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This was at the foot of a disused quarry. It has some iron bolts on the top and I can only guess as to what it was for - Any takers?? (Quarrymen? Beatles? :-)

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Part of the spaceship I am building.... going home for awhile.

Maks : Contraption - Alam and Mata Ketiga. At The Secreet Affair

Dress : Yasum - Snow Queen.

Hair : Entwined - Arianna. At The Secret Affair

Ears : Mandala

The elk is by Hannah Kozlowski

Self portrait

Taken by Aaisling Resident


As I am waiting for Arcade, I thought I did not do justice to the wonderful Tableau Vivant hair, so I decided to make this one.

Again, thank you to ~TableauVivant~. A gacha you don't want to miss! ♥


Music Inspiration Here


Cropped from Bodies...I just had to! Matt rocked the look!!

Thank you so much Matt for posing with me!! Wicked!!

Magpie Mine,Derbyshire,UK

[ContraptioN] For Sweet Liberty Gasmask *Copper*


@ Mens Wear Fashion Week 2014


Costume: *MLC* Laurent Military Gold : by Mohna lisa Couture

Hair: LAQ ~ Radiant M05 (M) - Midnight


Seasons Greetings to One and All on Flickr

One more oldie from aviation's early days. This is still being rebuilt into an airworthy aircraft. I should say may be being converted into an airworthy aircraft due to an under powered engine. Presenting an Bleriot XI

Called a "Submercycle" it was seen alongside Hull Marina during the Hull Freedom (Arts) Festival,

Created with Mandelbulb 3d, tweak of param by valewing

How it really began...


It was 1874 and the owner of the Wainwright shoe company felt much too old and frail. With word on street and a couple unexplained tricks up his sleeve, Walton returns to his father stranger than ever. Walton had his own company - a rather small and useless one made only for his own ambitions in which had nothing to do with the trades. With some hesitation, Walton's father passed on the company to his son with it's benefits, riches and more. Of course, making a better shoe company was far from Walton's fact, he wanted to do something a little different: To expand his personal company into something much, much larger.


The games had finally begun and the world as Walton knew it is now his testing grounds. To become the best is to beat the rest, afterall.


Two years later, Contraption was finally established. [1876]



Present day sort of thing of Walton. I also love this outfit too much as well. Ahaaaa~

Will be doing other characters that are significant to the storyline. Stay tuned.


Note: Fashion is not accurate to the historical time period of irl. The Contraption storyline base is a mix of the victorian and edwardian period...but mostly fantasy in it's own general sense...if you know what I mean.


Models shown: Faust Steamer (myself)

Characters shown: Walton F. Wainwright

Oil and Gas industry system...:-)

Taken Nov 14, 2014

Thanks for your visits, faves and comments...(c)rebfoto

"This gentleman seems familiar. I almost feel that perhaps he's was once more feral at some point in his life..." - Veteran Contraptioneer.




A classic mask returns from the grave as a refined, more permanent comrade! The Sospettoso mask is UNRIGGED mesh able to stretch to your face as you would need it to!

It comes in EIGHT colours and an extra 9th for special fat pack buyers


This is part (joint) of a tool called "Helping Hand" A helping hand, also known as a third hand or X-tra Hands, is a type of extremely adjustable jig used in soldering and craftwork to hold materials near each other so that the user can work on them. A commonly produced version consists of a weighted base, a pair of twice-adjustable arms ending in crocodile clips, and optionally a magnifying glass, held together by flexible joints. The clips are used to hold a light workpiece in place while the joints allow the user to change the position or angle

Where the area's ridden with snow

Evil's taken it's toll.

Mister odd is he,

'Oh where' they wonder, could he be?

Amongst the white of snow,

His attire would help him stay low.

Following those he sees

For when he captures them,

let's hope they do not cry their life's plea.


Our special seasonal limited group gift: MISTER ODD is available for grabs at our mainstore. It will only be out for a limited do not miss out!


*Picture is not 100% manipulated around the item's area to keep the true quality shown inworld.

Capturing a moment of balance

Some vintage farming machinery at Brickendon Estate, Longford, Tasmania.

The new issue from Ferosh is out.

I did 4 pages, photographing and styling items from Contraption.


Hope you enjoy it. <33

I found this rusty relic leaning against a metal-sided shed next to the deserted farm house located off of Highway 45 south of Aniwa, Wisconsin and just north of the World's Largest Badger. My buddy diapaulic captured the same bicycle back in March 2010.


A cool way to view mine or anyone else's photostream is on fluidr.

Macro Mondays Theme Jan 30, 2017: Contraption

This contraption is a totally useless battery powered cocktail-stirrer.When you switch it on it spins so fast that it sends your drink flying to the ceiling !

Up-loaded for Macro Mondays theme 'Contraption'. An image of my Dad's 1930's compass.Although I can use it to steer North, South, East or West, what all the mirror, holes and arrows are for is a complete mystery to me.


Thanks everyone for your favs and comments. HMM


Cuando tengo que romper algún huevo, éste es mi artilugio favorito.



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