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Once again I am Mr Bad Example - up on the roof with my dog, thunder rumbling, a bottle of beer, and a camera.

Another shot from our nearly nightly trip to Moore Park for a little fetch. A tired dog is a well behaved dog.

I am off to run the Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon (Susanville, California) and Ringo, my trail buddy, will stay home. I asked the race director and was told "No dogs on the course."


But Ringo doesn't mind, he'll have fun doing some trail runs with Margo and Sophie. And when I get home Sunday night he'll say, "Why you walking so funny, Boss? Don't you wanna go for a run?"

Hiking at Moore Park - not too much snow but brutally cold (for around here).

Here are a few pictures taken by my friend, Ben (he's a professional photographer - it shows) for a article in Health Monitor magazine about my blog -


I sure miss my friend Ringo - Rest In Peace little buddy.

Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge near Lava Beds National Monument, Northern California

My trail buddy, Ringo, mugs for the camera in front of Como Lake. The loop trail continues up from here to the rim of the mountain seen in the background. The entire Mounatin Lakes Loop is fifteen to eighteen miles depending on which trail you choose to get up to the loop.

My trail buddy Ringo ran with me today on the Twin Lakes Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Badger Lake Trail - a loop around Four Mile Lake in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. We didn't see anybody else during the fourteen mile loop until we were nearly back to Four Mile Lake.

Hiking up Mount McLoughlin (9495 ft) in Sky Lakes Wilderness, Winema National Forest

There are five stone houses in a row on our hill, one of which is ours. This is the one with the lions. Nobody has lived here for years but the owners have people that keep it maintained.

Ringo pauses on the Rye Spur Trail. This trail connects Lake of the Woods to the Sky Lakes and is technically not in the wilderness area and is hence one of two singletracks in the area open to mountain biking - the other being the Brown Mountain Trail which is a couple trail miles away. If you have about three or four hours you can ride both in one epic ride.

This is an iphone photo - my camera battery died. I have a few photos, though, that I will post later. I feel almost guilty that I have lived here so long but this is my first time on this trail.

After a six miler Ringo enjoys relaxing on the roof of the truck at the Reeder Road trail head, OC&E Woods Line State Trail

Near Brown Mountain, Southern Oregon


(A few months ago)

Ringo Lounging above Upper Klamath Lake, Chiloquin Ridge, above Hagelstein Park. Ha ha - This picture is from on my way home from work today (I work at the Klamath Tribal Health & Wellness Center one day per month). Nice rush hour we have here! Yes, my dog usually goes to work with me.

Getting a Christmas tree, December, 2013.

In the middle of a blizzard the wind stopped and the sun came out -cross country skiing, Clover Creek, Winema National Forest, Oregon.

"I'm too SCARED to pee, Boss. I just wanna go hide in my crate," says Ringo. It's sad to see your dog scared witless day after day because of incessant fireworks. We usually go camping on the Fourth of July but this year didn't work out because it was on a Monday.

Snowshoeing yesterday. This is the portion of the trail between Dead Indian Road (Lake of the Woods) and Hyatt Lake.

"When I'm not counter-cruising I enjoy trail running with the boss." So says Ringo Dingo, an ACD (blue heeler) border collie cross.


Waldo Lake Trail in Oregon. The Waldo Lake trail is open to mountain biking and is one of the finest mountain bike trails in the entire state.

Ringo on his favorite spot atop the hot tub.

Ringo Dingo at Squaw Lake - Sky Lakes Wilderness, Oregon.

Bury's Ranch near Merrill, Oregon. Ringo always feel the need to be in the front of the pack.

"And remember how you found the key

To his hideout in the Pyrenees

But you wanted to keep his secret safe

So you threw the key away

This is the story of your gypsy uncle"


From Red Right Ankle by The Decemberists

I haven't posted any photos of Ringo for a while - these are from a hike last August (it snowed that day).

Ringo Dingo (Blue Heeler / Border Collie cross) in the driveway.

This is "Aspen Lake." (Or maybe it isn't - this is what I think Aspen Lake is). Aspen Lake is a sort of dry lake, or a wetland. The trail is actually a remote road only a few miles from town that goes much further than I can run in one day with plenty of climbing.

Here are a few pictures taken by my friend, Ben (he's a professional photographer - it shows) for a article in Health Monitor magazine about my blog -


I sure miss my friend Ringo - Rest In Peace little buddy.

Ringo near the Lava Beds National Monument. It is nice when you are a photographer to have a dog that will get up on anything you ask him to get on and will hold still for photos indefinitely.

Ringo's Last Trail Run - Joey (Ringo's replacement), Sophie, and I went out for a long trail run at Moore Park to distribute Ringo's ashes (seen here in the plastic bag) on the trails we ran and biked on together over the past eight years.


The run was Blueberry to Klamath Ridgeview, then we doubled back to Orindale to Endo (to the top) to Junker, then Tunnel of Love, Buzzard, Whiskeytown, then back to Moore Park. We skipped Five Gallon and Big Sky because it was super muddy on that side.

Ringo take a break from playing - Upper Klamath Lake from Moore Park, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Ringo on the scree slope near Lake Harriette, Mountain Lakes Wilderness, Klamath County, Oregon.

Trail running on the Fremont Trail, Fremont National Forest, Oregon

OC&E Woods Line State Trail, Olene, Oregon

Well it's been over six months since I've had a photo make it into Explore. Evidently the rules have changed and Explore has left me behind - and that's fine. One reason is, I think, that less photos make it into Explore now. Previously a photo posted weeks prior might pop into Explore; but that doesn't seem to be the case now. Another reason is there are flickr users that seem to have formed coalitions and cooperate to get their photos into Explore - that explains all those marginal photos people take of their cell phones, for example, and have all their friends comment and favorite, that get into Exlore.


Oh well.

Interesting expression he has here. He really is a good photo subject - not just because of his spots and variety of odd expressions - but he will hold still for as long as I ask him to - brilliant little pooch!

Starting Line - the great thing about the Peterson Ridge Rumble is that dogs are allowed in the race (20 mile event only) and it is up to the owner as to whether or not the dog is on or off leash. This leads to some joyful trail pandemonium.

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