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Post game congestion makes for slow moving street traffic following a Chicago Cubs baseball game at Wrigley Field, where the team plays its home games. Conveniently, the Red Line elevated train makes a stop on Addison Street just outside the ballpark to carry other fans toward home. Those are the ballpark lights in the background above the buildings.




Flickr friends, after Sunday, I'll be offline for a brief summer break. See you when I return.

Captured at: Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Great River, NY.


I recently visited the Bayard Cutting Arboretum's annual dahlia festival, and happened to come across this 3 bee pile-up on top of one of the flowers... The lead bee just stopped short to partake of some pollen, as two other bees were coming up behind him. I guess you can say he caused one "honey" of a traffic jam. :P


I find it interesting that even the bees on Long Island have to deal with congestion... Par for the course around here! ;)


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"Congestion at the Intersection of Flower & Pollen" is a non-HDR image that was processed using a combination of ACR, Photoshop and various Topaz Labs Plugins (Adjust, AI Clear, Denoise, Glow, and Impression).


Tired of the congestion and constant traffic in Nashville and Murfreesboro, I headed out to rural Cannon county, TN, where you can still find a gravel road - and some peace and quiet.


I parked the truck right in the middle of the road for a good 20 minutes while I took pictures and listened to the breeze blow. I never saw another person or vehicle. Nice.


One curious thing about this old farm house - it has a new electrical service run to it. It is so far gone it's hard to imagine anyone restoring it, but why bother spending the money to run power to it if you weren't going to do something with it? I'll have to keep and eye on this one and see what happens...

A trio of trains sit parked a bit west of Turcot Ouest; with the blockade of CN's Kingston Sub over, CN must have more traffic than crews can handle and trains were parked all over the place in Montreal this morning. From left to right are Q12031 28 (Brampton Intermodal Terminal to Rockingham, CN 2250 lead), Q12091 27 (Chicago to Rockingham, CN 3895 lead) and E27661 28 (Flint to Joffre, CN 5707 lead).

Europe, Belgium, Vlaanderen, Antwerpen, De Lijn, Lijn 7, PCC cars, Congestion (cut from all sides)


On our way to Park Spoor Noord, we decided to take the tram. De Lijn system is farely relaible, but this time it took long before the tram arrived. A passenger told us that there had been an accident that had temporaily blocked the tracks.


The trams are, ofcourse, PCC cars. More info about them is: here.


This is number 69 of the Antwerpen album.

Here the congestion usually starts at 4pm and ends approximately at 8pm. Therefore, we have an application to avoid traffic jam in Tehran.


Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance. {Brian Tracy}

Due to congestion on NS, coal train 746 destined for Belews Creek, NC, is being handled by the Ohio Central between Mingo Jct. and Columbus, OH. This is the third 746 to operate over the OC in the last 4 days, with NS and OC saving the heritage led one until today for the first snowfall of the season.

Once again another trip to WWT Slimbridge.


3 Wigeon get very close while approaching the Tack Piece.


Images best viewed in "lights out" L key.

Summer Morning, Rocky Mountain Front Range, Colorado.


During the Civil War era Native Americans and soldiers used mullein, this plant with huge, furry leaves, for medicinal purposes. It was an herbal treatment for coughs, chest congestion, chest colds, bronchitis, and inflammation. For the desired effects, it could be served as a tea.

Congestion at the bridge. 20171125CiboloCreekDxoPsLr13

Three people, three paths, three agendas

© Ron Fleishman 2010


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a pesar de ser un fin de semana la congestion en el transito sigue...,por lo menos capture el perfil de retiro de fondo..


mas imagenes:

Wonderful to see thousands of Dunlins arise at the same time, fly around for a little and find another feeding spot, totally amazing how they can navigate through such density and leave behind no casualties behind

London - Lime St. friends.


Thanks for all views, comments and favs. They are always much appreciated.

....above Stockport


Congestion in the lake district, is somewhat different from the local M60 or M62. Up there, I don't mind the wait, it's quite entertaining.


As we were heading for 'Hill Top' farm, we had expected 'Herdwick' sheep, given they are associated with the Lake District and Beatrix Potter, but talking with the Shepherdess, she explained that these were 'Swaledale' sheep - Yorkshire sheep in Cumbria! now who would have thought it :))

When you live in New York City the congestion, polluted air and urban stress can really get to you. One great escape point from it all that is not far by car is Montauk Point at the most outermost point on Long Island. Here in this area the most crowed place is the nearby sleepy town of Sag Harbor and being almost a hundred miles east of the city where even the hottest summer days temperatures usually run a good ten degrees lower than Manhattan and the air is immeasurably cleaner being on a Island peninsula that goes straight out from the mainland. Nearby there are a few small quite beaches that are more suited for walking hand in hand with that special someone in your life, family, dog or any any combination of fore-mentioned. If you are looking more for the hot blooded single beach scene Jones Beach. Fire Island and the Hampton's about eighty miles west will suit your needs better. This panoramic I took with my I-phone because my low budget software doesn't have a stitch picture feature and it's a lot easier to just scan with a cell phone anyway.

The congestion is starting to clear as the pellet load snakes its way toward Proctor Hill, thus allowing U715 to depart for Minntac. Easing into the scene is the Proctor Switch coming to a stop at the Elwood yard office, their day done. In the distance the power for the limestone empty is on and on the far right the extra switch is working the E yard.


The limestone power is interesting in that the set contains three body variations of GE's C40-8 model; 2027 is a former C&NW standard cab, followed by wide cab 2184 (ex-ATSF) and cowl 2449.

Evening light is fading and a light snow is falling as the crew of Belt Railway of Chicago 230, in charge of the "oil job" on BRC's Kenton Line Sub, lines a switch on the main so they can proceed south to Clearing Yard. In the distance beyond I-55, Nerska and Lemoyne crossings, and the bridge over the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, two trains wait to proceed south as well.

SOUTHBOUND traffic volumes are building.


Trumpeter swans in Skagit Valley

Toogoom by the sea on The Fraser Coast in the Wide Bay Burnett, Queensland, Australia (Any comments containing images/graphics/group icons will be deleted).

Fighting for a parking place in the 79th Street Boat Basin, New York City

Hundreds of of Little Corellas, feeding in a paddock, near Strathalbyn in South Australia.

This single shot was a fraction of the flock.

a few Galahs in there too.

Deus Ex : Mankind Divided


-3700 x 5000 SRWE Hotsampling

-Resampled with GIMP (lanczos 3)

-Camera Injector by Otis_Inf

-Reshade 4.0.2

-IDK31's AR Unlocker

Congestion today really killed any chance of getting this train in decent light, but I was able to check another CP SD60 off the list. A half hour before this showed up, it was brilliant sun with few clouds. Unfortunately, by the time it pulled down to the signal at Rutledge, the sun was just about gone and clouds had rolled in. This train left Nahant around 0700 and wasn't even into the yard in Ottumwa 10 hours later.

Wilshire Blvd, Hollywood, California 2016

Congestion on my bird-feeder!!!

Some of the 116 hot air balloons launched simultaneoulsy at the 2016 Bristol Ballon Fiesta

Congestion in the city must make driving those big trucks around... quite a challenge ...

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