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Gotan Project tour "Tango 3.0" April 13 in Tallinn

and my head is full of music :-))

of course and my Love for bokeh here:-)))


dreamy bokeh with dreamy music for today :-))




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~ a concert on the green ♪ ♫ ♭ ♪ ♫

Bumper Jacksons;

Club Passim; Cambridge, MA;

July 18, 2018


Dan Samuels


concert pour le 265e anniversaire de la mort de Johann Sebastian Bach - celebration marking the 265th anniversary of the death of Johann Sebastian Bach

Concert Hall

April 2015

Bar "au concert" Nérac, France.

Saw this amazing progressive bluegrass band in Ridgway, Colorado. Can't recommend them highly enough. The star of the show: Sigma 35mm Art for Sony FE. This is possibly my favorite lens I've ever owned (and focuses perfectly on my Sony A7iii).

The windows on the left are meant to represent the Basalt columns found at a variety of sites around the country.

Olympus digital camera

Harpa Concert Hall And Conference Centre…. Click here for more information on this location:

Prospect Park. Brooklyn, New York

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... in concert ...!!!


... an impressionnist photo safari concentrated mainly on a daily basis (or almost) on my small piece of planet of 55 000 square feet…!!!

... a Thoreau "waldennienne" approach…!!!


... un safari photo impressioniste au quotidien concentré essentiellement (ou presque) sur un petit morceau de planète de 55 000 pieds carrés…!!!

... une démarche "waldennienne" à la Thoreau…!!!


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lors de la 9e édition de la Fête de la musique à Neuchâtel. Rock, électro, ska et chorales : le programme est placé sous le signe de l’hétéroclisme.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA


I like to see the color changing of the Walt Disney Concert Hall building in relation to the sky...

It's like the ocean :-)


This day, I have a chance to have nice cloudy sky (rare in LA :-)...


Press "L" to best view (especially with a Retina Display)


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J'aime voir les changements de couleurs du Walt Disney Concert Hall en fonction du ciel...

C'est comme l'océan ! :-)


Ce jour la, j'ai eu la chance d'avoir un ciel chargé de nuages (fait rare à Los Angeles :-)...


À regarder en mode plein écran avec la touche "L" (spécialement avec un écran Retina)


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Philharmonie de Paris

A wonderful display of concert lights from a recent Queen Concert.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík. Opened in 2011, Harpa was designed by the Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects in co-operation with Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The structure consists of a steel framework clad with geometric shaped glass panels of different colours, which are supposed to resemble the basalt landscape of Iceland.

It's feeding time!

They are waiting for a fish, opening very big mouth.

@Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

Thessaloniki Concert Hall is a centre for the performing arts in Thessaloniki, Greece. It opened in 2000 on land donated by the Greek state. The complex has two main buildings: M1, with an auditorium that seats 1400; and M2, in more contemporary style by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, with a number of smaller performance spaces.


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Pensée du jour :

La musique donne une âme à nos coeurs et des ailes à la pensée...

-Music gives a soul to our hearts and wings in the thought ...

-Die Musik gibt eine Seele unseren Herzen und den Flügeln dem Gedanken...

-La musica dà un'anima ai nostri cuori e degli ali al pensiero...

Concert in May


Près de ma rivière sauvage.

Un safari photo impressioniste au quotidien concentré essentiellement (ou presque) sur un petit morceau de planète de 55 000 pieds carrés

Une démarche "waldennienne" à la Thoreau


Near my wild river

An impressionnist photo safari concentrated mainly on a daily basis (or almost) on my small piece of planet of 55 000 square feet

A Thoreau "waldennienne" approach


"Concierto Nocturno en la Calle".


Images and Textures of my own.


"Thank you all my kind Flickrs Friends. Your comments and invitations are much motivating and appreciated".

Querétaro - México.

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The concert complex consists of four halls with the main auditorium seating 1,800 people. It is the home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel is the architect of the project.

The structure can be likened to a meteor covered by big blue screens, supposed to resemble water, that can be used to project visual content on.

Ceci est un travail sur une photo de concert prise aux jardins du Luxembourg (tambours du Burundi, quartiers d'été, il y a quelques années, du temps de l'argentique).

Ajout de textures, et retravail de la couleur... pour obtenir un effet tableau.

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