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Back from Hamburg

Wasserschloss beim Poggenmühlbrucke im Speicherstadt Hamburg.

...literally - I had to storm out of the house, drive to at least somewhat open place to catch these colors! 5 minutes later it all was gone. Oh, and it's the same day when we had that snow storm.

I added a bit contrast and had to bump just a bit of saturation because all the pics that I upload to Flickr loose the vibrance. Anyone knows why?

Have a great day, guys!



Who can say where the road goes,

Where the day flows, only time?

And who can say if your love grows,

As your hearth chose, only time?


Who can say why your heart sights,

As your live flies, only time?

And who can say why your heart cries

when your love lies, only time?


Who can say when the roads meet,

That love might be ,in your heart?

and who can say when the day sleeps,

and the night keeps all your heart?

Night keeps all your heart.....


Who can say if your love groves,

As your heart chose, only time?

And who can say where the road goes

Where the day flows, only time?

Enya Only Time

con la Agrupación Fotográfica Gran Canaria en el Roque Nublo

Looking out from the Tate Modern

reposte de la photo (mise en ligne le 10/6/2008 à 14:32:20)

V. N. Cerveira



A foto foi tirada o ano passado e andava esquecida nos confins do disco do computador:) mas depois de uma semana de brumas e chuva:) um pouquinho de Sol!!!

Seattle’s cosmetic surgery continues near the waterfront. This portion of Highway 99 (SR99), which was once part of the bilevel Alaskan Way Viaduct, continues to be redesigned and rerouted as construction demolishes the ground underneath for the new tunnel that will replace the viaduct in a few years. As a result, every couple of months since 2011, either slight or significant alterations are made to change the course of the highway itself.


Typically not your most attractive scene, the onset of what appeared to be a massive thunderstorm (that did not happen) coupled with the last hues of sunset made the scene look beautiful, yet chaotic, futuristic, and even apocalyptic in a manner best portrayed in science-fiction novels and movies.


For comparison, here is what this scene looked like back in April 2011, before any construction took place.


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Tonight's sunset at St Kilda

HDR 3 raw handheld, High ISO

2011© Quynh Vu | All rights reserved

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Con ésta foto inicié el 2012 en Flickr. Una foto de la Plaza de Castilla de Madrid al atardecer de un frío 3 de enero. Hoy mismo Yahoo España me ha confirmado que ha sido elegida como una de las 12 fotos del año en Flickr, por eso la vuelvo a publicar, para que mis contactos, a los que en el fondo os debo éste reconocimiento, seáis los primeros en saberlo.


Muchas gracias a todos.


With this picture I started in 2012 on Flickr. A photo of the Plaza de Castilla in Madrid at dusk on a cold January 3rd. Yahoo Spain today confirmed that I was chosen as one of 12 photos of the year on Flickr, so I return to the post, so my contacts, which I owe deep this recognition, to be the first to know .


Thank you very much to all.


Avec cette image, j'ai commencé en 2012 sur Flickr. Une photo de la Plaza de Castilla à Madrid, au crépuscule sur une froide 3rd Janvier. Yahoo Espagne a confirmé aujourd'hui que j'ai été choisi comme l'un des 12 photos de l'année sur Flickr, donc je retourne à la poste, si mes contacts, que je dois cette reconnaissance profonde, pour être le premier à savoir .


Merci beaucoup à tous.

« Oh ! Demain, c'est la grande chose ! De quoi demain sera-t-il fait ? » de Victor Hugo


Thank you very much for your comments and for your faves.

(Please do not use without my written permission.)

Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance

Bercée de tendre insouciance

Je t'ai gardée dans mon coeur

Mon village, au clocher, aux maisons sages

Où les enfants de mon âge ont partagé mon bonheur

Oui je t'aime et je te donne ce poème

Oui je t'aime, dans la joie ou la douleur


Paysage de Seine et Marne . Le Grand Morin

Une journée s'achève en Bourgogne du Sud France

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