I need to get out earlier.

Scheduled to open in just 3 weeks from now, the 2nd casino cum Integrated Resort, Marina Bay Sands, is still full of cranes as you can see in this blue-hour shot. Wonder how they would handle their guests in this messy environment, let's see...

Shot with William Cho.


PP: Mild HDR.


Camera used: Sony DSLR Alpha 700.

Lens: SAL 11-18mm

Scheduled to open in just less than 2 weeks from now, the 2nd casino cum Integrated Resort, Marina Bay Sands, is still full of cranes as you can see in this blue-hour shot. Wonder how they would handle their guests in this messy environment, let's see...


PP: Non-HDR. Shot in RAW with unsharp mask.


Camera used: Sony DSLR Alpha 700.

Lens: SAL 11-18mm


Saturday night, February 27, 2010, I did my first model photoshoot of the year in my studio with my new pink and black muslin backdrops. The model is a very beautiful 24 year old sexy brunette named Holli. We will definitely work together again as I really like her gorgeous look, and this girl has a stunning glamorous style. She is definitely a sexy woman and I really like her dresses. Her previous dresses were pink, black and red, but this is a shot I took with her wearing her little white dress and she is also barefoot in this photograph.


OK what do you think of this photo???

Wonder Full - The Light and Water Spectacular at Marina Bay Sands

Outing with View Finders, shot from Esplanade Park. HDR-like enhanced from 1 single raw file in Lightroom. Sigma 10-20 @ 20mm, distortion corrected.

Thank to Alan's GorillaPod :)


It's a tiring but worthwhile night, the next morning sunrise from MBS will be uploaded soon .. =)


my route: Sat morning woke up @ home ~> company @ Commonwealth ~> Teppanyaki @ Funan (late lunch) ~> Suntec (cosplay) ~> Marina Bay Sand (casino + walkabout + sunset) ~> Yoshinoya @ Marnia Square (late dinner) ~> Esplanade Park (this shot) ~> Yello Jello @ Clarke Quay (drink + pool) ~> McDonalds @ Liang Court (supper cum breakfast) ~> Merlion Park (sunrise) ~> home sweet home (the next morning @ 9am) ..


a typical weekend :))

The Seri Wawasan Bridge is one of the main bridges in Putrajaya, the Malaysian federal administrative capital. This futuristic cable-stayed bridge which has a sail ship appearance, connects Precinct 2 on the Core Island to the residential area of Precinct 8.


The concrete bridge is a combination of cable backstays and structural steel tie back. It is a dual three lane carriageways of 18.6m width each, comprising 3 x 3.5m width lanes, 0.5 m hard shoulder, 0.5m marginal strip. The median is 4 m wide and walkway cum cycle track width is 5.1m giving a total width of 37.2m at the centre of the bridge.


Source: Wikipedia

Omggggggg ='(

i swear i cant believe this !!!!! ="( COCOOO CUM BAAK X"( !!!!

i already miss u like hell ='(((

im still in shockkk ufff inshallaa she cumz bak =(


sorry for the shot u deserve a better one i was in a hurry nd i just took it

Shot this photo and the one before this at Delhi Haat, which is an open air craft bazaar cum food plaza representing artisans from all states of India.


If you're a STAR WARS fan like me, you'll get this joke, otherwise, as we say in 12-Step: "Take what you want, and leave the rest." If you like my original comedy art, please keep checking back, and leave comments, be a contact, or whatever. Thanks for your support. Please visit

The current owner starting out in this studio as an apprentice in the 1950s, and subsequently took over the photo studio from his boss cum mentor. All along he had used large format camera to do portrait shots, but made the switch to digital recently in order to keep up with competition.


☞ Nikon F100, 20mm f/2.8D, Fuji Provia 400F


Mi sento di consigliare una vista veloce in nero, al link quì sotto.

Best on black at Fluidr

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The last shots and other shots of same series in :

I woke up this morning with my blouse pulled up exposing my chest and wearing my white bra over my blouse. I remember inviing friends over for a jello shot party. As a good host I took good care of my guests, but I don't remember when I put on my white bra. Dried cum on my chest gives me a hint to how I was used.

Time for me to wish my friend cum bro Murali.Yes!Today one of my beloved flickr buddy Murali is celebrating his birthday.

