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Captured in: Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, NY.


Seen here is a view of Manhattan from Gantry Plaza State Park. New York City (sometimes referred to as the concrete jungle due to its many large buildings, and very challenging work environment) has a beauty all its own, which is showcased from this gorgeous riverside park.


Gantry Plaza runs along the banks of the East River, and offers amazing views of the NYC skyline -- including the Empire State, Chrysler, and MetLife buildings, as well as the WTC tower.


There are several gantries found throughout the park, as this area was once a dock facility used to load and unload rail-car floats. The gantries were refurbished during the park's construction, and are now centerpieces of the area.


Railroad tracks once connected these floats to the Long Island Rail Road, and aided in the transport of shipments to and from various industries as far back as the mid-1920s.*


*Credit goes to Wikipedia for the brief GPSP history lesson.


* * * * * * * * * *


Image Details / Processing Information:


"The Concrete Jungle" is a tone mapped HDR image constructed from 3 bracketed shots - 2 stop differential between each image.


The image was processed w/ ACR, Photomatix, and finished in Photoshop (includes the use of Topaz Labs plugins -- Adjust, Clean, Denoise, Glow, Impression and LensFX).



"Concrete Angel"


She walks to school with the lunch she packed

Nobody knows what she's holdin' back

Wearin' the same dress she wore yesterday

She hides the bruises with linen and lace


The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask

It's hard to see the pain behind the mask

Bearing the burden of a secret storm

Sometimes she wishes she was never born


Through the wind and the rain

She stands hard as a stone

In a world that she can't rise above

But her dreams give her wings

And she flies to a place where she's loved

Concrete angel


Somebody cries in the middle of the night

The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights

A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate

When morning comes it'll be too late


[Repeat Chorus]


A statue stands in a shaded place

An angel girl with an upturned face

A name is written on a polished rock

A broken heart that the world forgot


[Repeat Chorus]


In the 1970s cities in Germany fell for the credo "concrete is good for you". In my hometown, much of the historically grown was sacrificed for efficiency, and with it the soul many a place once had. Here's my attempt to make it at least look interesting...

Never really knew how hard concrete is to photograph. It is so porous and holey, I feel like I can never get it to be a clear shot. You can really see city dirt on windows and concrete. Yuck.

It was a windy day in the city and of course hand held, as I twist and turn to see what angle looks best.

Happy Day Ya All.

Johor Bharu, Malaysia

Krematorium Berlin Baumschulenweg (Schultes Frank Architects)

Another series of images I made for the Spring Anniversary issue of the Gallant magazine.


Click here for more information, photos and credits.

Jacques Herzog (Herzog & de Meuron):

"Wir suchen Materialien, die so atemberaubend schön wie die Kirschblüten in Japan sind oder so verdichtet und kompakt wie die Felsformationen der Alpen oder so rätselhaft und unergründlich wie die Oberflächen der Ozeane. Wir suchen Materialien, die so intelligent, virtuos und komplex wie Naturerscheinungen sind, also Materialien, die nicht nur die Retina des erstaunten Kunstkritikers kitzeln, sondern auch wirklich effizient sind und alle Sinne ansprechen - nicht nur die Augen, auch die Nase, die Ohren, den Geschmacks- und Tastsinn."


Es ist ihnen hier vortrefflich gelungen, wie ich finde! ;-))


f 8,0

1/40 s

3200 ISO

24 mm

Concrete Angel - Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli


Dress - TETRA - Phoenix dress - Collabor88

Crown - Mossu

Hair - Tableau Vivant

Wings - Blueberry

Skin - DeeTalez

Maitreya, Catwa

Lighting - LUMIPro

Pose - Foxcity (with head adjustment)

Despite the government's efforts to create many green spaces, Singapore looks like a concrete city from some perspectives.

Acropolis Museum, Athens

Bernard Tschumi Architects


"Designed with spare horizontal lines and utmost simplicity, the Museum is deliberately non-monumental, focusing the visitor’s attention on extraordinary works of art. With the greatest possible clarity, the design translates programmatic requirements into architecture."


Through the wind and the rain

She stands hard as a stone

In her world that she can rise above

But her dreams give her wings

And she flies to a place where

She's loved

Concrete angel

♫ Tune In ♫


Credits go to - irrISIStible for my PEACOCK PARADISE BIRD outfit. you can find this @ The Mainstore June 4th


POSE - KZ-poses- MP or Mainstore


abandoned industry with amazing empty floors


Water cascades over concrete aggregate blocks in the Active Pool at the Philip Johnson-designed Fort Worth Water Gardens in the south end of Downtown Fort Worth, Texas.


Berlin, 2018.


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What those tubes were once good for, I don't know. But there was a factory nearby for flares and New Year's firecrackers. Maybe they were used for testing explosives.


Wofür diese Röhren mal gut waren, weiß ich nicht. Aber in der Nähe war ein Werk für Leuchtraketen und Sylvesterböller. Vielleicht wurden sie für Tests mit Sprengstoffen gebraucht.

National Theatre, London

An out-take from last year sees DBS Shed 66181 passing through pleasant Lanacashire countryside in the aptly named village of Pleasington, with the 5.06am Avonmouth - Clitheroe Castle Cement (6M90).


If you're a train snapper, and a sporty type looking to lower your handicap, then this might just be the spot for you. The distant and rather characterful bridge lies in the grounds of the Pleasington Golf Club, which describes itself as one of the premier courses in northern England. On a sunny day like this, chasing a little white ball around while watching the trains go by, and knowing hole 19 is just around the corner, might just be the tonic you need.


15th September 2015

Philosophy can only be approached with the most concrete comprehension.

[Karl Jaspers]


Taken 8-18-19 Concrete Washington

Nikon 5600 18-140mm f/3.5

The abstract kills, the concrete saves

[Sylvia Plath]



Abstract architectural detail of Dallas’ Perot Museum of Nature and Science.


staircase made of concrete

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