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Waves crashing over the rocks on the shore near Portknockie in Morayshire, Scotland, on a sunny day.

sitting at breakfast on our last day i waited patiently for the perfect crash of waves on those rocks!

I was gonna jump into this shot as well and then thought......."Nah!! Maybe not!!" :)

Strong winds bring in strong waves at Greyhope Bay

Strong winds and a rough lake produced massive plumes of spray, with walls of water crashing against the north pier and lighthouse.




Still searching for the perfect crashing wave. Shot this low on the tripod. I always end up getting wet during these shoots, but I just can't resist the urge to get closer! Thanks for looking. More photos at

Shutter speed value 1/500 s

Aperture value f/11

ISO speed ratings ISO 200

Exposure bias value 0.00 eV

Focal length 300 mm


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Puffin landing on Skomer Island - he did it very well in the end although it took quite some time for me to get the shot. Skomer Island is highly recommended to visit if you want to see these endearing little creatures. Hi to fellow photographers I met on the trip.

Waves surging up between rocks at North Point


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It wasn't rainy for the first time in days so I thought I'd grab my Neemo girls + Levi and go out for a bit. But well, once I got outside, it was much colder than I expected... and then when I walked to the lake, I started feeling the strong wind that made the air feel freezing cold. @__@;;;


But! Because of the wind, there were really big waves... and once I saw that I couldn't go back empty-handed... I thought it'd be super cool to pose Levi on the rocks while the waves crash into them (and him lol). Well, while I was setting him & my camera up, the waves were insane - I almost got wet too... but once everything was ready and I was in the most uncomfortable position (trying not to slip on the rocks and fall into the water) waiting for the waves... well, I only got really tiny ones. -___-;; I tried waiting for them, but it got so, so, so cold and my position was really uncomfortable... so eventually I just gave up. And of course after I quit, the waves got big again, grrrr. -__-


I should come up with water concepts during summer when it's still warm... but there rarely is strong wind like this during the summer. Only the cold autumn wind can do this, ahahah...


His pose sucks, but it was really hard to pose his tiny self while wearing gloves. =^=;; Couldn't take them off 'cause my fingers froze already WITH the gloves on... I feel like I would've gotten a frostbite if I'd taken my gloves off.


Booh cold. ;__; Well, at least there's a little bit of waves in this shot...



マックスファクトリーフィグマ リヴァイ(進撃の巨人)

Cathedral of St. Paul hosting Red Bull's Crashed Ice event 2017. Not the best vantage for the actual course, but a cool shot of the cathedral, still.

Taken at Long Beach Island a couple months ago

Crash? No,solo tantissima neve :-)


Crash? No, just a lot of snow :-)

Battlefield 1

- SRWE Hotsampling

- Reshade Framework 1.1.0

- Hattiwatti's Cinematic Tools


A bird at Mudeford about to land on one of the huts there. Did he crash or land ? :smile:

waves crashing over harbour wall in aberystwyth wales

This was the back of the car featured in the previous shot.. I just love things that are old or smashed or rusty or have peeling paint and when you get all four at the same time - well tis pure joy. So this my friends was an ahhh moment. Similar yet vastly different to the cliffs at Slieve League. It is Friday and I figured I would throw in some power pop/rock, whatever you call this stuff... I would have preferred to use Iain Morrison's Broken Off Car Door (even though this is the rear taillight) but something like that is not going to be on Youtube. Have a fabulous weekend everyone. And no Crashing now.. hahahaha you can count the dents here


Crashed opens in another window. what is even funnier is that my boss looks EXACTLY like Chris Daughtry, shaved head thing and all.. uncanny.


P.S. AND MOST IMPORTANT -- Many of your photos have not been showing up in my stream all day. I have emailed flickr and apparently it is a wide spread problem so if you find that some of your friends haven't been by to check out your shot it is probably because they haven't seen it in their stream.

A standard shot of the crashed DC-3 in Iceland.


The US Navy DC-3 crash landed due to ice build-up on the wings in 1973, and luckily everyone survived.


San Francisco, CA

April 11, 2012

Canon 7D

Canon 17-40mm f/4L USM

Lee Soft ND Grad .9 & .6


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I love when the colors crash into each other!

With only one day to spend at Corona Del Mar, I was given a less than interesting sunset. With this image, I decided instead to focus on the rocks in the foreground to draw the viewers eyes into the frame. The waves add a nice drama, so you're not too disappointed about the lack of clouds in the sky.

Dunree Fort Co Donegal


I went up to Dunree Fort, Co Donegal as I hadn't been there for years. I took a walk off to the left of the museum down to a very questionable bridge to one of the outhouses.


As I looked around I found a 'V' shaped chasm where the water would come crashing in on one side and 5 seconds later the other.


I took 2 images and blended them together to get both waves at the same time.


Usually when I am around water, I break out the ND filters and start shooting long exposures. But on this occasion on the California coast, I was trying to capture the power and fury of the waves that were crashing into the coastline. These waves were huge in comparison to what I am used to here on the east coast. The rocks that they are breaking over were big rocks, and these waves towered over them...the noise they made as they crashed into the coast was one of power and force. The blue green of the water was pretty cool too! I framed this one to include the lighthouse in the distance, 135mm really brought it back into the scene.

Ocean waves crash into icebergs along the Black Sand Beach in Jokulsarlon, Iceland. On this afternoon, instead of doing slow exposures that show the motion of the water, I decided to stop the action and so the power the water. There was were large chunks of ice along the shore that provided a nice wall for the water to splash up high against.

Oh and you come crash

Into me, baby

And I come into you

The Cathedral of St. Paul was the backdrop for the Red Bull Crashed Ice event. It was amazing and beautiful. Well done to everyone who made the church and the event look radiant.

Hipstamatic for Iphone

Lens: Diego

Film: Uchitel 20


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This place Cave Point in our beautiful Door County shows the immense POWER of Lake Michigan - on this day the waves crashed up and over a 30 foot Wall of rock. I love this place....I am looking forward to it's beauty as Spring and Summer approach!


shell beach high tide.

freezing cold (apparently there were bets going as to when, not if, I'd get soaked. nice guys. nice)

fast waves like wah! always shocking when they crash up on you unexpectedly though.

now this is how I love to spend the evening! how bout you? :)

Sri Lanka, Southern Coast


Sony Alpha 850& Carl Zeiss 2,8/16-35mm

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Off of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Change is difficult, uncomfortable, and uncertain. But it is possible. Life brings change is many ways, we perceive some as good, some as bad. But before putting a negative stigma on change which is something we tend to do a lot as adults, we have to appreciate that change is all around us. The rotation of the earth, the ticking of the clock, the clothes we wear, the way our brain develops. It's easier said than done, but we should travel as the change takes us. Just as the tides roll in and the waves crash down, its easier flowing in shore with the tide as opposed to resisting the heavy waves... after all, we can breathe easy on land rather than drown amidst the waters.

Wave crashing on the break water at South Haven Beach in Michigan.

Crashing bore just about sums up this non-sunrise, if not for the rocks and waves the morning would have been a total wash.

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