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This happens to you when you realize that it s a Boxing Day soon and you didnt play enough with your last year toy, Bamboo tablet I mean.


How to was advised by the UK's best selling photo magazine ;o)

composite of two photographs

By kasquebrado 2014

Sitting on the tide - Photomanipulation


This composite took me about an hour in Photoshop and was inspired by numerous artists that I follow.


I'm looking forward to an upcoming trip to Jordan where I can put my camera to use. For now, I'm enjoying pushing the limits of my PS knowledge with these surreal pieces.


Learn to create stunning images, with instantly downloadable, high quality video courses: Cityscape Tutorials & Luminosity Mask Tutorial & HDR Tutorial

Hot air - Photomanipulation


I've been having some more fun creating this conceptual manipulation in PS.


Learn to create stunning images, with instantly downloadable, high quality video courses: Cityscape Tutorials & Luminosity Mask Tutorial & HDR Tutorial

All images involved, taken by me in the last year and stuck together, not sure if I like composites or not, but I keep doing them anyway.

Just playing around with a garden sculpture and textures - for Sliders Sunday - HSS!

I put this together to illustrate a scary story. It is composited from several images (trees are from an Alaska trip i took, the big tree is in my backyard, and the shot of my daughter was taken in my living room with a lamp lighting her).

They are actually the same bird in different positions one flipped and placed given a tonal b/g and painterly edit I left the little twig as I thought it frames them :)

An abstract intermixture composed of collaged photo-based manipulations, digital drawing and lighting effect elements.

Here's the previous single shot stacked and blended with an additional exposure.


For this composite I used elements of Seattle, Portland, Salem and Mcminnville, Oregon.

Medium gridded softbox with WL 1600 high camera right as key. Eight foot octobox with WL 1600 behind camera for fill. Triggered by Pocket Wizards.


One model, four nightgowns, four separate poses each shot about 5 minutes apart.


This can probably be interpreted a number of ways.

The reality is fairly mundane.

It had begun with a macro shot of peeling paint.

In Lightroom, a screenshot was grabbed while in the negative mode that helps look for sensor spots.

The same was done with a photo of me shot for another project a year or so ago, and with a photo of some decorative rocks.

The last were added to provide some assistance in the subtle diagonal of composition from low left.

All combined in Ps, with various gradients slud for opacity to allow some areas to be subdued and others accentuated. With a bit of dodging or burning done through luminosity selections and painting with white or black.

Two brilliant lightning bolts are stacked in this image taken 30 minutes after sunset in deep twilight. The foreground is lit entirely by the lightning above.

A new Photoshop Composite. "Aftermath" Constructed of a small pillbox found in a forest in Norfolk and a Suffolk Sunrise.

Trying to put some of the lessons I learned about compositing into practice.


The original stadium image can be found here:


This composite is roughly 50+ layers and utilizes almost every technique I have learned thus far. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could improve this please feel free to let me know.


This is a composite image made out of 17 different photos from the Perseid meteor shower on August 11, 2013.


It has 16 meteors that I captured during a 3 hour period at the top of Mt. Locke looking towards the Otto Struve telescope of the McDonald observatory.


You can see more of my work at my website at


Please don't use any of my photos without permission. Sharing is OK as long as you link back to my page.

One on One Session with Adrian Sommeling

Composite of a Shirley taken at Whitby Goth Festival in April 2013. Thanks to Black Dog for his help and guidance on this one!




I'm not one for putting to much of a description or even a story to a photo. You don't go to an Art museum and Read about the art. You analyze, interpret and come to your own conclusions. So I leave you with this image I put together this evening. Feel free to make your own conclusions....


Composite: Three images



b800 right 2/3 power with softbox

A composite of a famous landmark in southern Sweden (Malmö) - the Øresund Bridge.

This is a composite of several images. Thanks to Annie for the model image

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