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RiP my friend......................see you at the dawn


again, after one month that our dear friend Gigi has gone, another maestro is now in heaven.


look here for Insan aka Mang Manging.


my thoughts are with his family................


let an angel sing.........

♪♪♫ L I S T e N ♪♪♫♪♪♫




Listening to Runrig: Loch Lomond. (if you have difficulty listening to this try to turn off your pop up blocker.)

Music inspired by my daughters piano playing and singing..


This is part of what I captured on a recent walk... This was taken probably 10 minutes before sundown.


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Copyright Wayne Moran Photography 2007

All rights reserved

Seaham Beach.

Far Cry 5

☆ Neutral Colors & Realism ☆ reshade by animatiV

Cinematic Tools by Matti Hietanen

...while testing his wings


Peregrine Falcon - juvenile

Falco peregrinus


Member of the Nature’s Spirit

Good Stewards of Nature


Patricia Ware Bird Photography


:copyright: 2017 Patricia Ware - All Rights Reserved


Full Frame

I have lost track of the bride I used for this image, I am unable to give credit.:(


Feb 18, 2010 - This photo has been selected by the "PARAGON Gallery ADMIN Staff as the "ARTISTIC EXPRESSION" image of the day and now in the front page of this group

These Bleeding Hearts were so lovely in the early evening light.... I fell in love with the transparency at the bottom of the flower, and the moisture shining through!




L'Islande m'a ouvert les yeux sur la nature, encore plus qu'auparavant.

La beauté pure du monde, le chaos passé immense, le temps en suspension.... Ils s'entremêlent tous pour nous rappeler que la nature nous porte, nous transporte, nous accueille et non l'inverse.

Petits êtres sur la croute terrestre, certains phenomenes sont là pour nous rappeler que la Terre hurle, qu'elle pleure, qu'elle se meurt.



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Far Cry 5

☆ Neutral Colors & Realism ☆ reshade by animatiV

Cinematic Tools by Matti Hietanen

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Texturas Lenabem - Anna ¡Thanks ¡¡

Far Cry 5

☆ Neutral Colors & Realism ☆ reshade by animatiV

Cinematic Tools by Matti Hietanen

Inspired by Brian McKnight's "One Last Cry."


My shattered dreams and broken heart

Are mending on the shelf

I saw you holding hands standing close to someone else

Now I sit all alone, wishing all my feeling was gone

I'd give my best to you

Nothing for me to do

But have one last cry


One last cry

Before I leave it all behind

I've gotta put you out of my mind, this time

Stop living a lie

I guess I'm down to one last cry




I was here, you were there

Guess we never could agree

While the sun shines on you,

I need some love to rain on me

Still, I sit all alone,

Wishing all my feeling was gone

Gotta get over you

Nothing for me to do

But have one last cry


One last cry

Before I leave it all behind

I've gotta put you out of my mind, this time

Stop living a lie

I know I gotta be strong,

'Cause 'round me life goes on and on and on

And on


I'm gonna dry my eyes

Right after I have my one last cry


One last cry

Before I leave it all behind

I'm gonna put you out of my mind, for the very last time

Been living a lie

I guess I'm down

I guess I'm down

I guess I'm down to one last cry


Written by Brian Kelly Mcknight, Melanie Barnes, Michael Brandon Barnes • The reproduction of these lyrics is meant for descriptive purposes only, and is not intended to infringe on any copyright.

That tree, at the left, always cries, when the night is falling down.


She fears the darkness..



Pentax SMC 50mm Macro on K-30....

Une bague de famille posée à l'envers sur l'iPad , rétroéclairé par mon mari ( Il y avait longtemps ... :sweat_smile:). L'étagement des perles donnent un effet de cascade sur le reflet comme des larmes de couleurs ... HMM !

Et pour demain Crazy Tuesday theme on 7DWF : Reflection


A family ring placed upside down on the iPad, backlit by my husband (Long ago ... :sweat_smile:). The staging of the pearls gives a waterfall effect on the reflection like tears of colors ... HMM !

And for tomorrow in Crazy Tuesday Theme on 7DWF : Reflection

Because I love the rain





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Look at that face. If only we could add sound to these photos too.


This is young Max having a total meltdown having been banished outside following a rather messy, toilet-related incident.


We were busy cleaning up a 'St Bernard-sized Mess' that little Max had spread around the entire apartment. He was temporarily confined to the balcony while we cleaned up and was then given a much needed bath. Meanwhile he'd kicked-up a huge fuss that I'm sure people could hear from several blocks away.


Despite being very small, kittens can and do produce completely disproportionate amounts of: A. Noise, and on occasion B. Smell.


Adorable little devils nonetheless. I still can't resist those huge paws?

If you take from nature, please give something back. Explore March 16, 2009 #355


Dedicated to the estimated 250,000 child soldiers of Africa, enslaved and taught to murder anyone in the way of their captors


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

I wanna wish all my friends. a great Friday. and also I wanna apologize to whom ever left a comment and I didn't get back to them. I have been very busy at work. and this flickr app on android doesn't show all the comments. so if I don't replay. emediatly. I apologize. .will replay when I get home. have a great day my dear friend.


:copyright: 2013 tapa | all rights reserved


"The fear of life is the favorite disease of the 20th century."


- William Lyon Phelps


I'm just so lucky to see this boy standing near the sea.. i just think that this is a great shot. Thanks for viewing people..




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