Many happy returns of the day na!

I invoke the blessings of almighty to give you peace,happiness,good health and more time for flickering..:)

Have a colorful year ahead..

I dedicate this shot to him.


Shot taken in Mount washington Auto Road in New Hampshire.


Or some such shite....


I'm pretty sure I had something witty to say about this, but it took 7 effing attempts to upload this shite as flickr kept on bonking me.


Happy lame ass Thursday fookers

I was going to do a low key, but I got all happy with the lights.....


Princep Ghat is name of the one of the many beautiful Ghats built during British Raj, along the river bank of Hooghly and on its bank on Kolkata side.


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It is located between the Water Gate and the St George's Gate of the Fort William. It was built in 1843 and named after James Prinsep, the Anglo-Indian scholar and antiquary. The monument rich in Greek and Gothic inlays, was restored by the state's public works department in November 2001 and has since been well-maintained. In its initial years, all the royal British entourages used the Princep Ghat jetty for embarkation/disembarkation. The jetty is still there, called Man-O-War jetty that belongs to Indian Navy, although is not properly maintained.


A memorial named in honor of the Anglo-Indian scholar and mint assayer James Prinsep on Princep Ghat, overlooked by magnificent Vidyasagar Setu.

Princep Ghat is one of the oldest recreational spots of Kolkata and people come here in evenings on weekends to have stroll along the bank, with many food-stalls selling variety of road-side foods. There also is a more than 40 year old ice-cream cum fast-food joint on the ghat, which is popular among the crowds, especially the youngsters. People can also have a ride in the river on the boats.


A song of Bollywood film Parineeta was shot here on the ghats.


Princep Ghat also has a railway station named after it, which falls under Kolkata Circular Railway and maintained by Eastern Railway. The station code is PPGT.


Source : Wikipedia


Pretty town of Akureyri in Autumn. A shot of landscape cum urbanscape.

I dated this girl once.


And the chick loved drama.


I mean she told me her Dad was dead when he wasn’t dead.


She told me I beat her when I really didn’t (hello?).


She even told me there was a parade outside when there was no one on the street. (I’ll never forget that one).


Okay fine, maybe she had more issues going than welcoming drama into her life.


Drama queens are funny. My daughter loves to make a big deal when she is hurt. Like when she gets a tiny scratch on her knee she FLIPS OUT like it’s the end of the world.


I go: “Babe – it’s okay”.




Who needs it? Apparently me – I just asked for it.


I’m not quitting you assholes. Practical joke, me trying to be funny, seeing the reaction I would get. Haha.


And if I were going to quit, it surely wouldn’t be with an anonymous female getting her hair pulled so her face isn’t in the shot with me writing “I quit” on her breasts.


Come on.


I somehow feel like Elvis. Or Jimmy Hoffa. Or Tupoc. Or--- Jacko?!


Not quite.


Fact is I’m a fucking jokester in real life. I try to keep it real. Why not fuck around with all you people and come back from the dead.




And for anyone that doesn’t know what sike is or means or heard it before, it’s a term that was used in the 1990’s in America around where I lived (New Jersey) to basically say the following:


“Just kidding”.


And it was cool for about 2 years and went away.


I think it went away with MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. But I’m not sure.


Did anyone else own MC Hammer pants like I did in 7th grade?


Word to the mutha.


Taken July 6th, 2009

Posted July 7th, 2009


e dunque sono tornato... una settimana fuori, per rilassarmi dopo gli esami di stato ( 100 e LODE.. mamma che schifo ahah )

prima al mare e poi.... a Milano!!

Sono andato a conoscere/trovare Andrea!! Aveva ragione Federico quando diceva che Andrea è qualcosa che va oltre l'umano..a parte il fato che fa 1000 cose in ogni istante ( io impazzirei :D ) ma proprio umanamente è una persona speciale :)

non voglio fare retorica.. quindi non mi dilungherò in un'interminabile serie di aggettivi perchè a volte basta la sintesi: come ho detto già a lui, mi son trovato a casa, come se lo conoscessi da anni e anni..

Forse siamo davvero due gemelli separati ahahahah ;)


grazie, geme!


