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How can I call it a water drop while it's going up?


Je suis une partie d’un tout, tout comme l’heure est une partie du jour.






Soy una parte del todo como la hora es una parte del día.






Photo : Carballiño (Galice, Esp., décor aérien de fête)




Foto: Cielo de fiesta en Carballiño (Ourense)


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This is a picture licensed by GETTY IMAGES



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This shot was taken from the boat passing by Toronto Waterfront.

It's a gray day and snowing outside .. a day for a splash of colour:)

Fall Color


juan olucha © All Rights Reserved.

This work can not be used without the consent of its author.

Pretty colors filled the sky briefly on this particular morning. Had to be quick to catch them.


Potomac River

The pastel colours of the sky wraps this farm like a warm, cozy blanket.




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Islande. Les massifs de rhyolite du Landmannalaugar.


Iceland. The mountains in rhyolit in Landmannalaugar.

Located:Uda in Nara,Japan.

At last colored leaves came over to this mountain village.

I love color...I love B&W...I can't live without either! (Tomorrow is Friday!)




EXPLORED....thank you friends!

Colors of dawn


juan olucha © All Rights Reserved.

This work can not be used without the consent of its author.

These colors are energizing, usually when I get

home after a few days away, I like, to take a cold bath, waterfall, and take a walk between this

nature, waterfall bath and walk in the mountains are

as, my main sources of revitalization ...... Only after these two

rituals, I feel rejuvenated and re-energized .....

El color es un medio para ejercer influencia directa sobre el alma: el

color es la tela, el ojo el macillo, y el alma es el piano con sus cuerdas.



for the doldrums of winter.


We live in a beautiful green place, The Evergreen State :) ...but we pay for it! The rains came early this year...and so we decided to pull out some color! Thank you Adrianne, Susy and Monica, for helping Stevie and I capture a little rainbow in color!

Taken by :My sis روض القلب|

Model :my hand loOl

Idea : me & sis


hmmmm ana w sis kenaa n9awer (3ndha msab8a f montada / tra mashaay sh'3el ) el mohem wa7na n9awer entbahna 3ala el colours ele f my hands o0 jan etena el fekra


o0 hl pic 1 of 8 >> 6ab3an bs banazel hathee el pic o0 my sis btnazel el bagee fl montada ba3ad ma t5ale9 MosabaGthom ^^


awal mara n9awer in this way >>>>I hope you like it ....

Despúes de varios meses madrugando y recorriendo los pantanos de Alava por fín conseguí ver colores vivos de esos que te dan fuerzas para seguir madrugando :p y por supuesto ya que tanto me ha costado me di el homenaje y saqué un montón de fotos que poco a poco iré subiendo. Esta la quiero dedicar a todos mis contactos de Flickr

Sunset´s Colors________!!!!




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Iceland. The mountains in rhyolit in Landmannalaugar.


Don't use, please, this photography on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit authorization.

© D. Delion/photojournalist

just colours - neighbour's garden blurred through cam movement via 500px


None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm + reverse GND8 filter + ND8 filter


Cabo de Trafalgar, Caños de Meca (Cádiz - Andalucía)


On Black


More pictures of Tarifa


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved



A double rainbow of pencils.

The color of springtime is in the flowers,

the color of winter is in the imagination.

~Terri Guillemets


Texture- Lenabem

*Artist of the Year*~L7 The Greatest Hits!! ~Invite Only - Week's pick for December 16, 2013 and cover photo.

28/11/13 ( A )



Elaboraba la sustancia de sus propios sueños y con esos materiales fabricó un mundo para mí. Las palabras son gratis, decía y se las apropiaba, todas eran suyas. Ella sembró en mi cabeza la idea de que la realidad no es sólo como se percibe en la superficie, también tiene una dimensión mágica y, si a uno se le antoja, es legítimo exagerarla y ponerle color para que el tránsito por esta vida no resulte tan aburrido.


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Ne pas utiliser !

Do not use !

This is autumn, my friends!

Happy Slider Sunday - HSS


So a bit of a story here on the evolution of the project from "111101000010010000000" to "Color Moving On."


The project started with the side of a glass window building that I distorted and tiled together to form the square "bullseye" I layered in the rose image and the diagonal lines came from a piece of the Nashville Convention Center along with the pigeons (which I like and have used quite a bit). I tried to blend in the mannequin image from Bergdorf & Goodman and the colors shifted to some nice pastels that I liked. I "hid" the bullseye shot and all of a sudden I was off in a different and interesting direction. I copied and saved those layers and went back and finished "111101000010010000000." When I was done I went back to the folder, hid the bullseye layer and rearranged the roses breaking up the colors a bit as I went. The mannequin bust didn't look right so she was replaced with some yellow color but I kept the window. I've been working on blending the intersecting color shapes and I was pretty happy the way this came out. While the color of the rose has moved on, the textures and lines are still beautiful.

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