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Thankfully we were prepared with wet weather gear for our hike to Marian Lake as it was pouring with heavy rain.

I even got to used my plastic camera protector (purchased off ebay) for the first time!!


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To fully appreciate how awesome last night was for photography…you have to first take into account how stressful the days leading up to it were


As always, the short version. PART 1


We moved. 3 and ½ weeks ago I called the folks at Dish Network to let them know…they said they were busy…but the soonest appointment they had was a week later from 12-5pm. I would need to be home the entire time to wait for the installer to put in the new dish, etc.


The day arrived (about 2 weeks ago) and I waited…with my two boys, and two dogs…all day. They never showed up. Usually I take the boys on some sort of outing every day, even if it’s just to the store for groceries. We had nothing to do but sit and fight…which we did awesomely. I called Dish Network and let them know the issue…


Apparently, there was someone who used to have my new phone number who wasn’t exactly a good Dish customer…and somehow…when I told the people this was my NEW number…and it should be attached to my EXISITING account…they failed to do so…and somehow just decided to cancel the install rather than call.


They were sorry though…and said they would cover my cost for the days I was without service. Really? I don’t have to pay for days I didn’t use your service? THANKS! They rescheduled….for this past Monday.


Again, we were forced to stay home from 12-5pm while we waited for the installer. This time rather than simple bickering my kids decided full blown meltdowns were in order. My oldest flipped his skull over some Lego toys…to the point if I were much more elderly, I’d need to call someone about elder abuse. Needless to say he spent the rest of the day in his room, and his Legos are mine for the rest of the week.


The little one was just whining, because he didn’t have a nap. He couldn’t take a nap…even though we were HOME….because my dad was installing a new door in our bathroom…thus sawing, and nailing, and making too much noise for anyone to sleep. I had to put up with his cranky butt. Needless to say, he too spent a lot of time in his room.


5pm rolled around and the Dish guy was nowhere to be seen. Awesome. Wasted day #2.

I called the folks at Dish…and there’s isn’t an option on the number pad for. “So you’re cable guy didn’t show up…you’re pissed, and you want someone to deal with it.” I ended up just pushing numbers until someone came on the line…The guy put me on hold and somehow I ended up on with the local dispatch guy for our area who basically told me. “We’re not going to get out today…the installer is too behind…we can schedule you for 5 days from now, from 12-5pm.”


Well that’s just not going to WORK! We’ve been without Hannah Montana in our house for 3 weeks, and my son is going nutty. The guy assured me he would get someone out sooner…but he didn’t know when.


Again. Awesome.


Meltdowns are still in full force…my dad is fixing a door. The little dog whizzed on the carpet…my wife calls me to tell me the sod for our backyard is coming Thursday….oh yeah, while this is all going down. I’m preparing Cornish game hens for dinner…and am trying to shove oranges and onions in chicken carcasses.




The cable guy calls, and says he’ll work late, and show up in 30 minutes…if we want him to.


Uh. Yeah.


He shows up, begins the install as we’re eating dinner. He’s trying to discuss the wiring situation, my youngest isn’t eating…just messing around. My dad is finishing up, trying to tell us he needs a thing-a-ma-jiggie to finish the job, an do we have one? We don’t. Dinner is finished…the kids are yelling at the dogs, who are trying to get in…The cable guy is still telling me about wiring…and I need to make a decision on it…The sink has clogged…..because let’s face it, life wasn’t stressful enough right then.


I’m trying to plunge one side…and figure it out…turning on the garbage disposal, and what not…making my kids stop running around getting the dogs worked up…the sink decides it’s not getting my full undivided attention, and throws up on me….projectile style.

Now I’m covered in cucumber peels, left over dinner, and water….my kids are laughing at me…as is my wife. The cable guy has come back in to tell me about more wires. The dogs are riled up MORE now that I’m riled up…and the kids are riled up. I’m not sure if the wiring discussion fired anyone up….but there was definitely some chaos going on in the kitchen at that point.


Eventually thing wound down…and the day ended. I don’t remember how…so maybe I just dropped from exhaustion someplace.


The next day was just about as fun.

Captured in the Big Creek Area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Reprocessing some of my older RAW files in Capture One and ON 1 effects.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon.



Otter Creek on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia…Best viewed on black...




Ozark National Forest, Arkansas.

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Shot in between rain showers in the Gorge. I thought it was time for some more moss in my photostream! Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!!!


Camera:Nikon D300



Focal Length:16 mm


ISO Speed:100

Exposure Bias:0 EV


Now for the color version. B/W version posted yesterday.


I didn't spend much time in the Yukon, primarily driving thru on my way to Alaska. Was impressed with the undisturbed immensity of pure nature, no signs of humanity. Liked that. Must say though that I didn't like large portions of the AlCan highway thru the Yukon. The roads were horrendous, worst I've experienced. But then they have to deal with permafrost and frost heaves that destroy sections of the road each winter. Can't expect them to be great when dealing with that continual issue.


Was also impressed with the Capital, Whitehorse. Very clean, modern and well laid out.