Bene.. purtroppo sono stato da lui solo due giorni.. quindi abbiamo avuto poco tempo per farci le foto a vicendaPerò abbiamo sfruttato al meglio quelle poche ore.. quindi.. pronti a sorbirvi i nostri scatti!! :D

spero che non vi annoieranno


ps.. ho conosciuto anche Matia a Milano! Anche lui è stato davvero simpatico ed è un OTTIMO OTTIMO E GENIALE cuoco!! che cenaaa che ci ha preparato ragazzi!!


and so I'm back!

A week away, to relax my mind after having my exams ( the highest point cum laude... omg.. hihi )

First I went to the seaside and Milan!

I went there to meet Andrea!! Federico was right when he said that Andrea is something that goes over the humans..except that he does 10000 things every moment.. ( I could get crazy! ) but just "humany" he is special..

I don't want to make rhetoric.. so I won't pull out with an endless succession of adjectives because sometimes the sythesis is enough: as I told him, I felt at home, as I knew him from years and years

Maybe we really are divided twins


thanks, "geme"!!


well.. unfortunately I was in Milan just two days... so we had a little bit of time to take photos to each other.But we made the most! so... Ready to see our shots! I hope you won't get bored :) :)


Ps. I also met Matia ! He was really very nice too, and he is a an EXCELLENT EXCELLENT and GENIAL cook!! what a beautiful dinner he made... !!!

Location : Putrajaya, Malaysia


Related Image:

Wawasan Bridge II

Wawasan Bridge III

Wawasan Bridge IV


The Wawasan Bridge is one of the main bridges in Putrajaya, the Malaysian federal administrative capital. This futuristic cable-stayed bridge which has a sail ship appearance, connects Precinct 2 on the Core Island to the residential area of Precinct 8.


The concrete bridge is a combination of cable backstays and structural steel tie back. It is a dual three lane carriageways of 18.6m width each, comprising 3 x 3.5m width lanes, 0.5 m hard shoulder, 0.5m marginal strip. The median is 4 m wide and walkway cum cycle track width is 5.1m giving a total width of 37.2m at the centre of the bridge.





They are the tribals living in the tropical forests of ANDAMAN ISLANDS.


They hunt using BOW and ARROW and usually consume raw meat.


The last attack by a JARAWA TRIBAL occured in 2001 where a local

from ANDAMAN was shot dead using BOW and ARROW.

Reason of attack - Provocation and insult of their tribe.


The JARAWA TRIBALS are offended by the presence of camera.

I witnessed this myself.Their ability to recognise a camera is beyond my reasoning ability.


These JARAWA TRIBALS are found along the road leading to BARATANG ( from PORT BLAIR )



They are unaware about the use of money and they do not use it.




PS: This JARAWA COUPLE were photographed by me in hiding.

They were unaware about the presence of my camera and i have tried to remain ethical

while photographing them (though illegal) and no offence was intended.


Andaman is a very tourist friendly location.

Apart from my family i also liked the presence of Dr. Subhasis Ghosh

(a resident of ANDAMAN) who replied to all my innumerable queries during the BARATANG visit.


MANOJ (09933293593) our driver cum guide made our visit very comfortable.


FINALLY iam outraged about the fact that the GOVERNMENT on one hand has banned

interaction and photography of JARAWA TRIBALS and on the other hand have used

them as bait to lure pesky tourists like me..!!

Really liked this, and I can't remember the sculptor! It is carved as a sort of half relief cum statue, which isn't very obvious from this shot.



The rocks visible in the photo are pillow basalt and were formed by volcanic activity under the water over 200 million years ago. In the Marin Headlands, where the lighthouse is located, “all this basalt has been shoved up to sea level, and forms the base of a lot of the cliffs you can visit. But here at Point Bonita, it forms a significant portion of the outcrop that the lighthouse is perched on.” From Jessica Ball’s blog, “Magma Cum Laude.”


