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Tu n'as rien vu...



حكايت كن از گونه‌هايی كه من خواب بودم، و تر شد.



April is the cruelest month ...


T.S. Eliot

Boracay, Philippines


this has been seen on Explore... and

was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer as one of the photos

for their article on Lomography. woot!

"Were you gloomy Sylvia?"


- Cafe Rosebud

~ Langston Hughes


This one goes to Jen (zstheday) for the sweet testimonial she wrote for me... Thank you so much! you really made me so happy, it was such a beautiful surprise =) Do checkout her wonderful stream.


About the shot; Ummm! I like how those petals came out.. like streaks from a paint brush. Oh & again an experiment with the processing =D


HGGT & HBWH | Listen | > Morning of Life <


Texture by: struckdumb



Front Page Explore - Thank you so much everyone & thanks to Hina who spotted it on front page. =)



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Friday night.....tired but in one piece.

Seen in Explore


why yes i did draw this :]

i got a little carried away

HAHA my arm was like BLACK when i washed it all off :P


idea from this video


View On Black


He was looking for a way out but instead he fell further in.

flickr: you need to step it up a bit.

roots, and light ...

Contemporary architecture, cross-processed (June, 2011)

مرا ببر مثل تکه ای بازمانده از کاخ اندوه


محمود درویش

We have SO much chocolate left over from Christmas, including this bowl of chocolate coins. Isn't it so annoying when you just don't fancy something you love - I normally love chocolate coins but am totally off my food at the moment, so am not tempted by these at all. Who would like one [starts chucking them at people, but in a nice way...]

It is possible to die.


The Hours

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