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Identifier: politicalpilgrim00snow

Title: A political pilgrim in Europe

Year: 1921 (1920s)

Authors: Snowden, Ethel

Subjects: International Socialist Congress Womens International League for Peace and Freedom. 2nd Congress, Zurich, 1919 Conférence Internationalé Pour la Société des Nations (1919: Bern) International Congress of Women (1919: Zürich) Socialism World War, 1914-1918

Publisher: New York, George H. Doran Company

Contributing Library: The Library of Congress

Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress


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,Armenia having been compulsorily Sovietized also inthe interests of Bolshevik policy in the East. Thisenterprise was undertaken at the very time when M.Chavordoff, the Armenian Bolshevik, declared his willing-ness to negotiate with Georgia the disputed districts.Another section of the Russian army began to closein from the side of Azerbaijan. Instructions were sentto the Bolshevik representative in Tiflis to join hisagitation to the efforts of the army in the hope ofcounter-revolution within. Tiflis was occupied aftervaliant resistance. The Turkish Kemalists, assisted by 225 A Political Pilgrim in Europe Bolsheviks, attacked and captured Batoum. The wholecountry was given over to its enemies, who cared nothingfor treaties when something crossed their path. Since all this, a treaty between the Turks and theRussians has been signed at Moscow, in which the Bol-sheviks are recognized as the masters of Georgia. TheKemalists renounce their aspirations after Batoum, Georgian National Anthem


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receiving for themselves the two disputed districts ofMiddle Georgia, Artvin, and Ardahan, and a part ofthe province of Batoum. Lenin is making a great effort to reconcile thepeople of Georgia. He has urged his representativesin Georgia to find a way of reconciliation and a commonplatform with President Jordania and his friends. Butso far the Georgian people have shown no sign of goingover to the enemy and forsaking their old leaders and 226 More About Georgia elected representatives. And Jordania, an exile, writesfrom Paris. As I write my mind travels first to Russia andthe dying population of Petrograd, then to the merryGeorgian peasants with their cakes and honey in thefields on the way from Kasbec, and finally to the un-forgettable national song which poured from a thou-sand throats when patriot-soldiers swore to defend theircountrys liberties with their blood, like the loving sonsof every land. 227 CHAPTER XIV HOME THROUGH THE BALKANS After a very happy two weeks in Georgia, we l


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24 ideas, crafted, over dirty great steaming mugs of tea, by Jem Stone and me, for the BBC A&Mi team. Doodled by me with my own felt tips on something I found in the stationery cupboard.

Controller, Audio & Music interactive, BBC.

It's called MultiBall and it's a brainstorming, organising tool aimed at kids (but for anyone really) created by BBC Learning in Glasgow (project lead: Rachel Duckhouse). Mesmerising and really simple to use - hardly any features, just direct creation. Still in development, due for release in the new year. Keep an eye out for it.


Common Platform.

This is the kind of thing you come across when wandering around the BBC. I think it might have something to do with Children in Need.

Leigh is Interactive Editor, BBC Radio 4 and BBC 7.

Controller, Archive Development

Archers script-writer and editor of the Archers web site.

It really cheered me up to see this on a techie's desk in the Internet ops department

Director, Information & Archives

I brought the Whole Earth Catalog to provide some inspiration but it just sat there...

In his very impressive corner location overlooking the A40.

All part of the Common Platform project. Simon gave me a tour of projects in the Learning area: I met some lovely people and some truly gorgeous projects.

All part of the Common Platform project. Simon looks a funny colour because he's standing under a fluorescent light which I'm not clever enough to correct for.

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