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No other way to describe the crazy maple leaves changing up in the Adirondacks...maybe tiger leaf?

Backlit little gosling with a somewhat crazy look. Just had to go back to check these guys out and they are even more hilarious than last weekend. Today there were two families. This is at Argyle Pond in Babylon Village. I really didn't do anything other than add the vignette to this photo and minor cropping.


Now looking back at the photos from last week, it's amazing how much bigger they've gotten.

"I keep on tryin' fightin' these feelings away

But the more I do the crazier I turn into

Pacin' floors and openin' doors

Hopin' you'll walk through and save me boy

Because I'm too crazy for you, crazy for you."



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This image makes me smile and think of that Crazy Frog ringtone.


What about you? Thoughts? Feelings? Memories?


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bunch of wires on the snow after fire

Found myself today singing out your name,

You said I'm crazy,

If I am I'm crazy for you.


Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here

Turns me crazy,

But it's you who makes me lose my head.


And every time I'm meant to be acting sensible

You drift into my head

And turn me into a crumbling fool.


Tell me to run and I'll race,

If you want me to stop I'll freeze,

And if you want me gone. I'll leave, just hold me closer baby,

And make me crazy for you.

Crazy for you.


Lately with this state I'm in I can't help myself but spin.

I wish you'd come over,

Send me spinning closer to you.


My oh my, how my blood boils, it's sweet taste for you,

Strips me down bare

And gets me into my favorite mood.


I keep on trying, fighting these feelings away,

But the more I do,

The crazier I turn into.


Pacing floors and opening doors,

Hoping you'll walk through

And save me boy,

Because I'm too crazy for you.

Crazy for you

Model > 3asha > Sushi (K)


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Something really different today. I had a last minute trip to Brazil a few days ago...Please don't ask...:) I took a couple of pictures (really a couple of it), merged it to a free image and slid the hell of it.... That's what I love about Sunday... For my challenge at get pushed.. -. Movement - B.B.H.7 and I challenged each other to take a photo showing movement. I hope it works... all I could do...


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I need to run, but I'll be back here later tonight!!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!!


It was clear and pretty yesterday...

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--- De bon matin de bonne humeur au trocadéro :) ---


Bonne soirée à toutes et à tous.



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Well Friends.......


This was the sunrise this morning....what a great show the sun did as it filtered the light through the clouds.....


I expected more people to be out this morning but I had all the locations I visited to myself.....This was a great way to officially start my Labor Day weekend.....


Ill be gone for the next week, no cell phone, no computer, no huge crowds of people....Just me and Nature getting to know each other again....This summer has been brutal for work and this is a well deserved trip for me!!


Have a great weekend and week and I will see you all in about 9 days!


Nikon D300

Sigma 10-20 @ 10mm

3 stop soft grad to help darken the sky and balance the exposure!





Dedicada a la modelo


Minolta 50mm 1.7


♫♪Crazy Mary (Pearl Jam)♫♪


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In the Netherlands this line-up is worth about 3 million euro's. Pretty crazy.

Crazy for was almost 60 deg today, and the heat was wild and amazing, so I went topless for about a 1/2 felt sooooo good......there was a photographer out there with model doing a bikini shoot......yes we Canadians are a tough and crazy

Here is a sneak preview of tonights shenanigans with my mate Steve around Town this evening, we took shelter from the dismal weather in a multi-storey carpark, which luckily for us is rather run down, which only added to the atmosphere

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♪♫♪♫... Crazy - Arerosmith




I gotta be cool, relax, get hip,

get on my tracks.


Take a back seat, hitch-hike.


And take a long ride on my motor bike..

.. until I'm ready,

for a crazy little thing.. called love.

How can i protect you in this crazy world

Its alright yeah

Its alright


I have fallen down so many times


Dunno why dunno where

Dont care less its all the same


I have travelled through so many towns

Dunno why dunno where

Dont care less its all the same


How can i protect you in this crazy world

Its alright yeah

Its alright


Can ya hear the sound of nothing nothing

Nothings right nothings wrong

Dont care less its all the same

Love is blind love is real

Dont ya know that love is what you feel

Its alright yeah Its alright


How can i protect you in this crazy world

Its alright yeah

Its alright


When the talking is over

All the crowd has gone

Nothing left i can do

Am i ever gonna get through to you

Its alright


How can i protect you in this crazy world

Its alright yeah

Its alright


How can i protect when all the crowd have gone

Now your partys over and all this world is wrong

Its alright yeah

Its alright


How can i protect you in this crazy world

Its alright yeah

Its alright



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Yes he is a crazy dog! I think he may be slightly cross eyed too, oh well!


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Ég bjargaði þessum Lunda hann var fastur á milli steina svo að ég fékk að ná af honum myndum í staðin en hann var nú ekkert ánægður með mig blessaður

Sometimes the most beautiful pictures happen while you're driving...

Last night I missed capturing a glorious sunset. It's imprinted in my memory. I'm hoping someone captured it and will post it. It was MOST beautiful - one of those extremely rare moments.

This one was equally beautiful but not nearly as spectacular as last night's one.


I can't believe this week is nearly over. It's been crazy and fast. This weekend's going to be busy for me. I hope you all have a great one! Go safe!


I'll try to catch up soon. x



Hello my dear friends!!!!My goodness...Anyone can tell me what day is it???? LOL Crazy busy my friends!!! just stopping by to say hello!!! Wishing you all have great weekend!!!<3

Model : Barbie Basics No.14 ( Re-root )

Beauty of Patagonia has no limits. I was "hunting" for some lenticular clouds (I've never seen them before live) and the place didn't disappoint me. Here is the Fitz Roy mountain in El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina. The clouds moved over the mountains producing an unreal scene. Colors, timing, and high winds that move these clouds so quickly, as well as stretched them, were all in place. The scene was simply stunning. But, I don't care about the mountains on this shot as much as clouds so I decided to use the Topaz Clouds Sharpening plugin for PS and make them pop quite a bit, as you can see, and mask out everything else. It is them that make this shot Crazy. Enjoy it against the black background. The image is also big, so click on the arrows icon to stretch it over the entire screen. via 500px

I started this project as a crazy idea as i though i may not be able to finnish it, but weeks later shes done,

Work was carried out over 4 weeks ( im amazed myself that it was done in this time but it was worked on everyday ) and the main work was that centre door but lots of other building was done such as lowering the drivers cab window and the rear end rebuild, other bits i added was drivers circular mirror located on the o/s upper deck front corner, sounds in motion speaker squres on the upper deck, grab rails, drivers intierior mirror, door bulkheads, centre door bins, and glazing on certain window bays that had to be cut to fit.

The haed lights were made withe filler and the indicator lens / mirrors were made with plastercard

Storm light does amazing things to the scenery around Sedona. This light broke through bands of snow and frozen rain on a cold February afternoon, right about sunset. We only get a couple of snows a year here in Sedona, so I count myself doubly lucky that I was able to capture this crazy light on the red rocks. I was coming back from a root canal at the dentist, so having my camera with me was by no means a given. The butte on the left is part of Courthouse Rock, taken looking out across the Village of Oak Creek.


The foreground really comes to life when you view it large:

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Crazy color combo + interior but it works!

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