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Best View On Black and Large (updated on my new Photography Portfolio)


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jst another from crow point :)

Crows dispersing Starlings for the best spot on top of Seaburn Lighthouse.

Crows are the equivalent to seagulls on the coast where I live in England . I find them such feisty birds and really got to respect them during my time in Goa . They feature a lot in my photos . I like this action shot taken at Jardim, the place where I stayed .

Taken on KSA Atlantis (143, 187, 21) H22O

Window pane of the monkey house at the Munich zoo, Hellabrunn.

The crows were fussed about something, cawing and flying around... Aquatic Park

Crow @ Newburgh Estuary, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Flock of crows liftoff to rest in a willow tree.

Contemporary Crow tipi on ancestral Crow lands. Looking southwest from the Little Bighorn Battlefield where in 1876 a coalition of Sioux and Cheyenne warriors annihilated the US 7th Cavalry General Custer and his men. Although Custer had at least one Crow scout working for his troops, the Crow Nation did not join the tribal coalition. The Bighorn River runs down in the draw lined with willows and cottonwood trees. The site is now known as the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument instead of the Custer Battlefield National Monument in social justice recognition of the Indian perspective in a prolonged conflict.

Thanks to Distressed Jewel for a texture...and to the crows for their natural ability to be imaginarily poetic...

pondering it`s next move...


(it was perched on a metal sign, so I decided to get a portrait shot while it was there,,,,, ceize the moment)

Taken at the British Wildlife Centre ( Not Captive)

Remember the donkeys from yesterday? Well their two buddies on the other side of the road were being used as bedding by two crows. The donkeys just stood dozing as they do whilst the two chancers kept pecking fur from their backs and then flew up to their nests above. Crows get a fur lined bed for their babies and the donkeys get a bit of grooming. Isn't Nature fascinating?


Three more in comments

Pentax K-5/Pentax FA*600mm f4 ED [IF]

The crows pick the clams off the beach as the tide goes out, then fly up releasing the clam to fall and smash open on the rocks below so they can pick out the meat.

As Derlin approached Crows Nest the smell of rotting bones left over from the last hangings entered his nostrils and warmed him. not difficult, when one considers the blistering temperature found in the midgardian peaks. How they survive up here is a mystery, and how they're going to cope with the warm humid atmosphere of the swamps is equally so...

The knights of the crow are were banished from Mitgardia some one or two decades ago, however simply relocated to one of the uninhabited hills. Brutal as they are anyone who got on their nerves was killed, the stench that warmed the deranged druid Derlin attracted crows, feasting on the carcasses left by the blood-thirsty warriors. A small village has been brought up on the hill, and the nest, as they call it lies dead centre. it is the abode of Graὐf, The current chief. Derlin was greeted to the hill with his wolf being slaughtered by hunters, but he hadn't the time to kill them, he was here on business, recruiting for the black spire...


CCC XI Custom Faction

Build a castle scene with your own custom medieval faction with unique heraldry on shields, flags, and figures.


Well, im gonna be honest, im not exactly interested in this category, but i had the idea and heres the result, bringing me 1 build closer to getting qualified for MB. if i do end up winning this category, the first american to put a note on the crow IN THIS pic gets the stickers.

Also simon, ice cream is more than just smoke and icecream!


Inspiration from Derfel Cadarns "dedication" and most of Soccerkids MOCs.


Loved this Crow I managed to photograph on the boardwalk at Hardwick park yesterday. I'd been feeding the birds and was moving on a bit, I turned and here he is gobbling up what I'd left. Look in his beak, the peanuts look like seeds, but he hasn't swallowed them, he'll take them away where it's quiet, stick them in a crack or in the bark of a tree, then break them up and eat them, it's great watching them, so remember #FeedTheBirds

he sat there and let me take his pic

If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black, you mustn't seek to show that no crows are; it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white.

Recent storms have resulted in higher than normal water levels on the Crow river at this time of the year along with billion blood sucking mosquitoes. Luckily I only had to wait a few minutes.


H55-09 with CP 2204/2208 and SOO 4410 pass through Rockford on the Railfan favorite Crow River bridge.

At the local park I hike in the crows love to assemble as a large group just before sunset they fly in and find a few special trees sometimes they spend a few minutes and then head out to another spot. I love seeing them gather and hear them make there bird call. They are gathering to roost, crows will congregate in some area away from the final roosting site, usually an hour or two before complete darkness. Here the crows spend a lot of time calling, chasing, and fighting. Right at dark the main body of the group will move toward the final roosting spot. Sometimes this final movement is relatively quiet, but usually it is still quite noisy.They congregate in different areas, heading to one final staging area where they all coalesce, then everyone heads to the final roost. The final roost can be a cohesive group in a single woodlot, or it can be rather diffusely spread out over quite a wide area of suitable trees. its a survival strategy which brings on the old saying birds of a feather flock together.

Somtimes this grouping is called a murder of crows.

Taken at the British Wildlife Centre.( Not Captive) Trying to steal some of the food inside the closures

Winning Image in Copeland Wildlife Competion 2008

Crow -


Background - created using 4 different textures and blending modes


Splatter brushes - my collection


Flowers, butterfly - deviant scrap -


I wanted to do something with a bit of color on this dark day!

Crow's Theology


Crow realized God loved him-

Otherwise, he would have dropped dead.

So that was proved.

Crow reclined, marvelling, on his heart-beat.


And he realized that God spoke Crow-

Just existing was His revelation.


--Ted Hughes


And if anyone remember Steve Nicks' 1983 classic song "Nightbird"

One Crow Sorrow

Two Crows Joy

Three Crows a Wedding

Four Crows a Boy

Five crows Silver

Six Crows Gold

Seven Crows a Secret

Never to be told.


Folklore and Superstition:

We shared a shady tree trunk and the Crow was too hot to be bothered by me

Each Fall, once the harvest is complete, the crows show up to take advantage of the missed pieces of grains. Yesterdays dark grey skies combined with a few minutes of late day sun, provided some nice lighting. If you look closely, in the trees, some of the crows can be seen. They show up in the thousands!

A storm on the way at Crow Point on the Taw Torridge Estuary, North Devon.

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