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37 Wall Street is a luxury apartment building on Wall Street in the heart of the Financial District in Lower Manhattan,New York City.It was designed by Francis Kimball and constructed during 1906–07 for The Trust Company of America,which occupied the ground floor.


The building,completed in 1907,stands at 25 floors,plus a penthouse level that includes apartments and a terrace.No longer offices,the building has been converted/restored by Costas Kondylis.It is now 373 rental apartments and a 7,700-square-foot (720 m2) commercial space for Tiffany & Co's return to Lower Manhattan.The amenities for its residents include a well-equipped gym,a lounge with pool tables and a screening room,as well as the roof-top terrace.

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colorphoto turned in to B&W (ipiccy) then inverted and sharped

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"The Buddha subdues Aṅgulimāla, 'Finger-garland' on his way to kill his own mother." (Legend of this painting in the Wat Chana Songkhram in Bangkok)ṅgulimāla

On this 1971 Mini, It was a real eye-opener at a Vintage Show at Driffield in East Yorkshire,

This image was taken at Ogwen Valley, Looking out from Cwm Idwal to Pen yr Ole Wen. When I took this image, I knew it had the possibility of being a black and white, more so that colour as the patches of blue sky were quite strong. One of the aspects of black and white photography I love is being able to get that blue sky, jet black.

A few of the old, I assume MOD buildings at Dungeness have been converted into homes this being one of them. It has a nice view of the sea and the nuclear power station!


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Graham had another chat with Luke the next day and his brother put a few more ideas into his mind. Luke had obviously bought a book or two and done some intense reading on the subject but he always tended to overmedicalise things. But God love his baby brother, who started spouting percentages telling him that 37% of men had at least one homosexual encounter in their life. And not to think about it too hard. On the Kinsey sexuality scale he considered himself a 3.


Luke insisted that it was just a phase. And maybe he was right. He was alone without his family out there in America. But he was used to it, having had a non existent marriage for 25 years. Did Vivienne sense these inclinations within him? He just knew that they had married too young and had children for the wrong reasons before they finally gave up and seperated.


Also... you're bound to get an episode of limpies when you're 46.


Graham didn't like that last statement. The next day, he called 3 friends to prove two things. One that, everything was still working well and two, that he wasn't homosexual. As he lay beneath 3 exhausted women, he looked up at the ceiling knowing that he had managed to prove one thing. But the other hypothesis remained elusive.


For the only reason he was able to finish, was to think about Harland, his thoughtful brooding face, soft lips and his tight arse.


Oh shit....

Conversion from Mike Winkelmann

"Ape Piaggio Calessino" a Palermo ai Quattro Canti


- Palermo -




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"Hatch opens. Stark light."


We found something, anyway.

LB02 YXN-LF52 ZPV-BX04 BKK sit inside the warehouse receiving door conversions

In the grounds of Chateau de Trevarez, nr Saint Goazec

Former Dublin Bus Leyland Olympian/Alexander RH RH90 is seen outcropped following conversion to a mobile Childcare facility March 2009

Paul Crook converts a try for the Hornets.

I have been doing some pictures on English pubs recently and creating an album. Not because I'm alcoholic, but because I just love old buildings. And the local councils are knocking them down every week. This one dates back to 1870.


I thought maybe it would be good time to share with you all my night-time conversions. I know a lot of you think I'm out at night taking loads of photo's but none of my pictures are real night-shots other than the Salford Quays captures. The first shot (left) is one of 3 images I took for the HDR image on the right, before I started the Night conversion.


I took this shot today when we had a totally grey sky and light rain and very little colour. You really have to let your imagination take over and understand how lighting affects its surroundings.


Hope you enjoy my effort, take care my Flickr Friends....💕


Ps. You might think why I did not clone the white van out? Well the iron railings on the steps made it a bit too difficult.

Illustration by Liang Mark

Couple in a coffee shop, both on smart phones.

As soon as I saw this image, the idea of black/white popped quickly into my head. So here it is out of my head. For those colorists, the original is in comments. So easy to change anything nowadays, no?

Drove by this farm last week and noticed this unusual barn and silo structure. It looks like it has been recently converted to a very large home.

Duomo di Padova, Italy

Conversion. Recycle Group. Evento collaterale.

Andrey Blokhin e Georgy Kuznetsov,( Krasnodar, Russia) realizzano Conversion , che è un progetto site specific allestito nella chiesa di Sant’Antonin, in Venezia.

L’immaginario, la dimensione estetica e parte dell’iconografia, scelta dagli artisti per l’opera, fanno riferimento a temi religiosi di un passato, probabilmente rinascimentale.

L’effetto è molto interessante: entrando nella chiesa sembra di avere a che fare con un restauro in atto ( effetto attribuibile alle impalcature ) e contemporaneamente con l’olografica presenza di fantasmi, dovuta a la rete plastica che struttura l’opera.

Il tema centrale, che tratta con ironia della nuova fede tecnologica rivolta all’uso della rete (e segnatamente di facebook), è un po’ trito e rischia di rendere banale un lavoro formalmente molto suggestivo

This shot was done by using a plastic holder for remote controllers, placed it side way against a glass table, place the audio cable in it, shone a LED light on the top to create that flare on table.

End result not that bad with reflections that added some interestingness in the shot.

Leica M-P & Elmarit-M 28mm


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Kraftwork has heard you and finally released a special item that was on their own sim for the purpose of decoration. This Garage Conversion is like a blank canvas inside and out and especially good for those gearheads that want to roleplay or just sell their vehicle based items out of your own shop.


There is a great amount of a room and even a two bay garage. Even for those that just want to put it there to showcase your vehicles, there is PLENTY of room for them all. Thanks to NODNOL Jameson for the generosity of taking the time to make this piece something that we can all enjoy and not just look at!


P.S. All vehicles and interior decoration does not come with the building.


Kraftwork creator NODNOL Jameson








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At the entrance to American Ranch in Prescott, Arizona, 2018.

passing through the east bound tunnel for the bay bridge - yerba buena island, san francisco, california

Just in case you didn't already know ... the Tribune Tower is being converted into a condo building ...

The same view of the last picture as we saw it. Although it was a massive kick that wasn't converted it went wide rather than falling short. I cannot begin to think about kicking that far away!

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