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It all starts with a smile - contest - “IASWAS”

Model&Photographer: Danybaby Babii

Dress:Son!a Demain Dress Black

Dove Swanson is wearing Mensje from Dutch Touch


Other Credits:

Mr Poet - Shirt

Boon - Hair (and base)

Armidi - Panties

Miamai - Freckle Layer

Exodi - Lip Gloss

L.Fauna - Lashes

It all starts with a smile - contest - “IASWAS”

It all starts with a smile - contest - “IASWAS”

NYC Sand sculpting contest-Coney Island Beach

how different an image can look when shot in Landscape vs. Portrait: click here

It s time for a contest, guys. Find a smashing title to go with this picture and become Flickr-famous and win some amazing prizes! But make no mistake - you 're up against the master of outrage and killer-titles : Good Cross!!

So get a move on for the following prizes:

1. prize: a free photoshoot from my dear friend Good Cross!

2. prize: Good Cross gets nakkid for you , wearing a Santa hat, and nothing but a Santa hat. (You might prefer winning prize #1 though...)

3. prize: a meeting with Ironman ( Good Cross knows the guy, trust me, he can make it happen for you)

4. prize: there is no fourth prize, I m sure Goodie is happy enough with prizes 1-3 :D.


Ok, so .. good luck! :)

I have a contest up in my group to win a set of actions or textures be sure to check it out !!!There are also free textures and actions. The group is called {Actions and Textures by Michelle Nicole}


This photo processed with Michelle Nicole's


1}Boutique-Shabby Chic action set

2}Awesome Vintage Texture 60%-Vintage-ish Texture Set

3}Winter Vintage 35%-Vintage-ish Texture Set


Ive been struggling to find a way to get a good picture of this awesome building?

This may be it?

Swappa Project with Daniel

Crossbird film

Just had to make him ;)


All Sizes for better quality :)

Lightbox Version


Driven by the strangle of veins

Showing me no mercy, i'd do it again

Open up your eyes, you keep on crying baby i'll bleed you dry

The skies they blink at me, i see a storm bubbling up from the sea

And it's coming closer

And it's coming closer



Momiji Party for all!!!!


This is my photo contest entry :) Im crossing my fingers, i so want to win!!!!

So do my Momiji's<3

The only one missing is my book club one still in box because John got it for me as a little gift for our 2 year anniversary.


The theme is Momiji birthday party! live entertainment from a friend, some birthday cake, candy, and cupcakes, some balloons, and lots of gifts!

The REAL theme? Hello kitty of course!!!!


Wish me luck guys


*Public until contest ends because it has to be public:)



Arcade Items

Skin: [theSkinnery] Kate

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Video Games

Eyes: {D.A} Anime Eyes

Necklace: .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter

Antlers1: +Half-Deer+ Eternum

Antlers2: Glam Affair - Slice of Paradise


Other Items:

Lashes: Redgrave Extra Long

Moles & Freckles: ::dUTCH tOUCH:: Addon

Freckles: L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES




Fate's my destroyer.

I was ambushed by the light.

And you judged me once for falling.

This wounded heart will rise.


burn my shadow.

Remember to enter my contest! More information on the Announcement post. Make sure to tag me and put it in the group!

Contest ends July 20th!




Photographer and Model: Strawberry Singh

Vanity Hair Contest

Vanity Hair: Shizuka-Noir by Tabata Jewell

More style details on


Cleaning out the archives again. This had been a contender for submission.

Model: Robynne (Carol Ferris Barbie)

Dress: Barbie fashionista

Backdrop: a shirt of mine from Target. :)

He hecho una camiseta para Scribtee.

Puedes votar y comentar, si quieres.


I have made a t-shirt for Scribtee, feel free to comment and vote.




Model: April Burt

Dress: "Beulah" dress by Ivalde

Hair: "Juliana" by ETD

Jewelry: Paper Couture

Shoes: Stilletto Moody

Photographer: April Burt

Photo Untouched/Unedited

Model: April Burt

Dress: "Beulah" dress by Ivalde

Hair: "Juliana" by ETD

Jewelry: Paper Couture

Shoes: Stilletto Moody

Photographer: April Burt

Photo Untouched/Unedited

I visited my brother's farm in New Hampshire and I loved the abstract quality in this, like a line drawing.

