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Hand painted pottery eggs from Beaumont Bros. Pottery in Crooksville, Ohio!

A southbound Ohio Central coal train rumbles south through Crooksville, Ohio, on a rainy 2005 afternoon. Most of what is visible in this picture is gone: 8277 was renumbered, repainted and then shipped off to somewhere else when G&W took over. 7499, also an ex-SP unit, was sent down to a nearby landfill to shove trash cars all day. Still around, but not hauling coal. The building beside the track developed a sink hole in the basement, so it too is gone. Won't be long before the coal trains are gone too.

A northbound Ohio Central coal train rolls toward Crooksville Ohio, as seen from the Ohio 93 bridge just south of town. It is one of those murky and damp winter days in early 2005, and the snow is rapidly turning to fog.


5855 has since been renumbered, and the trailing former UP Sd40-2 no doubt repainted. A new crop of filthy, worn out looking Sd40s have arrived, seemingly pushing aside the class OC paint scheme.

1x2 coal loads south of Zanesville.

Crooksville Exempted Village Schools 13 - 2003 IC CE; Bus Yard - Crooksville, Ohio

Crooksville, Ohio

Marked "Hull 80". Addis Emmett Hull founded the A.E. Hull Pottery company in Crooksville, Ohio in 1905. The company grew and expanded rapidly and in 1917 it began selling a wide variety of its art pottery creations to florists and gift shops. The company also manufactured a variety of related products including stoneware, florists pots, garden ware and semi-china among other things. This particular creation comes in at least three different sizes and several color variations. They are variously called ducks or swans by dealers and collectors but I believe "duck" is the correct term.

He's a sculptor, making animal forms (some real, some not) from salvaged parts that a country guy like him can easily come across. The twist is that Rick's blind, has been since an accident at age 16.

Photo sourced from Google Street View.


Barns of similar appearance appear throughout the state's southeastern quadrant. Though not rare, single pen log barns (also known as crib barns) are seldom unsided.

Crooksville Exempted Village Schools 9 - 1987 Thomas International; Bus Yard - Crooksville, Ohio

This year, I'm going to log 365 of my family heirlooms and thrifted finds. All items will be considered vintage by the 20-year standard. You can find all of the entries in the category something old on my blog or in the photo set here on Flickr.


Today's photo is crooksville iva-lure china in wildflower.



Crooksville Exempted Village Schools 13 - 2003 IC CE; Bus Yard - Crooksville, Ohio

Not sure if I liked this one better in color or black and white, so I uploaded both. Let me know what you think. :)

Crooksville Exempted Village Schools 3 - 2008 IC CE; Bus Yard - Crooksville, Ohio

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