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Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

The Palma de Cera (Wax Palm) is the national tree of Colombia. The palms live more than 100 years, but as you can see there are no baby palm trees. Unless they figure out what is happening, they will become extint. Ok, framing probably does not help them :)

View of a street in Cartagena, Colombia on Sunday morning when there are very few people on the street.


ISO 200 , 22mm, f8, (1/1000, 1/250, 1/60) handheld.


Tonemapped in Photomatix, post-edited in PS, Imagenomic and Nik Color Efex.

This is the Cathedral Primed, the main Cathedral in Bogota, Colombia, called Catedral Primada. It is in the East side of the Plaza de Bolivar.


ISO 100, 15mm, f9, (1/800, 1/200, 1/50) handheld. HDR processing in Photomatix using Details Enhancer and Light mode. Imagenomics Noiseware, in PS Smart Sharpen, and Freaky Details. The warm colors came from Nik Color Efex Skylight and Indian Summer filters. I colored the sky blue using Nik Viveza 2 as Photomatix had produced the typical darkish desaturated blue. It often does this, note that the shirts of the people walking in the plaza are actually white.

A colorful street in La Candelaria, the old part of Bogota, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia is a wonderful city. One very cool thing about Medelln is the Metro Cable, a cable car that transports people up and down the hills. This is a shot from the Metro Cable, through the thick windows.


Looks pretty and it is safe from the Metrocable, but it is a poor, not-so-safe neighborhood.


Shot with a Fuji X100S, using ISO bracketing. Blended the 3 shots in Photomatix and tonemapped using Details Enhancer. Had to turn saturation all the way up because the shots were very washed out, but came up pretty cool. Postprocessed in Photoshop.


Geotag is not accurate, if you know where this is, please let me know.

View of a street in Cartagena, Colombia on Sunday morning when there are very few people on the street.


ISO 200 , 16mm, f8, (1/500, 1/125 1/250, 1/30) handheld.


For some reason I felt like a strong HDR today so I went back to my Cartagena photos, and tonemapped this one twice in Photomatix, then added a curves layer for contrast and a black and white layer with a blue filter to reduce saturation with opacity 15%.

Medellín is the second-largest city in Colombia and the capital of the department of Antioquia. With its surrounding area that includes nine other cities, the metropolitan area of Medellín is the second-largest urban agglomeration in Colombia in terms of population and economy, with more than 3.5 million people.


In February 2013, the Urban Land Institute chose Medellín as the most innovative city in the world due to its recent advances in politics, education and social development.



Sonson Antioquia Colombia

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Yarumal. A very high rate of residents suffer from early-onset Alzheimer's disease due to a genetic mutation.


In Colombia with Kevin Dooley's Pan-American Trek using Google Street View.

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Colombia, the ONLY risk is wanting to STAY!

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The apartment where we stayed when we went to Colombia. Wife and son standing on the entrance waiting for me.


ISO 200, 21mm, f8, (1/640, 1/160, 1/40) handheld.


Tonemapped in Photomatix, post edited in PS and Nik Color Efex.

Panorama of the small town of Filandia in Quindio, Colombia. Taken from the top of the observation tower just outside town.

The Plaza de Bolivar is the main square in Bogota, Colombia. I was fortunate to stay close by so I headed out to the plaza in the morning, in the early sun. The church is the main cathedral, Catedral Primada, and the buildng on the right the Congress building.


ISO 100, 10mm, f9 (1/400, /1600, 1/400, 1/100) handheld. HDR processed in Photomatix Details Enhancer. Imagenomics Noiseware. The warm look is the result of the Nik Skylight Filter and Indian Summer filters. Sharpened with Smart Sharpen and Freaky Details.


Oh, congratulations to Barca, what a game! I was eating during the game and cut myself. Rooney scored while I went wash and get a bandaid. I made sure to not leave the TV the rest of the game!

Crossroads in Barranquilla, Colombia.


[ND8 filter]

Flowing river in Río Gaira, Minca, Colombia.

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