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Creo que no hace falta explicar nada*


Pues esto es lo encontramos mi compañero Iñigo y yo en Azkorri esta tarde.....un mar lleno de espuma densa, una crema que rozaba la arena y las rocas al llegar a su fin...un espectaculo estos dias de mar enorme.

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No tengas miedo, es hora del nuevo despertar,.

Pile up of Izabela Navarathna, original here:

I taked the roses from my picture "Pure Roses" which I did before( link )

They are a stock from BreAnn from Deviantart: link


Tanta belleza, no existen palabras, ni fotos que puedan retratarla. Los cielos estrellados de Atacama abren sus redes, seducen, dejan entrever sus misterios, encienden llamas haciéndose camino entre la desesperanza del desierto, el frío y la soledad...


Macro Mondays - Creamy


I had to make myself a fresh coffee to take this!


my first water experiment with Canon S2IS


Here, a similar shot taken some months ago with Nikon E4600.

Poznan, Poland


Doing a little promo photography for....myself! Just received our new beans at the cafe (almost open) and getting ready to enjoy a cup.


Erik Witsoe Photography


Bigfoot Coffee Shop

aka flan / aka my kryptonite. :D


I only make creme caramel a few times a year as every ingredient in it is unhealthy (except for vanilla). I used a Filipino recipe from a good friend since my Mom does not eat this stuff. Boohoo to her.

Quando compirai i trent'anni, il tuo viso o il tuo strato di pelle del corpo si affievoliscono e il segno della rughe e dell'età appare davanti al tuo viso, ma con l'uso di questa formula naturale Tryvix Crema può essere affrontato. PER OTTENERE ULTERIORI INFO CLICCA QUI

Last upload for a while.... I'm facing a challenging time right now, my father is due to have his 4th operation in under 5 yrs, work is stressing me out, been feeling unwell a lot lately and have been very saddened by the way I have been treated by "so called" friends. I guess some people never change no matter how many second, third or even fourth chances you give them :-(

Creme fraiche panna cotta, tangerine palette, almond sablee crumble, tangerine sorbet.

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