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Swans are known for their grace and beauty but they do have a dark side - it’s not all tutus and Tchaikovsky. The first thing we saw upon our arrival at the Abbotsbury Swannery was a really vicious fight between two males competing for the attention of a female. A member of staff told us that when the swans go to war they use their wings to try to beat and drown each other.


This photograph was taken when they were congregating for their evening feed. As you might expect, it wasn't long before tempers started to wear thin (EM120764)

My good friend, Ben, and I, took to some steel-wool-spinning a couple of nights ago.


I must admit, I struggled to work out how to expose to an appropriate meter, so having Ben there made it so much easier - and so much more fun!


Well, I, for one, am so pleased with the results. And I really enjoyed this experience - so, it was no surprise that time eluded us, making it close to midnight before we eventually finished!


Imaginations inevitably run wild, thinking of other, potential, locations to try out. So, suggestions are welcome!

Sturnus vulgaris

Ein (kleiner) Teil eines Starenschwarms in der Nähe der dänischen Grenze. Dort ist ein Sammelplatz zum Beginn des Vogelzugs.

A (small) part of a flock of starlings near the danish border. There they are gathering for autumn bird migration.

Moving and still people in a railway station taken from above

The critical mass bike ride in downtown Houston, Texas.

Budapest, Hungary - Szabadság híd | Liberty Bridge

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Taken with my homemade 6x6 medium format pinhole camera.


Film: Kodak Ektar 100 (120 roll)

Exposure time: 6 x 4 min.

from Liverpool Critical Mass 11th May 2012, this was our bigist ride to date with over 70 people taking part in the ride. if you dont know what critical mass is, its a monthly ride (every second friday in Liverpool) to celebrate cycling and to stand up for cyclists rights to the road, we ride together so that cars cant boss us around. Were not stoping traffic, we are traffic! if your a cyclist in Liverpool come and join in, its a real fun friendly envirioment, full of laughter. Every second friday of the month, 6:00pm at the Chinese arch.


Liverpool Critical Mass facebook page


The critical mass is a demonstation ride at the last friday of each month from April to October.

The summer ones bring out thousands of riders who will travel at least 30 km's during the ride.

Reminders of your monthly civil responsibility are stenciled on Williambsburg Bridge. Both ways

I've replaced this photo with a white balance corrected version.

It's randomness like this that makes me glad I carry my camera with me most of the time.


Also available on Vimeo:

This Ford Crown Victoria P-71 California Highway Patrol vehicle helps keep traffic organized during the monthly "Critical Mass" Biking event that happens. Today they decided to do a few laps around San Francisco before heading Northbound across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin County.


©2002-2012 Photography

Lomo LC-A (self modified for multiple exposures)

Agfa Precisa CT100

Cross Processed


Anthony Gormley exhibiton Critical Mass on top of the De La Warr Pavilion last summer.


I took a shot, rotated the camera 90 degreed and took another shot creating a double exposure.

Critical Mass is a mass bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of each month in cities around the world. Everyone is invited! Bring your bike!


Berlin Tempelhofer Feld

Critical mass London Feb 2007. Approaching the back of heavy traffic, we slice through and gather at the front of the lights.

We made a pit stop at Rosemary Williams to show our support. Rosemary and company are the ladies in the middle of photo.

Roma, San Lorenzo - Nikon F80 Kodak Portra 160 VC


3 separate layers; if anyone is interested in what Critical Mass is, here's a link (may not be current, but gives a little background)...



Budapest, Hungary

Travelling down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace

It was hot. We stopped at the water feature outside the casino to cool off.


Photo by urbanbicyclist. December 2005

Contax G 45mm Ektachrome E 100

Megan heads out with Critical Mass riders.


WB nudged and contrast increased in Lightroom.


ETA 3/19/2008: I met her yesterday. Not quite like Sharbat Gula, but exciting nonetheless.

✰ This photo was featured on The Epic Global Showcase here:


Critical mass Houston. Photo by @silvia_angeles_photography #Houston_Photographers

by @houston_photographers on Instagram.


Il petrolio, l'energia, il profitto, la competitività, la produttività sono tutte parole che fanno ridere, alla fine una risata vi seppellirà.


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The final ride of the year for critical mass is held with some fun costumes.

There is a veloween in combination with the Parade of Lost Souls that is happening tomorrow on Victoria drive. Starting at 5 pm and proceeding up the alley as far as I know.

Have a happy Halloween everyone. Stay safe.

Taken during Critical Mass in Firenze, Italy,

during its second birthday.


The black fork of the bike in the photo broke almost one year ago.

It seems bent at the head tube, and probably it was.

But that was not the cause, it broke because of the rust that attacked the lower part of the fork, at the connection with the hub.

14 Luglio 2007 - foto scattata in un'aula dell'ex Liceo Classico Socrate. Abbandonato da due anni, il collettivo SPAZIentiti di Bari lo ha occupato per un giorno mettendolo a disposizione di chi con foto, quadri, opere di vario genere, musica, corti e videoproduzioni sente la necessità di spazi in una città che non ne offre.


In un'aula al piano terra è stata allestita una ciclofficina dai ragazzi della critical mass.


qui ci sono altre foto della scuola occupata.


il blog della critical mass a Bari

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