This is one of two views I shot of the lighthouse. For the other shot, click Point Bonita Lighthouse from the Other Side

Nice shot of wife downblouse

© all rights reserved


Please take your time... to View it large on White


Few cities in the world fire the imagination like Bangkok. Ornate palaces that host royal processions, Buddhist temples that witness monks chanting ancient sutras, canals that lead to a maze of water markets, night bazaars that never sleep - have long proved a powerful magnet for travellers. In this sprawling metropolis, Banyan Tree Bangkok, a 5-star luxury hotel in Sathorn road, offers a spectacular rooftop restaurant and bar - Vertigo Grill & Moon Bar on the elevated 61th floor. The hostess Suritawa welcomes us with the hospitality Thailand is famous for. The Moon Bar is a completely open air restaurant and cocktail bar with unobstructed 360 views of the city below. It is breathtaking. The greater Bangkok area has a population of around 12 million. This has in turn shifted the country from being a rather homogeneous Thai population to an increasingly vibrant mix of Western, Indian and Chinese people, giving the city a cosmopolitan status. Bangkok is known in Thai as Krung Thep Mahanakhon. The ceremonial name translates it to The city of angels.


Photo on the 62th floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel- Sathorn road in Bangkok at Moon Bar opening hours: 6.30pm - 11pm (weather permitting). I think it is fair to say i have stepped into many a bar in my lifetime and it's quite difficult to impress me. This bar blew my cotton socks off. According several websites It's one of the best bars in the world!


De Moon Bar is de bar van het al fresco openlucht Vertigo-restaurant van het Banyan Tree Hotel, op de 62e topverdieping van de Thai Wah II Tower. Het is de op één na hoogste bar van Zuidoost-Azie en u heeft er een prachtig uitzicht over Bangkok. Als u romantisch wil cocktailen moet u hier zijn; bovendien liggen de prijzen van de drankjes hier rond het normale hotelbar-niveau. Je kunt er vanaf 17.00 uur terecht. Mooi, want dan maakt u de zonsondergang tussen 17.30 en 18.00 uur mee, als de miljarden lichtjes van Bangkok gaan fonkelen -een fascinerende aanblik. Je kunt in deze bar gerust aanschuiven om alleen iets te drinken. Het eten in de aanpalende Vertigo Grill is goed, naar Thaise maatstaven wel behoorlijk aan de prijs. Een diner voor twee kost zo'n 200 EUR inclusief de wijn. Maar ja, zo'n ambiance mag ook wat kosten! Een chique open air lounge populair vanwege de cocktails, goede hapjes en het uitzicht. Bangkok is de hoofdstad van Thailand. De bevolking is divers van samenstelling en wordt geschat op zo'n 15 miljoen mensen.

"I make decision with precision

Lost inside this manned collision

Just to see that what is to be

Perfectly my fantasy


I came to know with now dismay

That in this world we all must pay

Pay to write, pay to play

Pay to cum, pay to fight


And all in time,

With just our minds

We soon will find

What's left behind


Not long ago when things were slow

We all got by with what we know

The end is near. Hearts filled with fear

Don't want to listen to what they hear


And so it's now we choose to fight

To stick up for our bloody right

The right to sing, the right to dance

The right is ours... We'll take the chance


A peace together

A piece apart

A piece of wisdom

From our hearts"


- Bad Brains


I love the band Bad Brains, I can't think of Washington, D.C. without

thinking of how amazing a band they are.

"Pay to Cum" was the first song I heard from them and they got me hooked

on to hardcore punk rock.


I know I've previous uploaded a picture of the National Monument,

but I couldn't help but try to capture a closer shot.

Kil3am winty b5aaaaaaair 7abeebtyy ="DD !!

3u2bal elmeeeet sannna :**

&&may all ur wishes cum true <33

testahlein a better shot sorry for that one :( !

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Near the former Cressbrook Mill, Water-cum-Jolly Dale, Derbyshire

Canticle of The Sun


All praise be yours, my Lord, through all that you have made,

And first my lord Brother Sun,

Who brings the day; and light you give to us through him.

How beautiful is he, how radiant in all his splendor!

Of you, Most High, he bears the likeness.


St Francis (oct,the 4th)


Il cantico di Frate Sole


Laudato sie, mi' Signore cum tucte le Tue creature,

spetialmente messor lo frate Sole,

lo qual è iorno, et allumini noi per lui.

Et ellu è bellu e radiante cum grande splendore:

de Te, Altissimo, porta significatione.


San Francesco (4 ottobre)


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