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RiP my friend......................see you at the dawn


again, after one month that our dear friend Gigi has gone, another maestro is now in heaven.


look here for Insan aka Mang Manging.


my thoughts are with his family................


let an angel sing.........

♪♪♫ L I S T e N ♪♪♫♪♪♫




“And now, my poor old woman, why are you crying so bitterly? It is autumn. The leaves are falling from the trees like burning tears- the wind howls. Why must you mimic them?”


Welcome <3 L'Arc-en-Ciel

Listening to Runrig: Loch Lomond. (if you have difficulty listening to this try to turn off your pop up blocker.)

Music inspired by my daughters piano playing and singing..


This is part of what I captured on a recent walk... This was taken probably 10 minutes before sundown.


If you want to quickly see some of my best work just go here.


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Van Morrison - Sometimes we cry

I listen to this song so often. MAGIC , AMAZING !

L'Islande m'a ouvert les yeux sur la nature, encore plus qu'auparavant.

La beauté pure du monde, le chaos passé immense, le temps en suspension.... Ils s'entremêlent tous pour nous rappeler que la nature nous porte, nous transporte, nous accueille et non l'inverse.

Petits êtres sur la croute terrestre, certains phenomenes sont là pour nous rappeler que la Terre hurle, qu'elle pleure, qu'elle se meurt.



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Un montón de besos ¡¡

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Texturas Lenabem - Anna ¡Thanks ¡¡

I have lost track of the bride I used for this image, I am unable to give credit.:(


Feb 18, 2010 - This photo has been selected by the "PARAGON Gallery ADMIN Staff as the "ARTISTIC EXPRESSION" image of the day and now in the front page of this group

Voce confusa con la miseria, l'indigenza e la delinquenza, parola resa muta dal linguaggio razionale della malattia, messaggio stroncato dall'internamento e reso indecifrabile dalla definizione di pericolosità e dalla necessità sociale dell'invalidazione, la follia non viene mai ascoltata per ciò che dice o che vorrebbe dire.


Franco Basaglia

Besoin d évasion, assez des grèves parisiennes !

Created for dA Users Gallery Challenge #35 – Pippa Winterlands Preview 2


Model with thanks to Magikstock


And for


Parée Erica’s Texture Fun Challenge #15


Texture with thanks to Parée Erica


Sfondo: personale

Background: my own.

Goodbye "it" and start something new


Thanks a KhoaKhoa va TungTung

praktica plc3 #14

carl zeiss jena pancolar electric 50mm 1,8

kodak colorplus 200

That tree, at the left, always cries, when the night is falling down.


She fears the darkness..



Please, no invitations or illustrations in comments


It was real misty, but the collors are lovely : - )

Pentax SMC 50mm Macro on K-30....

practicing a bit different art ( dont really know the meaning of art,,, but i guess everybody has its own explanation about it)

It is a widespread belief in the western world that crying is therapeutic and also the converse, that failure to cry is a danger to our health. Randolph Cornelius (1986) systematically analysed the content of popular articles on weeping in the press from 1850 to 1985 and found a major theme was that crying was considered an important means of releasing physiological tensions; if it wasn't released, it would find an outlet in some other way, such as affecting the person's body and possibly causing disease. 94% of articles recommended letting tears flow.


Psychotherapists and counsellors from nearly every school or persuasion regard crying during the process of therapy as constructive rather than destructive, though there may be some exceptions to this general rule such as depression, some neuropsychological conditions and manipulative crying. Sometimes a patient enters the therapy office for the first session and may cry with relief within minutes in the presence of the therapist, who is effectively a total stranger. Often patients who cry during sessions whilst talking about subjects of crucial emotional importance to them, spontaneously say how much better they feel or may report in the next session how they were upset at the time but felt much better afterwards. Whereas in normal life people may try to steer others away from crying, in therapy the psychologist often steers into crying.


Scetchbook 2012

If you take from nature, please give something back. Explore March 16, 2009 #355


Dedicated to the estimated 250,000 child soldiers of Africa, enslaved and taught to murder anyone in the way of their captors


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