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I've been told many times over the years that I have great legs. I hope that everyone will agree and that I haven't been lied to.

This was taken a long time ago. I was at a Halloween party and the legs in black belong to my girlfriend at the time.

This is the dress I wore to the JetSet club in October. It was a bit chilly, even for Texas.

What do you mean, you know I'm serious, I was last time so you might as well gather your girly wits up and make the most of it, like you did last time. I was right about the length, looks fine, just remember you're going to have to lift your skirt up at the front when you climb steps, otherwise you'll trip over it and that'll look very unladylike. Now get downstairs and lets look you over. Cinderella will go to the ball, whether she likes it or not!

My friday the 13th oufit...

There all done up securely, you'll not get out of that until you get home, well unless Roger decides to unhook you of course. I'm sure he'd love to. No, I wasn't joking about the work thing, if Roger says anything tonight you say you'd love to have a job there, okay?

Ready for a meeting of one of the local TG groups.


Wow! After several months with no "Jenn Time" at all, I was able to have two outings (with Vanity Club sisters, no less) just one week apart. My good friend Marilyn Lowe came down to Monterey from her home in Oregon along with new Vanity Club sister Carolyn Hyde. We drove down to Big Sur and Marilyn took this photo on the back deck of Nepenthe restaurant. This has been one of my favorite places to eat since I first visited it in the 1970s.

This was so long ago! I think that not being happy with the first set of cheerleader pictures and lighting I again skipped school to try again. This time with my own pantyhose (I didn't shave my legs back then for fear of what people would think). I was 16 or 17 years old at the time.


For those who don't know how I did it:

Back in these days before high quality digital cameras I would develop film myself after regular class hours in photography / graphic arts room at school. I would only take a couple of pictures at the end of a roll of film so I could quickly cut those off and if anyone wanted to see the negatives of what I was shooting it would look like I just didn't shoot the whole roll ;-)

The party was over and Allan was deep in thought as his wife approached with even more dishes. He'd buy her a new General Electric dishwasher!

I meant to buy a beach ball today for this set, but I bought an airconditioner instead and it was too heavy to hold over my head.

Blonde wearing a gold Brocade Gown.

This is gonna be the last of the lbd pics for awhile i think i played the whole look out for now...hope you all like it !!!

Well don't blame me, you were the one fluttering your eye-lashes and heaving your bosom at the poor man. Oh yes you were, I'd almost call it behaving like a tart. Anyway, Clive brought Roger into work today and he asked me if my friend might be free again, for a black tie do this time, so I accepted on your behalf. Look, you've done this once and been fine, you'll be okay, no arguments lady. Lets get you all smooth and sweet smelling again, here's your outfit. Yes I got you another wig, looks like you got you hair done specially then, just like any other woman would. Come on, chop chop.

I will be in vacation soon for amazing three weeks! Wish you all to enjoy your summer and stay happy!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sat on a puff ????

Comme chaque année, c'est la photo de noël !

Et comme c'est cadeau, c'est sans maquillage ( j'ai eu la flemme de faire avec )

Je vous souhaite de bonne fête de fin d'année !






Like every year, this is the Christmas picture!

And as is gift, it's without makeup (I was too lazy to do with)

I wish you good end of the year party!






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Continuing my tour of the benches and summerseats of Great Britain. Video with Rachel Swann here:

Got some front haven't I, calling myself a babe lol. This is at Tina's place, in case anyone hadn't guessed already and she took all my pics - thanks T xx

This is the outfit I wore to the November Tri-ess meeting. I had to stop by Walmart on the way to the meeting, so got to see the 'normal' people in a mainstream setting in this outfit.

I like wearing skirts and keds. I also like to see girls in skirts and keds but that is rare. I wear keds in public all the time. Nobody ever says anything and only a few people ever do a double take.


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One of my favorite outfits,i took these pics b4 going out on a friday nite.

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