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San Francisco, California, Contemporary Jewish Museum, window


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The Contemporary Jewish Museum, Yerba Buena, San Francisco


Contemporary Jewish Museum

An abstracted view of the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco


The best detail is in the largest-sized view.

Contemporary Jewish Museum,1950's style sofa, San Francisco CA. US


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Right out the "back door" of the Marriott are all the museums on a sort of mall. This one is The Contemporary Jewish Museum. There is every type of architecture in SF, now.


Saint Patrick Church and the priests' house in the background.


Happy Tilted Thursday!


Thank you to Michael & Lynn Borich for the ID: The Daniel Liebskind addition. I sometimes overlook the details but it is a good one to put here.


This gold rush began here:

San Francisco, California, Contemporary Jewish Museum, metal wall, detail (enhanced)

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Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco


Daniel Libeskind 2008

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yerba buena cultural center

san francisco, california

Contemporary Jewish Museum

San Francisco, California

Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco CA. US


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Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco


Daniel Libeskind 2008

Contemporary Jewish Museum. San Francisco

Thank you Bank of America for Museums on Us and free admission to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. And thank you Wise Sons Deli for the wonderful bialy and lox, though really, I will have to come back to try the chopped liver as well as the pastrami and probably the Reuben. Thank you also for the band whose name I never caught who played on while we ate. Finally, thank you to the CJM for a great experience and a wonderful exhibition of Arnold Newman portraits. Now that guy could take a picture.

As seen in SOMA, San Francisco.

San Francisco, California. A stream of water runs through a narrow gulley at ground level of the plaza that links Mission St. with the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Only after studying it for a while did I realize that it is a fountain in which the carefully chosen stones fit together to form a nearly seamless display of diversity in alignment. At certain points, the depth of the gulley changes, which causes the water to cascade slightly, as in all fountains, and the stones to appear to change in size and patina. The effect is disturbing, even as the fountain is calming, which makes the design memorable.


For a full view of the plaza, follow this link:

Contemporary Jewish Museum, Yerba Bueana, San Francisco

Contemporary Jewish Museum,

San Francisco, CJM, May 8

Contemporary Jewish Museum

San Francisco, CA


Used the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S for this shot. Pretty amazing lens.

Contemporary Jewish Museum

San Francisco, California

_Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco - Architect Daniel Libeskind_


Another addition to my Black series and the darkest and most difficult to work with so far, because of the dark tones and the limited range that I decided to use in my processing, but also because of the complexity of the volume and the fact that whatever light and shadow you see here is created from scratch according to my vision for this object. The building is one of the highlights of San Francisco and is in fact an addition to the museum, but is so impressive that it is drawing all the attention to it once you reach the square in front of the museum. The structure is cladded in dark-blue diamond shape steel sheets which can be astonishingly bright in the sun, but looking very dark and melancholic if the weather is overcast.


The most challenging when taking the shot was to find the best angle, the one that would tell what I intended it to tell and finally this angle was what you see. The space in front of the museum is narrow and long and finding a spot where you have open view to the entire volume, as well as an interesting composition is really difficult. But there is always a solution if you want to find it. So, what I did was to find my solution But I had to pay a price for it. Even if there were some other angles I could use with less cluttered background, the building itself wasn't “speaking” to me in any other way so what I had to do was to take this photo as it is but remove the background that was a high-rise building totally oppressing the delicate volumes of the museum. Meaning I had to shoot the building and the sky separately and reunite them in post. So, what you see now is quite far from reality, but as you know by now, I am not driven by the intention to mimic reality in my work, on the contrary, I'd say that I try to “run away” from it and present my own reality, even if what I create is just slightly resembling the real world. This image is one of the closest to this “alternative reality” concept and to the concept of “(en)visionography” that define my work and they illustrate it perfectly. What you see is my ideal proposal for this space and building, a perfect image of it as I envision it in my mind. Also an image that can be a piece of the puzzle in the story that my Ode to Black – Black Hope series tells. More about the concept of the series with my next image that is coming soon.


Processing wise, this image is again one of those which could be considered typical to illustrate the technique I'm using when processing, the “photography drawing” technique. You've heard me talking about this before quite a few times but I've never went into details because I wasn't really considering it a technique for a long time. It had a slow evolution but recently I realized that I'm every time doing the same things even if I don't search for this and I like to experiment as much as I can. But somehow I always end up doing the same things, more or less and having consistent results.

As usually, in an attempt to keep this short, if you want to read more about the processing of this image or ask me anything you can head over to my site for more If you are curious to find out even more, I will have to make a more in depth description at some point. Let me know if you would want this.


Technical data:_ 286.0 sec. (for the sky), 1/60 sec. (for the building), @ f/11, Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 ED AF-S DX @ 10mm, ISO 100. Processing: LR4, PS CS6, NIK Silver Efex Pro 2


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I liked the light and lines on this side of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, South of Market, San Francisco. Looks like a smoke and texting break for the young woman.

Again a shot from my SF trip. This time from the Contemporary Jewish Museum. So this guy comes walking with his dog, and then just stops and stands staring like this for a couple of minutes... not sure he was well.

contemporary jewish museum - soma, san francisco, california

Enjoying a simple lunch outside the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, California. The building was designed by Daniel Libeskind.

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