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The Sound Of Silence

“He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.”

~ Lao Tzu


Model: My daughter

That doggie knows who feeds it =:-]

Thunderstorm outside Sierra Vista, Arizona. 15 August, 2010.

This was used as a communications tower in the construction of the water catchment system for the railways back in 1930, this is a beautiful area and some great history,

The last shot in Saint John Square before my holidays.

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public phones in front of famous church by Oscar Niemeyer

Brasil's capital Brasilia

Poznan, Poland


This one is for my nephew Max, who is currently infatuated with all things trains. Don't worry Max, when you visit sometime we will spend much time touring the city in these trams....


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We might say that communication consists of transmitting information from one person to another. In fact, many scholars of communication take this as a working definition, and use Lasswell's maxim, "who says what to whom in what channel with what effect," as a means of circumscribing the field of communication theory....


So Sorry for the breech in communication, I will return to my normal scheduled program!



ipod selection: Beastie Boys

Album: Ill Communication

Song: The Update


I Can Hear The Trumpets Blowing Screaming Out The End Of Time

Look Around And Listen And You'll See Every Sign

The Waters Are Polluted As The Forests Are Cut Down

Bombing And Drilling Deep Below Ground

Check The Prophecies From Around The World

And Look Around Now As It All Unfurls

Look Into Yourself And See What Goes On

Get A Feeling In Your Heart Of The Right From Wrong

Because The Mother Earth Needs To Be Respected

Been Far From Too Long That She's Been Neglected

Race Against Race, Such A Foolish Waste

It's Like Cutting Off Your Nose To Spit Your Face

And At The End Of The Wars, What Was The Cost

It's Clear That The Earth Was The One Who Lost

We Are One With Her As She Is One With Us

It's Unreal How She Is Treated So Unjust

As Our Planet Grows Smaller Each And Every Day

Everyone Affecting Everyone In Every Way

We're All Citizens Of The Worl Community

All Here Together And We're Searching For Unity

Over The Years, I've Grown And Changed So Much

Things I Know Now Years Ago, I Couldn't Touch

There Are Things I've Done That I Wouldn't Do Again

But I'm Glad That I Did 'Cause I've Learned From Them

I Just Try To Stay Present Right Here, Right Now

No Worries, No Fears And Without Any Doubts

It's About Time


'Cause In These Times, These Changing Times

A Transition Is Occuring And I Am Not Blind

As The Pendlum Swings A New Age We Enter

And With Every Swing, It Draws Closer To The Center

Yes The Storm Before The Calm And The Wars That Lead To Love

Things Must Run Their Course So We Push And We Shove

But We're Here To Work It Out In One Way Or Another

To Find A Mutual Respect For Ourselves And One Another

And The True Key Is A Trust In Self

For When I Trust Myself, I Fear No One Else

I Took Control Of My Life, Just As Anyone Can

I Want Everyone To See It's In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Past Is Gone, The Future Yet Unborn

But Right Here And Now Is Where It All Goes On

I Know We Can Fix It And It's Not Too Late

I Give Respect To King And His Nonviolent Ways

I Dream And I Hope And I Won't Forget

Someday I'm Going To Visit On A Free Tibet

Someday I'm Going To See Us All Joined As One

And It Would Be Too Bad To Blow It Up Before We're Done

'Cause We Long Behind The Rage Learning From The Pain

The Love Behind The Tension Like The Sun Behind The Rain

I'm Sending Loving Light To All That Is

To All Creation And The Life We Live

I'm Not Preaching Bull Shit, Just Speaking My Mind

'Cause I'm Here Now And It's About Time


There was a time... when mobile or cell phones were only a dream for general people.. Rural people couldn't imagine that they can actually talk to the person who is far from them.. when land phone came... they got to know about the phone.. they saw the wires and thought this is how they actually communicate through phone... But when mobile phones came... It was like a magic to them.... no wires no Nothing... then with what they can communicate...

once mobile phones were fashion... and now.. necessity....

thanks to science. thanks to the phone companies for making this available to the people of all classes.


EXIF data: Canon EOS 6D, 25 sec, f/2.8, ISO 6400, 14mm, single exposure

Location/Τοποθεσία: South Evia, Greece


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Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus M.45mm F1.8

. shelter .


Big boys don't cry; men do.



Photo taken @ Khodovarikha

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