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Inspired by another strawberry image on Flickr...shot in the studio for my newspaper's stock image collection.


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Maroon Lake Lined with Photographers.




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I don't know the excact location, but tis picture was taken on the San Juan Skyway between Silverton and Durango in Colorado.


Camera: Konica Minolta Z3

Aperture: f/5.6

Focal length: 5,9 mm

Shutter speed: 1/125

ISO: 50

Located at 10,600 ft on the Mt. Evans scenic byway road in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It formed during the latest period of glaciation roughly 10,000 years ago.

You can walk inside the falls, or above them, they are fantastic and roaring loud

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L2 15

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L4 10

L5 `14

L6 12

L7 8 =91

Golden aspen and dramatic clouds are a simple pleasure of life here in Colorado! Stunning mountains is another plus of our area. As a stated a couple of photos ago, I am not through with fall and this image is one reason why. This is the west end of the Sneffles Range.


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The building is near Leadville, Colorado, the mountains, I believe are in the San Juan Mountain range in Colorado, and the sky is in Ohio. The Colorado shots were taken in 1993 with an Olympus film camera. I combined the pictures in Photoshop, and the texture is from there, also.

Explored: Aug 16, 2008 #479

I went there from work ... very nice place


Link to all pictures taken during my Colorado Visit

Morning long exposure on the Colorado River in Utah outside Arches National Park.

38th Annual Colorado Balloon Classic

I don't know the excact location, but tis picture was taken on the San Juan Skyway between Silverton and Durango in Colorado.


Camera: Konica Minolta Z3

Aperture: f/5.6

Focal length: 17.3 mm

Shutter speed: 1/400

ISO: 50

early morning sun and shadows on the hay field with the San Juan Mountains in the distance.


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The red rocks light up under a threatening sky.

Garden of the Gods - Colorado USA


Weep all you little rains,

Wail, winds, wail

All along, along along

The Colorado trail.

Early morning on the Colorado River in Utah.

Colorado River south of Hoover Dam


Crater Lake on a Cloudy Day.




Thank you for your comments and faves.

They are really appreciated.

Some people might say that it was extra unstable since I was there…


Usually I like to post images "Landscape" orientation rather than "Portrait" but the clouds were just so cool that I had to turn my camera sideways. Being that the lens was at 11mm the black swirling clouds at the top were pretty much directly over my head.


I'll say again that the reason for the orange glow on the horizon was not due to sunset or sunrise, but rather is a phenomena associated with severe weather on the central plains. The sun still had another three hours before it was to set when I took this. I call it "Storm Light" in that I only see it when I go chasing weather.


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Colorado has beauty almost everywhere you look.

Colorado National Monument from the Monument Trail.

The Kissing Sisters area of the beautiful Colorado National Monument south of Grand Jct. Colorado with the book cliffs in the far distant background.

Another amazing place in Colorado. Nothing quite like it. If you are ever in Grand Junction, make sure you do this loop. It does cost a couple of bucks to drive through, but it's well worth it. Take your camera, lunch, and refreshments and stop at every pullover along the way. I find this place is not easy to photograph well. I found it difficult to capture the magnitude with a camera.

Sept 30, 2012

We just got back from 3 days of four wheeling and camping in the San Juan Mountains....I love that area!!


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A Really Old picture of mine,

Taken in the Vail Colorado area.

Needless to say it is very beautiful there.

Have a Good Christmas day everyone, in " Flicker Land" God Bless

The Town of Vail is a Home Rule Municipality in Eagle County, Colorado, United States. The population of the town was 4,589 in 2005.[4] The town was established and built as the base village to Vail Ski Resort, with which it was originally conceived. Vail Ski Resort's first season was in December, 1962 and it is the second largest ski mountain in North America


Additional Information can be found at ~`~,_Colorado

I know its winter, but still getting around to my Colorado photos from couple months back. I'm from the East (NJ), so our autumns are full of many different colors. Beautiful to see. But when i saw the Colorado Aspens in autumn for the first time 3yrs ago, I was blown away. An amazing sight to see. Was driving along the highway heading somewheres (think we were heading towards Pikes Peak area from Boulder), when we came across this huge patch of Gold/Orange/Yellow that went on and on.....There must have been at least another 50cars pulled over doing the same thing....

Photo just does not do it any justice. Not even close............

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