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Beaumont Leys - riding home from the pub.

Régi képem és mindig is rontott fotónak gondoltam. Most is.

NYC Critical Mass 7-30-2004


A random picture while waiting for Critical Mass to start. Ya, it's upside-down. That's how you know it's Art™.

My friend Ryan and I got arrested last night for riding our bikes in the street, along with about 30 others.

Multiple exposure showing the Critical Mass bike rally in Budapest as it passed the Freedom Bridge.

Rolling-over bike, and a big drum too, on Critical Mass


camera bag helga

-.00001 sec before important time for most..




Keeping The Colors Of Light I Saw (JHWatkins)


Keeping the colors of light I saw,

Hidden deep in my heart-

Here, chambered in silence they grow-

Where, watered by time they flow,

To places concealed at the start.


Each shade, a life of its own,

Gathering force like the wind,

Bursting with promise

And purpose renewed,

In heavenly dreams they ascend.


Returning to sources of similar schemes,

Gliding down currents of circular themes,

Reveried ideas of wondrous things,

Calling my mind to attend.


Revelation perpetually rose,

Comically cracked in poetical prose,

Fractured infighting,

Formidable foes,

Deceived by games they portend.


Up through atmospheres,

Right through the stars,

Backed-down multitudes,

Battered and scarred-

Groaning, condoning,

Conditions bizarre,

Where correctional forces contend.


Keeping the colors of light I saw-

Hidden deep in my heart-

Here, chambered in silence they grow-

Shaping the future with wisdom I know,

In places concealed from the start.




3 separate layers; if anyone is interested in what Critical Mass is, here's a link (may not be current, but gives a little background)...


Brad at the end of the Halloween October critical mass. Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

Massa Crítica::Bicicletada - Zona Oeste - Rio :: Dezembro2014


Cory went to critical mass to take these pictures. They're part of an art show dedicated to bikes he's going to try to get into.

Jay showing off the "barrel of monkeys" tattoo on his arm, while taking a break in the June critical mass. 13th St NW, Washington, DC.

market street is always soooo clogged at the start

..A tRaZioNe uMaNa


gioRnAtA moNdiALe Di aZioNe suL cAmBiAMeNto cLimAtiCo


A cyclist riding on Pennsylvania Ave NW with the August critical mass. Washington, DC.

Guys riding through Georgetown with the June critical mass. M St NW, Washington, DC.

Evan heading up 4th St. past the Capitol, with the critical mass. Washington, DC.

A guy riding over Key Bridge with the critical mass. M St NW, Washington, DC.

A 360° view. Still getting some embarassing gaps.

NYC, no brakes, fixed only.

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