He has another disc to play with!

A major newspaper in New Jersey is having a photo contest. Although you never expect to win, they will be giving out a lot of gift certificates for photos that get votes from the public. They encourage you to promote your photos (to bring traffic to their site, I suppose) so I am promoting this photo.


If you are so inclined, click on the link, go to my photo and vote for it (click the "I Dig It" button) . I'm sure I could put a gift certificate to good use.


Many thanks!

With Valentines day coming up, what better theme than LOVE..

show me something with love, passion, intimacy...


Love contest: Post your submissions here


-Glam Affair- is giving everybody the chance to become the face on the ads for our new skin!


This contest will have three winners who will be photographed by Aida Ewing. The first place winner will be featured on the main Glam Affair vendor advertisement for the new upcoming skin line. The second and third place winners will have their portraits along side the main advertisement image in the store on the side panels.


Additionally, each winner will receive a prize in Lindens:


1st Place: 13000$L


2nd Place: 8000$L


3rd Place: 5000$LThe three winning pictures will also be displayed at our mainstore.


The rules:


1) The image(s) must be a new image showing the avatar face close-up wearing the Amberly skin in your favourite tone and makeup.


2) Two images per avatar are allowed to be submitted.


3) The model and the author of the image(s) must be the same person.


4) No special editions (Collabor88, Fameshed, TDR etc.) of Amberly skin are allowed.


5) Morphed images will not be allowed (meaning do not photosource any real life facial features onto your image), in addition, images where the skin features are heavily photoshopped to render the skin unrecognizable overall will be removed from consideration.


6) The image(s) size must be a minimum of 1500h x 900w pixel. Any other sized images will be removed from consideration


Please submit your VERTICAL picture in this Flickr group (minimum size 1500h x 900w pixel).


The contest begins on March 1st and runs through March 15th.


Any image posted on the Flickr group prior to March 1st at 12.01am SLT or after March 15th at 3.00pm will be removed from consideration. No exceptions will be made.


The winners will be announced shortly after in the Glam Affair Updates group in SL and on Flickr.


For any additional information or questions regarding the contest rules, please contact Mavi Beck or Zoe Gloster inworld exclusively via notecard.


Good luck and have fun everyone!


- Glam Affair -



-> Mistique - My Bonsai bench

-> .Enfant Terrible. Verelis Staff Gold

-> EF: Chronos Timepiece - Electrum

->[Haste] Constance White

-> {MB} Furisode Robe Mameha

-> [^.^Ayashi^.^] Irime hair-Black set

-> .Enfant Terrible. Verelis Dragonfly Gift

Changing pace from my recent trip photos... thought I would throw in some action with an image from our state fair.

The sheep hand shearing contest draws major crowds yet the organizing of them has become increasingly more difficult. This art has become limited with fewer contestants over time as well as getting all the sheep needed when the time of the fair coincides.

Both the men and ladies who do this task have very muscular physiques as shown here - it takes strength to hold the animal as well as cautiously clip them with the sharp shears.

I wondered if he used the shears on his own head.


HAIR : Action Womens Hair Ivy - Chai

SKIN : -Sorry.Asia- LANA (China Town) T1

MAKE UP : -Sorry.Asia- Heartstick Geisha (Full Make-Up w/o blur) !NEW!

TATTOO : KristicA - Flowers

SKIRT : SpiritStore Skirt Lusya blue !NEW!

BELT : KristicA - Belt black !NEW!

FEET : N-core FEET

I was happy to help my friend Terry Fotherington for this cool LTD Cozy Contest !


I wanted to show his cozy style with a realistic light picture in his beautiful chalet.


Unfortunately Terry did not win the contest.


The place remains cozy and beautiful ! And free to visit for anyone ! Have a look !






TOP 3 announcement


This is yet another entry to the BCBS contest. This time, the theme was to revamp a Toa who is still alive on Spherus Magna. I made Jaller.


I've entered these three photos in a CT Audubon photo contest/fundraiser. There was a three photo limit, in seven are my entries for the insect, plants, and bird categories. The reception is this Friday evening and winning entries will be marked when we arrive - I'll keep you posted. Oh, and most prints entered will be for sale, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting local Audubon programs.

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