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Golden aspen and dramatic clouds are a simple pleasure of life here in Colorado! Stunning mountains is another plus of our area. As a stated a couple of photos ago, I am not through with fall and this image is one reason why. This is the west end of the Sneffles Range.


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Inspired by another strawberry image on Flickr...shot in the studio for my newspaper's stock image collection.


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You can walk inside the falls, or above them, they are fantastic and roaring loud

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The building is near Leadville, Colorado, the mountains, I believe are in the San Juan Mountain range in Colorado, and the sky is in Ohio. The Colorado shots were taken in 1993 with an Olympus film camera. I combined the pictures in Photoshop, and the texture is from there, also.


Weep all you little rains,

Wail, winds, wail

All along, along along

The Colorado trail.

Explored: Aug 16, 2008 #479

I went there from work ... very nice place


Link to all pictures taken during my Colorado Visit

The red rocks light up under a threatening sky.

Garden of the Gods - Colorado USA

Morning long exposure on the Colorado River in Utah outside Arches National Park.

38th Annual Colorado Balloon Classic

Stood in the middle of a busy road on the high plains of Colorado while being rained on by water and lightning might not of been the most sensible thing that I have ever done. Note the developing tornado tube cloud over to the left and the on coming car flashing his lights at me (the car is a lot closer than it looks as this was taken with a 14mm wide lens). Don't use without permission, including blogs. All images are copyright © John Finney photography. via 500px

Rocky Mountain National Park is so very beautiful! I hope everyone will go see it at least one time in their life!!

early morning sun and shadows on the hay field with the San Juan Mountains in the distance.


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Pueblo County, Colorado

8 July 2012

Early morning on the Colorado River in Utah.

Colorado River south of Hoover Dam


the Colorado River as it flows through Hal Canyon near Moab, Utah


Beginning our annul trek to our winter nest in Arizona tomorrow. I may be out of contact for awhile. Catch up when we get internet service. Staying near Sedona for 3 weeks in deep canyon country along the Verde River. Beautiful but no internet.....

Some people might say that it was extra unstable since I was there…


Usually I like to post images "Landscape" orientation rather than "Portrait" but the clouds were just so cool that I had to turn my camera sideways. Being that the lens was at 11mm the black swirling clouds at the top were pretty much directly over my head.


I'll say again that the reason for the orange glow on the horizon was not due to sunset or sunrise, but rather is a phenomena associated with severe weather on the central plains. The sun still had another three hours before it was to set when I took this. I call it "Storm Light" in that I only see it when I go chasing weather.


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Colorado has beauty almost everywhere you look.

I think it may be time for me to look for a job in Colorado. How can I live in Illinois knowing that places like this exist?

Colorado River, Desert View Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona


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Colorado National Monument from the Monument Trail.

A short drive away from my house is this lovely little lake. Seemed like a good spot to test out this new lens!


(Pic: Loukonen Farms Pumpkin Truck, Colorado)


After 15 wonderful years in Nottingham, England, my family and I are moving lock, stock and lens barrel this month to Colorado and a whole new world of photographic opportunities... I've been travelling backwards and forwards to Denver for a few years now, on an infrequent basis, and we are delighted now to be making the permanent move. Preparations for the transition on both sides of the pond have kept me pretty quiet, relatively speaking, on the image front, but I assure you 'normal service' will be resumed as soon as things have settled down.... In the meantime, sharing my favourite Colorado image to date - an old pumpkin truck spotted off the highway between Denver and Boulder during an unseasonal autumn snow storm a few years ago. If this is what is possible from a 'drive-by', I can't wait to see what this beautiful state really has to offer on the landscape, urban, sports and wildlife photography fronts.... If you have any tips, secret locations or contacts to share, I'd love to hear from you! Cheers all, Scott

The Kissing Sisters area of the beautiful Colorado National Monument south of Grand Jct. Colorado with the book cliffs in the far distant background.

I'm so over all the hot weather we've had this summer and am looking forward to fall.

This was somewhere between Durango and Silverton in Colorado.

We watched it appear from a distance through the hazy clouds… by the time this image was shot, the spinning cloud structure was heading away in a North Easterly direction.


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Morning rise presents several colors.

The upper Piedra River at about 9500 feet in elevation in the San Juans of southwest Colorado. Trout heaven.... The peaks in the background, along the Continental Divide, are all over 13,000 feet.

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