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This sign is above the apartment that my friends Amy and John rented for a night in Split, Croatia.

I found this perfect example of bad fonts at work... the Nasaline Junior packaging, which uses not just Comic Sans (or Chalkboard, as Allan pointed out... something similar), but Mistral as well! I just had to post it for my friend David, who shares an interest in these sorts of things.


Oh, and the illustration of the evil freckled demon-child shoving a nasal irrigation syringe up his nose is also of interest, I think.

Now people will know that I'm a serious Graphic Designer.

haven't eaten here yet, but must give it a try . . .

[edit: this is genuine, not shopped...]


New Street, Basingstoke


thanks to curly_em for the location:

If I wasn't so behind on edit/uploading my 365 I might go on the search for the perfect font and write, "Greetings from California!" above our heads - all postcard style. Maybe next time, so in the meantime...enjoy the big blue sky. We surely did.


Also, thank you Amy for your testimonial! :) You rule.

I hypothesize that font obsession is pervasive enough to make any font joke spread like mouth herpes. I made this to test said hypothesis.

just say no to comic sans.

Wallpaper 1920x1200 created with Hannes von Döhrens (HVD Fonts) striking ultra black Sans Serif face »Bumper«.


The second typeface in use is Hannes von Döhrens (HVD Fonts) cool and crazy comic face »Comic Serif Pro«. The font license is still »free«!!!


HVD Comic Serif Pro


So many designers hate Comic Sans. They think people who don't know design are overusing this funny little friendly font, which is nearly every time out of place.

Some years ago, type designer Hannes von Döhren created a free alternative to Comic Sans. The difference: It has serifs and a much cooler look.

The big success of the HVD Comic Serif pushed Von Döhren to create a Pro Version with an eastern, central and Western European language support.

“The HVD Comic Serif should spread all over and make the world a little bit better.” says Hannes.


The third typeface in use is—without additional comments—is our »beloved« MS Comic Serif.



The problem: Don't use Comic Sans in everywhere!


Check this! jeje

Don’t you just want to punch it in its stupid wacky, krazy (type) face?


Seriously – join the campaign to ban this evil font.


Tees available here -

AIAP - Design per

Settimana internazionale della grafica




At Womyns'Ware, Vancouver


Tenuous Link: grill

I spotted this funny sign in a parking lot of a grocery store in a small town in Alberta, Canada.


Bad punctuation at the 99p store, with bonus points for Comic Sans.

Spoof Font/Band T-shirt Design


Buy It Now : Guys and Girls sizes are both available.

Toy stores are a haven for Comic Sans


From my Norway collection.


Tenuous Link: toys

• Canon AE-1

• Canon FD 28mm f/2.8

• Kodak Portra 160

I wonder what the next line out of the man's mouth will be? Will he be truthful or diplomatic? It's tricky to be certain. There are a lot of variables that can help determine his response. Sometimes discretion is the key and sometimes not. Although if my girlfriend came home with Comic Sans newly installed as her default font I know that I certainly wouldn't be very happy as it would annoy me before she'd even finished her first sentence. But that's probably just me. C'est la vie.


For the full blog post visit





I considered cropping it so it would just be THERE, but realized how the eyes are drawn to THERE automatically, and decided it would be more interesting to leave it THERE as it is, for better or for worse.

from someone on metafilter.

Packages with 1kg of sugar and the Finnish word for "granulated sugar" written in Comic Sans as part of the logo. The word "strosöcker" is misspelled - it is supposed to be "strösocker", the Swedish word for "granulated sugar".

She only fights crime in October and her favourite film is Plan 9 From Outer Space.


It's Superhero day at the October challenge on this third day of 33 Days of Halloween: The Haunters and The Haunted

Chicago, IL


The White Palace has been in business since 1939, but at this point it looks like every single piece of it was replaced at some point in the last 25 years. The signage--incorporating Comic Sans AND Tekton!--is certainly a product of our times.


The restaurant was featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on the Food Network, and now you can't walk five feet in the joint without seeing a photo or caricature of Guy Fieri.


Not complaining, mind you--just observing and reporting. The chorizo omelet was BIG and it was GOOD!


I think (and hope) that Comic Sans will soon be the new black, again. If it isn't already...

The comic sans pub (The Far Side) at 144 Stockwell Road between Brixton and Stockwell tube station. Taken on my SonyErricson mobile phone during my walk to work from Clapham North tube. It was nice and quiet about 9:50am on 22 July 2005. But, 10 minutes later a suspected terrorist (a running man from cops) is shot up the road at Stockwell tube station.

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