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Eva leads a good life. Here she is on the paddle board with my wife. She's still learning so her trips are quite short, but her balance is excellent and she is even able to jump onto the board from the dock without tipping the whole apple cart. Helps that she's less than 30 pounds.


This was a repeat photo shoot, and I have to thank my lovely wife for her patience. The day before I sent Eva out with her while I laid on the dock with my 70-200 lens and grabbed some pictures. Unfortunately, I had my metering wrong so there was almost no detail visible in Eva's face. The next morning my wife went out for a long paddle board (8km), and returned to find me waiting on the dock with Eva and the camera. She was a good sport about it and went out to do several more passes so I could get this shot with better exposure. It also happened that the light was really cool on our repeat photo session. Winds had changed blowing smoke down from some fires in the norther part of the province, giving everything a slightly foggy look and orange glow.


We've had our cabin at Emma lake for three years now. During our first season paddle boards were quite rare. The next season Costco started to sell them so they became ubiquitous. During that first season I was out for a paddle and stopped to speak with a couple who were also on boards. We spoke about how few there were on the lake, when the husband said to me "We don't see many, but there's this crazy lady who paddles with a huge orange dog. Have you seen her?" I replied "Yes, I've seen her". I didn't add that the lady is my wife and the dog was our golden retriever Ollie who loved the board so much he would cry from the deck when Karen left for a ride, the swim out to the board when she returned. There were a few falls their first few trips, especially when he decided it was time for a good shake. It could also be a problem when he went to the front of the board and submerged the tip while moving at speed, bringing the board to sudden stops with resulting dramatic water entries. But, he eventually got the hand of it and loved to go out with Karen, including when he only had three legs from cancer.


Eva still wears a lead on the board as she is a novice and we need the extra length to grab her if she were to make a sudden exit. The only issue this ride was when a family of geese showed up on the lake about 30 yards away getting Eva's full attention. Fortunately, she stayed on the board and left the geese to swim on their own.

Such a vicious Pit-bull we have here everyone. Note - the frog was not harmed in any way during this photo session.

Get outta' the way, we're going to the Dog Park!

Pretty nice weather this afternoon just to sit and uhh...stare at things.

Photos from the Appledown Fun Dog Show, May 2015, held at the Appledown Dog Rescue, Eaton Bray, Dunstable, Bedfordshire


To view more photos from the show, just follow the link below :)


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My dog Kevin again!!! :)


i will upload the larger version later.

Hot and Humid.

Moz is wearing his wet towel. Normally not a good look, but he pulls it off well.

We wet down his towel to cool him off. He likes it.

My boy... *Note: This shot won the 1st Cool Dog Contest held by Cool Dogs Group. See the thread here.*

This dog was hanging out at the National Stadium MRT station. He was just there, watching people take pictures of him. He's a cool dog, indeed!

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EXPLORE - Dec 2, 2007 #111

Needs a bath..... Then He'll be cute and Cuddly... : )

This dog was wearing SUNGLASSES!!

I'm Waiting Patiently! Come On Say Hi To Me! I can't stand here all day! Hey Hey Hey!

I just love taking photos of Axel. He left that cigarette in his mouth the whole time we did this photo shoot. What a trooper!

Morris, taken earlier in the year.

Tail a waggin, He loves the water....:)

what a running life out friends, let's go somewhere else....

This guy was scratching studio door today, he loves to be photographed,

he knows he will get bacon after .

you my funny Lhasa

Could be a Poodle.its easy to find, cocks its leg and barks.Do you see what i see.

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sunday may 1st 2011

9pm @ THE MET

Best photography companion dogs in the world.


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Best photography companion dogs in the world.


© Elke Vogelsang -

Dad! Slow down! I can't see a thing...Or even smell anything at this speed!


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