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I'm in the middle of Carl Sagans Cosmos so I felt a little inspired to try some new things I learned and create my very own galaxy rise/set. Just discover FilterStorm is pretty bad-ass. I highly recommend it to anyone having trouble deciding which filters to go with. Double Exposure is a blast... out of this world, heh.



образы: Наталья Першина-Якиманская/ Глюкля

Фабрика Найденных Одежд

модель: Алена; 2010

To go bravely where no froob has gone before.

Mural by Victor Ash


SX-70 Sonar, Impossible Color FIlm for SX-70 Cameras

How you have fallen from heaven, bright morning star / felled to the earth, sprawling helpless across the nations! / You thought in your own mind, / I will scale the heavens; / I will set my throne high above the stars of God, / I will sit on the mountain where the gods meet / in the far recesses of the north. / I will rise high above the cloud-banks / and make myself like the Most High.

inspired by Gravity.


I'm back exploring the cosmos! During my break I've been fine tuning my new editing approach, and I'm ready to start pushing its limits. So expect some fancy new sci-fi and other things including more Illume. See you soon!




I edited Utilizator's Cosmonaut Av to have the M3 head and my shape~<3


Though astronauts and cosmonauts often encounter striking scenes of Earth's limb, this very unique image, part of a series over Earth's colorful horizon, has the added feature of a silhouette of the space shuttle Endeavour. The image was photographed by an Expedition 22 crew member prior to STS-130 rendezvous and docking operations with the International Space Station. Docking occurred at 11:06 p.m. (CST) on Feb. 9, 2010. The orbital outpost was at 46.9 south latitude and 80.5 west longitude, over the South Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern Chile with an altitude of 183 nautical miles when the image of the was recorded. The orange layer is the troposphere, where all of the weather and clouds which we typically watch and experience are generated and contained. This orange layer gives way to the whitish Stratosphere and then into the Mesosphere. In some frames the black color is part of a window frame rather than the blackness of space.


Image and caption credit: NASA


Read full caption:


More about the Crew Earth Observation experiment aboard the International Space Station:


More about space station science:


There's a Flickr group about Space Station Science. Please feel welcome to join!

You would not believe just how high this thing is. It's made of titanium and goes up hundreds of feet. As your eyes follow the swoosh and focus on the little shiny rocket at the very top you do get a palpable feeling of launch. It's quite remarkable. I have redone this shot slightly now to factor in some punter comments. enjoy.


This shot is consistantly my most favourited image.


Yes, this is really the aircraft in which Cosmonaut-Number-One flew. Juri Gagarin was not only the first cosmonaut but also an outstanding pilot holding the steering wheels of a lot of different aircrafts during his lifetime. Although in this special aircraft he was not a chief pilot but a passenger. However there is no any shame to be a passenger of this jet. Because aboard of this machine a man felt the weightlessness first time in the world. Before Gagarin's Space start nobody knew how human's organizm survives a weightlessness. But it was necessary to train first astronauts to work in weightless state. Thus the one of passenger Tupolev's jets has been converted into flying laboratory. All passenger equipment has been removed from the hull. And the hollow space of it was lined by soft material to avoid occasional traumas. This Tu-104 'Red 47' was transfered to the Cosmonaut Corps of the USSR. And First Six cosmonauts, i.e. Juri Gagarin, German Titov, Andrian Nikolayev, Pavel Popovich, Grigorij Neliubov, Valerij Bykovskij trained the weightlessness on the deck of it. Excellent accelerating abilities of 'Tu' were used during this training. Tu-104 accelerated into stratosphere, keeping special 'ballistic' (parabola) trajectory calculated in such way, that it was real weightlessness during several minutes on the top part of it. Thanks to it the valuable experience has been gained allowing safe starts into the Universe. 'Red 47' served in Cosmonauts Corps until the full deterioration. After that it has been returned to it's Alma Mater - the Kharkov Aviation Plant where it was manufactured in 1950's. Now 'Red 47' is the most valuable showpiece of Plant's museum. Unfortunately aviation plant is considered as 'secret' even today. So this unique aircraft is virtually unreachable for non-employee of this plant. It may be added that even 'common' passenger Tu-104's are unique being the first Soviet jet airliner (and the second one in the world yielding the primacy only to British De-Havilland Comet), At Soviet time Tu-104 was the matter of legitimate pride being the real pasteboard of Communism and a real Soviet icon in fact.

