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This willet objected to another willet invading its feeding space, so it chased the competition.

Pied-billed Grebes. The one on the right caught the fish, and ultimately won this contest. In this image, the Grebes aren't cute as in the prior posted image. They loom more like their ancient velociraptor relatives. Farmington Bay WMA, Utah

The Alps, some trees and a statue named "emergence".


La Roche-sur-Foron, Haute Savoie.

Thanks Bruce and all!

Taken at Mimmo Sim

The chief of each tribe chose a hopu manu to represent them in the competition. The contenders were waiting for the signal living in houses on top of the cliff. Given the signal, they would come down to the sea and swim 2 km to Motu Nui on a board of reeds that kept them afloat. Once at Motu Nui, they settled into small caves waiting for the first manutara to lay an egg. The first one who managed to capture the egg would signal the crowd who waited at Orongo, indicating the chief that he was the winner.

#Fill the frame.


The competition just runs like chewing gum through my everyday life. Somehow I'm still not on track. At least I'll have reached my interim goal soon... ...only two topics left on the current topic:-)


Happy Monday, my friends!


Inspired by... SNAP - The Power



Tending toward the sky

cool down ...


Jemand erzählte mir, dass sein Fotoclub, zusammen mit Calumet, einen Düsseldorf Fotowettbewerb startet - ein Gutschein für 150 Euro winkt - ein günstiger Preis um an ein gutes Foto zu kommen ...


mir zu günstig, da nehme ich nicht teil ...


das Thema habe ich mir heute Morgen dann selbst gestellt - hier das Ergebnis, der Hitzeperiode und dem Klimawandel geschuldet ...


Ihr seht den 218 m hohen, markanten, Rheinturm

dazu die Energie-Pyramide, die Spuren des nahen Flughafens und die Spuren der DEG, des Düsseldorfer Eishockeyvereins, als Melange ...


Die Herleitungen sind für euch sicher leicht nachvollziehbar ...

zur Pyramide, die den Puls dieses charmanten Welt- und Kunstdorfes angibt, hier mehr ...


Das Luftbild der Energie-Pyramide zeigt das Wechselspiel der geometrischen Formen: Über vier konzentrischen Edelstah-Ringen sind vier Dreiecke angebracht, deren Winkel denen der Pyramiden von Gizeh entsprechen.


Auf den vier Ring-Skalen ist abzulesen, wieviel Strom, Fernwärme, Erdgas und Trinkwasser die Stadtwerke Düsseldorf zur Zeit, in der Stunde, abgeben.


Die Drehung der Dreiecke zeigt weiter, wie die Zeit verrinnt. Zu jeder vollen Stunde stehen die Dreiecke im Winkel von 90° zueinander und bilden so die "Pyramide".


Sinnfällige Sprüche umgeben diese Zahlen:


"Das All ist voller Energie. Energie verändert das Universum." "Der Reichtum der Erde ist nicht bloß Kapital. Er ist ihr Wesen."


;-) ...



Note to self: sunset was 1809

But ... then ... a tiny glimmer of light appears.

A friend said to me,

"We are fragile alone but together unbreakable."

And ... that gives me hope.

Snelli pond, old town

The apple trees in the garden are laden with some lovely apples; crunchy and sweet.This has not been lost on the local wasps, flies, magpies, blackbirds, or starlings. This particular apple was being made short work of by the wasps, this one had fought off a few others, and was happily chomping away when the flies arrived.

The wasps are a bit aggressive, if uncoordinated - the apples are fermenting and making them drunk!

But the smell under the apple tree is quite amazing, especially with the warm spell currently being enjoyed.

Red Bull Battle of the Sund is an endurance kite-board competition spanning across the strait of Öresund.

Jillian would love to win the Easter Colouring she is concentrating really hard and taking great care not to go out of the lines.

Good luck Jillian!


I had to think hard about this prompt Chris! Thanks for the challenge.......


Two wintry egrets fighting for hunting territory.


Berliner Wahrzeichen im Abendlicht

Berlin, Germany


Missed focus by about 1m, had to monkey around with deconvolution in Gimp/G'MIC.

Finished in a rare Fire Orange colour.

Bald Eagle and Harbor Seals compete for the juvenile Steelhead headed towards the ocean via the Russian River.


Feb 2020

Jenner, Sonoma County, Ca

A few monarchs left at the enchanted fairy garden in early October. They better hurry - first snow is coming in a couple days!

K524 slowly turns the corner and enters the west siding at Deshler for a lengthy wait for traffic ahead to clear up. Leading the way is a former Conrail SD70.

I don't know much about the history of this image, other than it was in Granddad's collection and depicts firefighters from Shepshed Fire Station at an inter-station competition. The uniforms suggest it would not have been taken much after the mid-1970s.


On the subject of uniforms, it is interesting to see the all-black Cork and leather helmets, which persisted until the early 90s in some areas (albeit with a change in colour) and the presence of individual axes on each firefighter's belt.


The crew are demonstrating, presumably against the clock, their ability to set up a lightweight portable pump and suction system, to deliver water from ponds, streams, lakes or similar. Rural firefighting, such as in Leicestershire, would often entail securing water from such open sources.


Here in Victoria, we use a modern version of this with a metal strainer on the end to prevent debris entering the system. I suspect the modern suction hoses are a slightly larger too. The two firefighters with their backs to us appear to be securing a line to the hose, which is a practice that endures here.


I would note that their pump seems a great deal more sophisticated than the one I have used, in that it has instruments! Mind you, we tend to take our trucks, with their four wheel drive capacity, closer to the desired water source and use the truck pump to obtain water.

All theses Daisies looked like they were screaming for attention

Diving Fulmar - Bempton Cliffs.

This is my entry for the RSPB Love Nature 2020 Calendar Competition. Have you Entered?

Driving competition in Hoogenweg in the municipality of Hardenberg in the Netherlands today🐴


Thanks very much for visiting, favs and comments !

This was the one I entered into competition it is not cropped like the one that was most popular. I know I had this on here before, but I accidently deleted it so there are no views, favorites, or comments on this picture... Sorry Sascha lost your comment..

The picture that follows this it the most popular and helped me decide the photo I entered in the contest. They will pick 15 winners for different categories on December 5th

I know I said no more Short Eared Owl photos, but I can not share this with my friends.

Driving competition in Hoogenweg in the municipality of Hardenberg in the Netherlands 🐴


Een menwedstrijd in Hoogenweg in de gemeente Hardenberg. Mooi om te zien.


Thanks very much for visiting, favs and comments !

Driving competition in Hoogenweg in the municipality of Hardenberg in the Netherlands today🐴


Thanks very much for visiting, favs and comments !

Pescheria (fish market) - Chioggia


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Waiting for the Judge to decide her fate.... State Fair

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