Hope to make that drive again some year.


Your views, faves, suggestions and support are always appreciated.


Happy Friday

In the Jemez, northern New Mexico

One of my favorite small creeks. Didn't make it there this year.

Jonathan Creek running through Centennial Park in Moncton, New Brunswick. So nice to see spring.

I was just about to post this shot when I noticed a leg of a tripod coming into the shot from the left. I blame Tony and Jeremy for that; the two guys with me on this trip. I just don't know how I missed this leg the first go at editing.

One of the two waterfalls along Yukon's Rancheria Creek. I like the look of flowing waters in b/w. The other falls in comments.


Thanks for your visit. Always appreciated.

Here's another from my recent travels. Thanks for the opinions on my previous post! I'm grateful for the input. Chip


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Hey folks... It's been a while since I last posted a shot. Here's Still Creek up near the Mt Hood Wilderness.


Hope the year 2010's working well for all you guys out there!

Monongalia County

West Virginia


Trying out a new ND filter for some long exposures. This was for 77 seconds. Taken in Lithia Park, Ashland, OR.

©Darren White Photography | All Rights Reserved | Please do not use without my permission.


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Hope everyone has a great weekend. This is the Cedar Creek behind the Grist Mill in Woodland Washington.


Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Exposure 6 sec

Aperture f/22.0

Focal Length 17 mm

ISO Speed 50

Exposure Bias 0 EV

Wonderful to hike near the creek.


Brice Creek in the Umpqua National Forest, Oregon.

Slippery Rock Creek at McConnells Mill State Park

These falls are right in Sooke Potholes Park, most people bypass them for the main attraction - the potholes.

Wilbur wanted to go on a hike he had not been on before and it had to be short and not a very long drive from my house. So I decided to take him on a hike up Change Creek beyond the trestle to photograph the waterfalls. I had not been there since 2010. While the trail, such as it is, has been rerouted in various places as a result of tree fall, it still barely qualifies as a trail as it is so steep, rough and hard to follow.


The Northwest Waterfall survey describes the series of waterfalls as having a drop of 345 feet with the largest drop being 95 feet. The survey says: isn't at all easy to view the falls, or even just parts of it, and that has kept it from achieving greater notoriety. The canyon of Change Creek is formed by a huge cliff looming 400 or more feet above the creek on the east side, and steep thickly forested slopes on the other which don't lend well to navigation, and this ultimately makes visiting the falls difficult at best....Clear views of parts of the falls can be obtained by descending off the trail at various locations, but nowhere is it either obvious or terribly safe, so proceed at your own risk." To which I would say, amen.


The rudimentary trail ends at this lovely waterfall. The drop on the other side of the pool in the center of the image is about 45 feet. To get this shot I was precariously perched on a couple of logs fallen across the creek. It was raining but since it had been such a challenge to get to this point I was determined to get the shot!


I really wanted to edge my way across the logs and rocks to the island on the left. Wilbur was adamant I refrain given that everything was so wet and slippery and he was afraid he wouldn't be able to fish me out to keep me from going over the waterfall behind me. So we shall have to go back in better weather!


Happy Slider Sunday!

Yet another visit at one of my favorite creek, Snogge Creek. This christmas was one of the warmest over the past years in southern Sweden and on Boxing Day this image was produced. Not a snowflake in miles around and the colors was a vibrant

mix of autumn and spring.


Copyright © All rights reserved Peter Vahlersvik! Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media in any way without my explicit written permission.

Heavy Spring Rains create a fast moving creek

Pretty much no mater where you are in the mountains of North Carolina, you are next to a creek.

As well as raging waters in creeks and waterfalls, Yosemite had lots of great puddles, some as big as ponds, to play with. ND filter used for a slower shutter speed.

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve - Leeds, UT


One of two waterfalls located in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.


This image is copyrighted. Please do not use this image in any manner without my permission!

We took a trip to the olympics over the holiday weekend to see what the fuss was over Sol Duc Falls. First sighting here, and it was everything the hype promised. Truly worth the trip anytime you're in the area. But it's not just the falls. Along the side of the trail is the most pristine and lush forest I've ever seen. The forest is so ancient that the understory is mosly cleared and everywhere you look the hillsides are oozing water. Creeks everywhere. With sometimes six inches or more of moss carpet smoothing over the ground, taking back fallen trees to the earth.


Years ago, someone shared a poem about hiking alone into the woods and laying down in a forest creek to let the water wash away daily cares. The sentiment always stuck with me and the next time I'm here in summer, it might just be to lounge in a creekbed.

This is a tremendous place to visit. It requires a pretty decent hike to get to it....and someone who knows where they're going. There is no established trail, with only some pink ribbons tied to various trees as a guide when you first start out. But when you get down into the canyon, there is no trail, only a creekbed to follow.


Luckily, we had Tony (The Jolly Swagman) for a guide. I've seen Eagle Creek Falls in Charlie Seifred's book Alabama Canyons and have wanted to visit this beautiful place for years. It was worth the wait.

Brice Creek in the Umpqua National Forest, Oregon.

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