Naturally it had a set of shortcomings which led to several air disasters - the natural consequence of design novelty. But this shortcomings were overcome during it's service

Unfortunately only couple of this machines survived in museums. But even now it is considered as one of most beautiful aircraft in the world


Да, это действительно самолет, в котором летал Космонавт Номер Один. Юрий Гагарин, был не только первым космонавтом, но и выдающимся летчиком, за свою жизнь успевший подержать штурвала множества различных самолетов. Хотя в этом особенном самолете он был не командиром корабля, а пассажиром. Однако вовсе не зазорно побывать пассажиром этого лайнера. Потому что на борту этой машины человек впервые в мире почувствовал невесомости. До Гагаринского старта никто в мире не знал, как человеческий организм переживет невесомость. Но надо было приучить первых космонавтов к работе в состоянии невесомости. Поэтому один из пассажирских самолетов Туполева был переоборудован в летающую лабораторию. Все пассажирское оборудование была демонтировано. Пустое пространство было обито мягким материалом, чтобы избежать случайных травм. Этот Ту-104 "Красный 47 ' был передан в отряд космонавтов СССР. И Первая Шестерка космонавтов, то есть Юрий Гагарин, Герман Титов, Андриан Николаев, Павел Попович, Григорий Нелюбов, Валерий Быковский тренировались в условиях невесомости на его борту. В ходе этой подготовки использовались великолепные динамические характеристики самолета. Ту-104 ускорялся в стратосфере, придерживаясь специальной "баллистической" (параболической) траектории, рассчитанной таким образом, что на её верхнем участке в течение нескольких минут была полная невесомость. Благодаря этому был накоплен неоценимый опыт, позволивший безопасно стартовать во Вселенную. "Красный 47' служил в Отряде Космонавтов до полного износа. После этого он был возвращен в свою Альма-Матер - Харьковский авиационный завод, где он был изготовлен в 1950-х годах. "Красный 47' сейчас - самый ценный экспонат заводского музея. К сожалению авиационный завод даже сегодня считается "секретным". Так что это уникальный самолет практически недоступен для не-сотрудников этого завода. К этому можно добавить, что даже "обычные" пассажирские Ту-104 являются уникальными, будучи первыми советскими реактивными авиалайнера (и вторыми в мире уступив первенство только британским De-Havilland Comet), В советское время Ту-104 был предметом законной гордости, был настоящей визитной карточкой коммунизма и по сути, подлинной советской иконой.

Естественно, у него было множество недостатков, которые привели к ряду катастроф воздуха - естественное следствие новизны конструкции. Но это недостатки были преодолены в процессе службы.

К сожалению, лишь пара таких машин сохранились в музеях. Но даже сейчас он считается одним из самых красивых в мире самолетов


12" x 8" cel vinyl acrylic on illustration board.

ISS036-E-035133 (22 Aug. 2013) --- Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin, Expedition 36 flight engineer, attired in a Russian Orlan spacesuit, participates in a session of extravehicular activity (EVA) to continue outfitting the International Space Station. During the five-hour, 58-minute spacewalk, Misurkin and Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin (out of frame) completed the replacement of a laser communications experiment with a new platform for a small optical camera system, the installation of new spacewalk aids and an inspection of antenna covers.

More indoor faffin, with mini tunnels, camera rotation , a 2.5" figurine , torch, vape and an ipad.

Lens swap between the tokina 11-16mm and the sigma 18-35mm.

SOOC JPEG, lightpainting only no photoshop.

My little cosmonaut is exploring an unknown planet, what strange form of life will he discover? Will he found out that in fact he is the alien one?


I'm glad to introoduce my Kidrobot Dunny by Pac23 to you, I bought him last year when I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm just found of art toys, aren't they adorable? ♥




Mon petit cosmonaute explore une planète inconnue, quelle étrane forme de vie découvrira-t-il? S'apercevra-t-il qu'en réalité c'est lui l'extraterrestre?


Je suis heureuse de vous présenter mon Kidrobot Dunny by Pac23, je l'ai acheté l'année dernière quand j'étais à Ann Arbor, dans le Michigan. J'aime vraiment les art toys, ne sont-ils pas adorables? ♥

Cosmonaut Valeriy V. Polyakov, who boarded Russia's Mir space station on January 8, 1994, looks out Mir's window during rendezvous operations with the Space Shuttle Discovery.


Image # : STS063-711-080

Date: February 6, 1995

“It must really be a lonelier journey than anyone could imagine. Cutting through absolute darkness, encountering nothing but the occasional hydrogen atom. Flying blindly into the abyss, believing therein lie the answers to the mysteries of the universe.”


Tumblr post: Cosmonaut

Valentina Tereshkova orbited the Earth 48 times during her three day spaceflight in Vostok 6 in 1963. First woman in space!

Russia, Moscow, Cosmonaut-Museum

Paintings and posters from "Realistic Socialist" movement. This style aimed to make people and socialism, heroics.

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